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ER - Medici in Prima linea by morpe 11 years ago
si, ti informerņ per tempo!!
Destruction by morpe 11 years ago
azz, so senza parole!
ma felice che ti piaciuta!!


ps: la chitarra č fatta con un vecchia zoom 3030 senza amplificatore diretta nel Mac!

Please Play Again by macsnob 11 years ago

yea, like game song on AMIGA!!
Bones Crusher by morpe 11 years ago

tnx! tnx! tnx! tnx! tnx!!!

Tons Of Extermination by morpe 11 years ago


The Q by morpe 11 years ago
very tnx for this 5 stars!!!
a this time, have a idea for a new track ambient and death metal
very tnx again!!!
(sorry my english)
Haboyle, 666hz and some true-evil kids by morpe 12 years ago
ORANGEAUDIO... about song title?
this track is dedicated to my mad humorism and a some my friends on italian metal scene (true-evil), Haboyle is a casual words, but sounds good, 666hz is a simple SINE e SAW at this frequensy modulate on AMP.

null of serious, it is only an amusing game!!