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Arriving (AITW) by becwil 6 hours ago
Wow, zero plays, that makes me first! smiley

Reagal and stately orchestration, maybe good for a Royal Wedding?

There is much truth in the poem, music, like the known universe also always comes back to the starting point.
Catch & Release by EdPlus 1 day ago
Fascinating rhythms and harmony. I like the simple tonal patterns and the suspended chords mixing and matching (in a good way). smiley
Bon Voyage by EdPlus 2 days ago
Those Tascam recorders were great, learned the basics of recording and mixing on one, was thrilled when the affordable ones became available in double speed cassette format. I had to mix to metal cassette in Dolby C, dreamed of getting a DAT deck . . . ah, the olden days!

Cool song, great sounds!
Groove by Gadzooks 3 days ago
Great guitar work, compelling bass smiley
Dual Metal Forge by EdPlus 3 days ago
Phew, wont have to jump off a bridge after all smiley

Cool composite tones smiley
Racing Glaciers by EdPlus 3 days ago
Well done funky sixteenth beat, there is abundant variation to maintain interest. I can still hear my Hungarian solfege teacher's voice, "There is a vast difference between meaningful and meaningless repetition!"
Stormy Dancing by EdPlus 3 days ago

A midi master's work! I always admire those who can work this way; I can only play, press record and hope for the best . . . love the intricacies of the percussion with the 32nd fills and phrasing for instance, and those inside chord voices. smiley
As Light As A Feather by guitar55 3 days ago
Beautiful playing and sensibility! smiley
Collusion Collision by EdPlus 3 days ago
Cool song, interesting melody and harmony interactions smiley

I would respectfully suggest some attention in the arrangement to account for the beginning and ending.

Yeah, I hear ya: Confusion at how it came to this; confession, yeah like that will ever happen; was it a commission or hush money; Confucius, nowhere in sight . . . smiley
elliptic course of the universe by Morris 4 days ago
I also enjoyed music of that era. A very ambitious song undertaking, well done (totally nailed the bass tone)! smiley
Between Stops by falconep 6 days ago
Nice work, interacting melodies all make sense. I like the regrouping for variation. smiley
Light Years From Here by guitar55 7 days ago
Music with depth! smiley
Smile by guitar55 8 days ago
Beautiful harmonic sense! I came here expecting Charlie Chaplin but got gorgeous guitar tone and after effects . . . first rate, m8! smiley
Country Jazz by mre 8 days ago
Thanks very much, Maco and Xolv!
Awakening by amp 8 days ago
Dramatic and spacious! smiley
Wedding Day by Narananda 8 days ago
Congratulations! smiley
We Might Grow Some Ostrich by ZipZipper 8 days ago

A major work for you, Zip, epic in every way! I can hear influence from Zoolook to Zappa, in this––simply brilliant! smiley

PS *do not adjust your set
Little Cowboy by RubyDubidoux 8 days ago
Delightful, Elaine! Sounds really legit with the gentle old time accompaniment, a lullaby really. And dagg-nabbit that horse has great time with the snorts! smiley
project 600 -- where did you go by EmmaPeel 8 days ago
A fine collaboration indeed! Perhaps they can be lured over to the best site in the world! smiley
Fly by Maxdeago 10 days ago

Pushes all the right buttons for sure!
Caves On Monroe by ESBO 13 days ago
Heavy as all get out, reminds me of early Zep or Black S. until the synth ending. In a Gadda da Vida, baby! smiley
Past the beginning of time by ConcordiaDiscors 13 days ago
Interesting ideas, rhythmic and harmonic! Those drums sound played, driving well! My suggestion would be to have a proper coda. Maybe dissolving into the initial sound effect?
Mr. Right or Mr. Right Now by Beatle128 13 days ago
Classic! Kudos to all! smiley
Short by wescurry45nion 14 days ago
. . . and sweet! smiley
Love Don"t Live Here Anymore by ldecarmine 14 days ago

