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mickazoid's 100 Most Recent Comments

cool breeze by that80sboy 11 years ago

Has a wonderful 'prog-rock' quality that kinda of brings some of the more tender ASIA ballads, with a purer sensibility. Lovely pads, and crisp drums. Very lovely!
Rock fall by chris_p 11 years ago

Nice energy, excellent sound on the guitars. I like the descending 'B' part a lot, where it resolves to organ... really good work!!!
Surak Unplugged Echoes in D Minor by Surak 11 years ago

Pretty arrangement, and nice timbre on those delayed guitars. Overall a beautiful little tune smiley
On My Mountain by itiswotitis 11 years ago

Wow - this is a really airy, 'otherworldly' mix. I feel everything!
SD: Channelling Hornsby by offbalance 11 years ago

Very very inspiring piece of music here. Found it after just reading your comment on my song - that you left there last year.

A real emotional 'arc' on this piece, despite it's doodlehood. I'll be listening to a lot more of your stuff. I can hear a nice ostinato melody in there as well... smiley
SD: Highway Bound by offbalance 12 years ago

Just a lovely track. A great mood, very intimate, even with the more progressive, 'wider' scope to the tune. I like where the guitar goes with the descending line "I'll take the road less traveled" at the end. Great stuff!
muse ick by pete 12 years ago

Lovely evolving tune, with a certain cute wittiness and positivity. Great stuff. smiley