The Easy Part June 23, 2012
Composing music is the easy part.
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The Same Old Rutty Road. August 2, 2011
July 2006.
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Objective opinions wanted: June 26, 2011
In which I am trying to decide on the best version of the title piece for my new album:
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Making your own CD! December 7, 2010
In which I enter the big time of recording
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New Old New Music January 3, 2010
Why we compose.
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Taking stock May 31, 2009
in which I account for my activity as a composer this year...
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Take Heart December 23, 2008
Words of encouragement from A No-talent Genius
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Surviving the test of time August 29, 2008
You can never know what will last or how it will change people's lives -
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Noodling August 18, 2008
It's the musician's equivalent of doodling...
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In the Desert July 31, 2008
I came here just to look around and try to decide what to do next. t
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Dear, dear Singers - July 19, 2008
( in which I talk to the singers about our recent recording session.)
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True Confessions July 2, 2008
First of all - let me say how much I value the comments and encouragement I've found here in this forum, particularly as I attempt to do these recording sessions. I've got a great bunch of choral musicians, I've got a shoestring budget, and I've got the technology.
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The Learning Curve June 28, 2008
My live recording, album making, summertime Christmas music venture continues.
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The Crisis of Confidence June 21, 2008
I woke up in a panicÖ I donít know what the f%#^ Iím doing! I can write the music Ė I know exactly how I want it to be. I can rehearse and conduct the music Ė I know exactly how it should sound. But I canít produce a recording. I donít know who can
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It's just rehearsal June 15, 2008
We're getting ready to record an album of Christmas music with Garage Band (What!! are you nuts?!)
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Gear June 7, 2008
Using GarageBand on an old iBook G4 in a live recording session and other trips into fantasyland.
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In The Music June 4, 2008
It's where I talk about being a serious composer; living the genius life.
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