Hullo there! I'm mattf, but prefer to be called Matt (or even Matty).

Welcome to If you ever need help with anything, feel free to post in the forums or send any of the administrators a message. You can send me one right now by clicking this link.

My primary job here is to keep our servers running without hiccups and delays. In early November 2006, we were extremely proud to introduce Titan, our new serving platform. It truly is a work of server wizardry.

Take some time to look around the site, and be sure to give a shout out in the chat every once in a while.

Enjoy, and keep smiling! smiley


iTunes Wishlist: Occasionally I'll post music I've found in iTunes, but haven't coughed up the cash to buy (because of that whole starving college student thing or whatever it is). Donations are always accepted by e-mail at smiley

The Trouble With SweeneyŚ(I Know You Destroy)

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5 Billion Served March 29, 2006
It's been a month since we last overhauled our MySQL database server, and it's running along happily.
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Blue Tongue March 27, 2006
Don't eat blue jolly ranchers, they'll turn your tongue blue.
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Prepare for the Future March 6, 2006
Some things take time to occur, and while we live in a world centered around needing things yesterday, that can't always happen.
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iC Guitar Lessons February 27, 2006 member enicholsIC has a few new videos, be sure to check them out at Members Only

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Communication February 26, 2006
When communicating with people, two things must exist. First, is an understanding of the issue at hand. The second is trust.
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Title Genre Released Plays
Funeral March A Cappella Aug 26, 2007 1646
Titan. Other Nov 14, 2006 824
Serenade O' Spam Other Aug 23, 2006 808
Honey Bunches of Oats [with Almonds] Alternative Jul 30, 2006 893
Peanut Butter [vocals] A Cappella Feb 6, 2006 2594


Title Genre Released Plays
Peanut Butter Comedy Feb 6, 2006 2355