Hello all! Yes, it's certainly been awhile.

Formerly known as "violinist", this is "maestro_skillz" here, and I hope you enjoy my stuff!

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Introducing Notes September 22, 2007
Notes...the easiest and coolest notepad app ever.
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REALLY Magic GarageBand August 18, 2007
The instruments are on stage, you hit play, and what happens? smiley
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iPhone vs...ZunePhone?! July 27, 2007
The uber-cool iPhone and the fictitious ZunePhone face off in this "Get a Mac"-style parody. Oh, and iPod gets involved.

This video is for the iPhoneMatters Contest.

Animation: Adobe Flash CS3
Music/Audio: Apple GarageBand 3
Video Rendering: Apple iMovie and Techspansion iSquint
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A Contemporary Guide to Musical Terms June 3, 2007
Part 2 of the Contemporary Guide to the Orchestra, you need not worry about those confusing musical definitions.
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A Guide to Keeping Conductors in Line June 3, 2007
I'm at it again!
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