Top notch piece of work! Vocals are fantastic, bass, drums, guitar fills, everything! Wow! smiley
The Secret Alien Basement Tape by ScottieJames 15 days ago
Perfect, great story! smiley

My interpretation, not very imaginative, even pedantic: The tape twisted and is encountering the playback heads in the wrong direction smiley

Who Could It Be? by amp 15 days ago
A very pleasant Cm - Bbm groove going on. I like the way the breakdown of the pattern introduces variation but it has only building back up to go from there. Maybe take the progression some place (perhaps an Ab major, then to G7 to lead back) then you can reprise the first groove. Progress noted! smiley
black friday love ((Collaboration) by EmmaPeel 16 days ago
Hip dance tune. I wonder if more fidelity can be had if a higher bit rate is selected, 5 MB is not huge, for a five minute song I think 10 MB range would be manageable. Audio is a bit grainy, I would suggest selection of 320 kb/sec when you make your MP3, that will both give you more frequency response and dynamic range. smiley
Slow March by ldecarmine 17 days ago
Big symphonic sounds! smiley
The Appeal by Xolv 17 days ago
Cool changes, great melody, satisfying form! smiley
Street Sounds by brassgospelguy 17 days ago
This has a nice lope to it, cool guitars and vocals (maybe could be a bit more forward in the mix?) and the horn solo is icing on the cake. Nice work! smiley
bop now by Lapskin 19 days ago
Strummed Until The Vast Expanse by JulesBarrow 19 days ago
I like the far back quality of the full voice vocals and their interaction with the chords. Decent guitar playing. Interesting how sometimes good things can come from a ph*%k up.

PS BTW I still wanna hear the existing song . . . who knows where the next attempt will lead! smiley
All / Oil Is Well by Trilobite2 19 days ago
Years on and the same issues persist. We are dealing with proposed pipelines and tankers here on the coast of British Columbia, oil and water do not mix! ARRR! Interesting in the clip that even Obama put "the economy" ahead of "the environment"! Good song, remains relevant to this day!
Barcarole' (New Version) by wescurry45nion 20 days ago

Excellent clarity of sound! Sophisticated harmony and inventive melody lines abound here! Way cool! smiley
A Message for You by dalerandle 22 days ago
I like the syncopated overlapping quality smiley
My Alien Girl by dalerandle 22 days ago
I like this, the Alien Girl vocals are prime! What is she saying? Sounds vaguely Russian at times. You have a very good sense of musical form.

On collaboration, it's hard to fit in around someone else's ideas if there is little space to do so. Just a thought with constructive intention. smiley
quad bass scat ((Collaboration) by EmmaPeel 23 days ago
The more basses the better! Sounds like fun! smiley
Obsession by dalerandle 23 days ago
An interesting and complex chord sequence with a logical form. An accompaniment to something . . . I find it more of a challenge to write a melody for an accompaniment than to write an accompaniment for a melody so I usually start with melodic ideas. But then I also have a challenge with finishing songs. smiley
Water (AITW) by becwil 25 days ago
Cool and fluid! I like the bass line, very compelling, strong and tonal, leads well to the root. Be careful of the "fills" though, you don't want to disrupt the groove you have going, some of the "creative" non chord tones could be displaced up an octave or two where they will sit in the chord better. Good though!

Yeah, Leonardo was really into water, basically inventing fluid dynamics; some of his insights were only proven recently using modern scientific techniques. There is a new biography; he really was a g e n i u s ! smiley
The seven gates of Eidolon by w1av 26 days ago
Highly ambitious, cinematic! It was interesting to listen after reading the preamble––oh, here's this mode and now that one . . . I like the movement later in the piece where there is more transition between the tonalities.

Modes are a means to an end but can be like rails, steering you toward what the theory says rather than what the ear and the music want. They fall short in trying to explain your exotic scales described above as well. I try to connect the modes to the melodic minors then on to diminished and/or augmented scales since they fit nicely, mixing into subdivision of the octave, providing several ways outside of tonality. But it's always about where the music is going and arriving, Bach is the prime example of this tension and release.

