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Title Genre Released Plays
OP1 Jam Electronica May 4, 2018 83
Little Voice Pop Dec 18, 2014 570
Black Sheep-World of Should EP Alternative Dec 23, 2010 1458
Pretty Little House-World of Should EP Alternative Dec 23, 2010 993
All Over You-World of Should EP Alternative Dec 23, 2010 1202
World of Should-World of Should EP Alternative Dec 23, 2010 931


Retro pop energy meets modern girl anxiety. Janice Kirkwood grew up outside of Detroit, Michigan on a grassy boulevard that later became Interstate 96. It was a chaotic childhood, the least of which was a car flipping over on her front lawn. She was lucky to have good friends whose parents drove her to dance lessons and recitals, and to church for choir practice. Music gave voice to a shy, awkward kid.

After college, Janice moved to NYC to pursue acting and singing. She studied and performed improv at the now-famous Upright Citizens Brigade theater, where Matt Walsh taught her how to write about dark subjects with humor. She soon began writing music, using her voice to develop melodies and her ear to figure out chords on the piano.

Janice met producer Mark Ephraim in 2007. Both being from Detroit with similar backgrounds, the two had a common language immediately. The result, World of Should. This debut EP speaks from another time and different sensibility. The words are wise yet vulnerable; the music strange but accessible. It's a raw, realistic love letter to the life and city she left behind.