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Title Genre Released Plays
Chillin' Too Ambient May 20, 2018 72
Chillin' Ambient May 19, 2018 61
Weirdness Divided Alternative Jan 4, 2018 290
Egg Weirdness Electronica Oct 23, 2017 265
Funky Reminiscence Funk Jul 4, 2017 289
Wah Wah Alternative Jun 2, 2017 294
Come Play with Me Alternative May 19, 2017 374
Shadow Funk Funk Dec 14, 2016 301
Trippy Skippy Bass Funk Jun 1, 2016 433
Lazy Hazy Maze Ambient Feb 28, 2016 304
Little Oliver Childrens Dec 16, 2015 351
Outdoor Blues Blues Sep 24, 2013 503
Shoulda Known Better ii Blues Feb 5, 2013 370
Spider Loops New Age Oct 19, 2012 408
Funk Tunnel Funk Dec 30, 2011 609
Tiger in My Tank Too Rock Sep 21, 2010 512
Tiger in My Tank Funk Sep 3, 2010 1331
Lectro Retro Music Videos Sep 3, 2010 671
Birthday Man Funk Aug 5, 2010 566
Loop de Loop Electronica Jun 20, 2010 682
DouDou Without Weepin' Country May 22, 2010 656
Birthday Funk Funk May 15, 2010 552
Loopy Latin Lark Latin Dec 16, 2009 716
Borrowed Blues Country Dec 7, 2009 519
October Sun Song Funk Dec 3, 2009 890
Sushi Country Blues Oct 16, 2009 809
Mathias Woop Woop Childrens Oct 3, 2009 698


Retired Spanish teacher here. My music muse woke up about ten years ago and we started a new life together, mostly messing around with Garageband loops but also learning Ableton for original tunes.

My feeling about Apple loops is they knew what they were doing to make pre-mastered riffs (loops) available for even commercial use withOUT copyright limitations. Period. (You just can't try to sell Apple loops as loops I think.) Besides, when I get through with them, they're completely different chunks of music. I don't think of loop mixing as poaching and maybe even more creative than original composing but guess it's a personal interpretation.

I'm grateful to Apple every time I dedicate another day of my quickly waning life to this obsession. It's taken 10 years to understand even the premise of the medium and how I use it to say that. This is a 15-track arrangement of Apple loops that I mixed and fixed and picked at all day yesterday (instead of spending my precious weekend with kids and grandchildren). Some tracks were super-edited for pitch and rhythm; all were tweaked for dynamics. Each track was exported into Audacity for minimal mastering and that's it. The fact that I could render it in a day is credit to the concept of loops. I see them as studio-recorded nuggets of artistry, some nicely mastered; others less so.

Garageband is easy and simple for a quickie number. It's fun to approach a different way each time - sometime starting with Beat to Bass to Drum to Melody tracks or maybe just gathering a bunch of stuff I like and then arranging. Once, I just closed my eyes and went through the loop list, hitting the up/down arrow button in quick succession until a few jumped out at me. Got as far as the "C" loops going down and "W" going up and stopped at 15.Each loop gets its own track, considering they mastered it the particular set of parameters that work. 15 tracks is usually the limit probably not combining more than 4 in any one place. Usually start the beat in first, then bass, more beats, then first melody riff and go out the same way but backwards. It's a formula but works. This is probably meaningless to career musicians but oh well, probably won't be read anyway.