Keep up the good work, glad to hear there are other musical couples out there! smiley
smoove jazz scat (collaboration) by EmmaPeel 26 days ago
Cool composition! smiley
Bender's Corner by oakenbras 26 days ago
Totally tonal! smiley
Dreams passin' by by JulesBarrow 26 days ago
Heartfelt full voiced singing and unbounded improvisation! smiley

ps Welcome to iComps! smiley
OTE -- francais/french -- nestor burma theme tribute(Collaboration) by EmmaPeel 28 days ago
Very nice work. It would be good for the proper collaborator to be credited. smiley
Bad dream by Maxdeago 28 days ago
Good structure and performance! Rockin'! smiley
Bring It Back by brewchugger 29 days ago

Wahoo! All songs should have a preamble like this! Awesome harmony vocals!
Bluebird (Paul McCartney and Wings Cover) by markeaux 29 days ago

Great job on this, vocals were perfect! Nailed McCartney's style!
Dark Clone by Zzyzxx 1 month ago
This rocks out syncopatedly smiley
Do What You Can (AITW) by becwil 1 month ago
Enjoying the contrast between the intricacies of the percussion and the legato melody line smiley
Burnout Blues by Silentbob 1 month ago
Nothing like the blues for getting the stress out! smiley
Mixed Signals by Calchas 1 month ago
I like the displaced opening riff where the beat isn't where you think it is. Cool guitar chords and arrangement with breaks and closing lead. No mixed signals from me! smiley
every time we say goodbye [duet] by eagle 1 month ago
Beautiful duet! Glad to hear Emma has found her place at iCompositions! smiley
Breaking Down The Lonely Sound /Jashfunk by EmmaPeel 1 month ago
Cool and funky. Sure would like to hear a higher res version of this.
Detroit Detour by Xolv 1 month ago
Drums are driving nicely, cool tune and vehicle for improv. love the morphing rap smiley
Hip Operation by Max42 1 month ago
Hip indeed, go Max, you devil smiley
old road travelers short by EmmaPeel 1 month ago
Short and sweet!
a relaxing moment -- hitotoki -- two halves of one soul by EmmaPeel 1 month ago
Really beautiful, I love the organicness of the voice with the digital orchestra smiley
Hidden [live] by b3yond 1 month ago

Amazing soundscape! smiley
the one by EmmaPeel 1 month ago
Good balance between the two, voice sounds a little hot (peaking out). Heartfelt singing! smiley
Be With You by theironsaul 1 month ago
Love the bass! The rest is great too! smiley
listen -- by EmmaPeel 1 month ago
A free and expressive voice. I didn't know you played guitar! smiley
Sunbeams (AITW) by becwil 1 month ago
Lots of groovy details and intricacies. The bass sounds a little obtuse to me the way it lands on the 7th. Roots and 5ths are safest. Cool sounds though smiley
The Neighborhood Song by gold6821 1 month ago
Heartfelt singing and playing, good song! That bass kind of leaps around without nailing the harmonic progression, though. Maybe try to get it going in the opposite direction too . . . As Bach said, "Contrary motion is good!" (actually I don't know that he actually said that, but it sounds like something he w o u l d have said). Hope you don't mind the critique, meant to be constructive. Keep up the great work! smiley
Messed up! by Max42 1 month ago
L vs. R?
Love Fearless by Piyali 1 month ago
Cool and groovy, a song for the times. Backing vocals are particularly ethereal. Interesting stretched phrases. Powerful vocals and empathic accompaniment. smiley
Interior Life (AITW) by becwil 1 month ago
Wow a tapestry of sound, a lot of depth and detail you are coaxing out of your DAW! My "critique" would be with the bass line: There is a clear vamp between Am and Dm but when the bass enters (great tone, by the way) it starts on the 5th of the A minor chord and riffs only to the third, only playing the root of the Aminor but under the Dminor chord or the dreaded 4th of that chord: Am/E Am/G Am/E - Dm/F Dm Dm/A
The most effective bass parts absolutely nail the roots of the chords on strong beats and invent a counter rhythm to somehow include the third and seventh of the chord. Anyways, congratulations on this as I know it represents a lot of time and effort. smiley
Mellow Mood by ldecarmine 1 month ago
Able improvising and fine open vamp changes. I agree about the bass, more traction can be had for melody and chords alike with a round steady bass tone that is subservient to the harmonic form.
East by Zzyzxx 1 month ago

Epic work! The drums and bass really drive things nicely. The minor tonality gives a hint of classical Eastern Europe, melody unfolds musically.

I find myself still resistant to the AI drum thing, having test driven a version in my GB ios11 app. I ask myself why would I give up the thing that is about the most fun to track and also the most trouble (and space) to keep set up and miked . . .
And see <3 by itiswotitis 1 month ago
Slow build multi layered mixolydian chill.

Thought I'd show up to pay gnomage smiley
Goodbye by Aamp 1 month ago
DOH! smiley
Goodbye by Aamp 1 month ago

This piece has a yearning, searching, unresolved quality in a symphonic taiko kind of way.

I respect your decision, if that is what it is; sometimes it's time for renewal, rest, travel or study to get a new perspective on life and therefore your art. Sometimes you feel you've gone as far as you can in one direction––time to turn the page. I think music in its purest form is its own reward. I hope it is only au revoir and that you'll be back smiley
Full Count - SINGLE by Badstone_Music 1 month ago
Big, expansive! I suspect the mp3 file is not reproducing all the dynamics here, would like to hear the full res version smiley
After the Takeover by Xolv 1 month ago
A jaunty melody in a cheerful setting with a bluesy KB solo. smiley
Wind by MikeHuntingford 1 month ago
Chill and pleasant. I especially like the space before the main theme, well set up! smiley
Stay Strong (AITW) by becwil 1 month ago
Some highly creative sound design, percussive momentum and melodic spice here. The bass part, although enthusiastic and carefully crafted, could be more simple and direct to serve the song more effectively. Use of space, particularly at first, can give a sense of build. How about a [B] section for contrast and to give a sense of reprise when coming back to the main theme? Overall some very interesting and groovy ideas. smiley
Army Cadence Song (Crawdad Song) by gonzalez6389310 1 month ago
Thanks for sharing this bit of folklore. Brings back memories, I used to sing this song with kids, they loved the call and response "Honey" and "Baby"! It is a great ice breaker to get shy voices to sing out! Other verses I sang were: Yonder comes a man with a pack on his back . . . a totin' all the crawdads he can pack . . . [environmental, sung slowly with gravitas] Whatcha gonna do when the pond runs dry . . . Sit on the bank and watch the crawdads die . . . Crawdad crawdad feeling fine . . . Two for a nickel and three for a dime . . . smiley
Wihinape by Zzyzxx 2 months ago

Nice work indeed! The bass line got me right away. Solid form, clever changes, good solos smiley
Struttin' - Remixed/Final by GoofyDawg 2 months ago
Nice pocket, cool blues, singing lead breaks smiley
The Power To Connect (AITW) by becwil 2 months ago
Lots of interesting sounds and textures. Bass line could be simplified and therefore allowed to be more distinct, your triads sound good in the bass, roots and fifths are a good idea, 7ths add colour, 4ths are to be avoided or given special consideration. I like the folk based chords in the middle section too. smiley
Skinning the Skunk by pharmakeus 2 months ago
I like the bluesy delivery with the instrumental breaks smiley Excellent use of space in the middle smiley

We have foreign workers here to do the jobs nobody wants. You would think that they would be treated with respect for the favour.

Where did you get the title? A quick search only yielded the obvious literal connection.
The core of the earth by Narananda 2 months ago
Aural feasting in a rich SoundStoryscape smiley
Behind The Night (Candlelight Mix) by Axelbreeze 2 months ago
Nice work, strong vocal performance, sincere presentation smiley
Propterea (therefore) by Thau 2 months ago
I really like the chord changes and the shifting accent of the rhythm part as well as the marriage to ambient captured audio. The melody lead voice, however, seems to not quite know where to go for all its lush delays and reverb; I would of course like to hear a jazz solo . . . Lots of cool ideas! smiley
Look Around (AITW) by becwil 2 months ago
I can tell that you've worked long and hard on this Bec. I love the woofy commanding syncopated bass and the wonderful chordal percussive bed to create a space for the anthemic melody, rising triumphantly to . . . the seventh! And then no resolution, down to the sixth. So I'm thinking it's a trick of delayed gratification or something but it only resolves subtly in the bridge if you are listening for it. I don't know, maybe that's the effect you wanted. Maybe eido was affected too. Hope you don't mind the intended constructive critique.
There is increasing push back against contemporary Instant Culture, having a vast amount of choice at all times leads to pretty shallow investigational tendencies. Go deep and dwell!

PS it is an awesome melody, totally tonal! smiley
Mr Tangerine Man by EvilFactman 2 months ago
Might as well laugh! Every day we think we can't be surprised any more and, surprise!
This is my radio by Lapskin 2 months ago
Cool beat. Very dense, so many great ideas, but competing for space, maybe could be pruned a little so each bloom can be fully appreciated. That way the composition can be longer too. I always overplay the chordal accompaniment and so have the task of trimming anything that is in the way or unnecessary, but it makes such a difference. Hope you don't mind my criticism, M8! smiley
Double Standards by gold6821 2 months ago
Yeah, life is a paradox. Good form, solid playing, classic harmony. A little Steely Dan influence in there? smiley
Over The Edge by Neumuzik 2 months ago
Nice work, I dig the descending chromatic turn around, it feels right to start on the 5th (D) but can't help thinking it should start one fret higher (Eb), that way it would set up the last note rather than just having it
sound twice, which is not as strong. So: b6 5 b5 4 3 b3 2 b2 and the phrase arrives at one! Hope you don't mind my suggestion. smiley
Delayed 98 by irok 2 months ago
Sounds vocal ready! smiley
Glitch by ScottieJames 2 months ago
Nice work, welcome to the playpen! smiley
Spring Blues by bingsolex 2 months ago
Nice work, spring can't be far off now smiley
E-Swinger in C Something by DJShadowkat 2 months ago
Nice work, gents, a nice trad vibe with a ghost of Sachmo smiley
Pretend by Naaji 2 months ago
Nice work, Ramona, welcome back! smiley
Bb's Theme by Aamp 2 months ago
Evokes rich visuals. Interesting morphing of major and minor modes. Melismatic vocals are cool too. smiley

ps, I like your new look, in colour! smiley
They Are Gone (OTT) by becwil 2 months ago
An expression of honest feeling.
I like the way the odd meter is revealed by adding the subdivisions later. smiley
How Deep is Your Love (acoustic Bee Gees cover) by artist08 2 months ago
Nice job on the song, sounds like you made it your own! smiley
PESTLE AND MORTAR by bonsushi 2 months ago

Spooky fun! I like the chord changes! smiley
My OxyContin Blues by Larzman2 2 months ago

Dark . . . and hard as anthracite! Powerful the way the octave vocals highlight certain lyrics. Good down home vibe in the guitar accompaniment with the cry of the slide tugging at the emotions.
Song raises a lot of issues around the coal industry's misdeeds in Appalachia where they did literally blow the tops off mountains, bulldoze the rubble into the valleys and scrape off the now surface coal seam, all to burn for electricity. Fracking natural gas took care of that practice's continuation. Opioid addiction is also serious stuff since the prescribing has been curtailed leaving folks to take their chances with the fentanyl laced street drugs. smiley
Well done! smiley
Lilac Waltz by Bulaev 2 months ago
What? I was just getting interested! smiley
Short and sweet smiley