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River (Joni Mitchell Cover) by nadiestar 8 years ago
I'm sure mum appreciates it but maybe the novelty is wearing off but this has become a xmas tradition like buying her a poinsetta, something i do every year! Thanks for your nice comments. MERRY SILLY SEASON!
You by nadiestar 8 years ago
Hey thanks everyone. smiley What lovely comments you all have made. I feel really welcomed back.
The vocal error is in the middle 8 part where is sing "its too late i've fallen..." Jo auto-tuned it. It probably is only noticeable as i know its there.

Anyway finding the time to get back on here properly and get thru your songs so bear with me. Its been ages since i've listened to some decent music!

A Letter 2 HipHop by hiphopmoses 9 years ago
My Bro, My voice is stiffiled but yours in not. YOU already know how i feel about this song. This takes its C**k out and shows everyone else (nelly, P Diddy, NeYo, etc) how a man brings it to the forum.

You my darling are a legend. Always envied but never imitated but often tried!

And i hope Hip Hop takes note. Because her romances of late have been unwise choices. Her Parents Soul/Motown/Jazz/Funk/Blues would be very disappointed in her.

I know you are the master and you rise above any specification or box anyone wants to put you in. But musicians have a message and yours is like an iron hammer banging on the door. PEOPLE PAY ATTENTION MR MOSES HAS SOMETHING TO SAY. WAKE UP!

The revolution WILL NOT be televised perhaps it will make its break thru on the internet with your voice at the Helm. Moses you are the Doctor King to the masses that need to wake up and stop taking the corporate dollar in exchange for their art and voice!

Speak Brother! Speak smiley

Love YA! smiley
So Contagious by herrsolera 9 years ago
Well done guys. I think it sounds amazing. Top producing job

Glad to be a part of the epic monster!

thanks guys and brilliant job on all your parts. Glad to work with you all. smiley

smiley smiley smiley smiley smiley smiley smiley smiley smiley smiley
Sing for absolution (cover w/Ilaria) by fromano 9 years ago

Lovely Vocal.... Such wonderful rich tone. And exquisite harmonies!

Brilliant job. And i hope you have a speedy recovery.
Talk talk talk by KCsGROOVE 9 years ago
Excellent. Really does have some Steely Dan influences! Top JOB!
Evening-Song by dirigent 9 years ago


This is so wonderful and truly moving and amazing

Thank you so much for sharing it with us and also for allowing it to be dowloaded. I can see why it's number one!
Why? by 8MonthMalfunction 9 years ago
I always said Ian she was an amazing singer and the feel in her vocals well she was a mind blower!

I shall miss her dearly but most of all i shall miss her smile and her voice.

thanks for reminding me how truly great she is!
If y was (Cover) by blueprintorchestra 9 years ago

WOW Marc i hadn't heard your new mix on the track. its brought the song to a whole new level.

You are so amazing and thank you so much for doing this song. So wonderful!

I bow down in your honour and your talent!

Untitled Love Song (Ambient) by C_Man 10 years ago



Untitled Love Song (clean vocals) ver. II by C_Man 10 years ago
Here i am!!!


I'm not going to decide i think both have their place!

(but i will say that the chorus on this is nicer)

Good job! smiley smiley smiley smiley smiley smiley smiley smiley smiley smiley smiley smiley smiley smiley smiley smiley
Overdrive - 2 - Imagine (John Lennon Cover) by Surak 10 years ago
YOu're right this is not Cornell. This is total BILLY

nice use of different areas of your voice....

Want to hear more things like this in future. Show your softer side

Do it for the bunnies smiley smiley smiley smiley smiley smiley smiley smiley smiley smiley smiley smiley smiley smiley smiley smiley smiley smiley
smiley smiley smiley smiley smiley smiley smiley smiley smiley smiley smiley smiley smiley smiley smiley smiley smiley smiley
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Trouble by zallaz 10 years ago
really good collab!

great rocking guys
Right Place, Right Time by offbeatkirsty 10 years ago
looks like i was in the right place too

solid professional perf and good luck with the release
From The Ashes -09- "Dark Sunday" by Surak 10 years ago
very cornell Billy!

Dr. Kumar by KeithPetrower 10 years ago

Multiplied by 3!

Le Message de Mary & Cesar by grathy 10 years ago
really lovely vocal

awesome atmosphere
1:31 by spacemann 10 years ago
Great experiment.

I love it when people take chances and step outside of the box.

Really bright and dark at the same time. And i love things that juxtapose themselves!
Love Will Tear Us Apart (Joy Division Cover Version) by GaryHunter 10 years ago
Really good cover of this classic.

Teeny tiny criticism the vocal could be a bit more forward in the mix!

Other than that top job!
R.I.P. (tribute to Jimmy Mizen) by DLB 10 years ago
Brilliant and very moving song that should have never been written. BUt kids have stupid brains and knives and guns in their hands.

Its such a shame that lovely teenagers are killed and bad ones are left alive.

Probably not popular to say this but video games where you go on killing sprees played by 7 year olds are to blame for this violent culture in the UK.... I only hope that more can be done to educate and preach peace.

I think your song goes very far to do that and deserves to be played to the family.

Really good guys well done under sad times.
Lives in the Balance Revisited by AaronTodd 10 years ago

I'm so moved by this. Is there no end to your talents?

just such an outstanding piece and it makes me want to up my game to even get within a mile of you....

Brilliant no surprise this is number one!
Paean by pharmakeus 10 years ago
I agree with red totally DELICIOUS

Wonderful Loved it!
Stop War - In Pace by dirigent 10 years ago
This really reminded me of pink floyd especially the synth so wish you were here....

But then WOW

Its changed and became something so much more... I love that. When you think you have a piece of music sussed out then it spins 180 on you and i'm literally knocked on my A*s in awe.

SMILING BY THE OCEAN by Barretok 10 years ago
As always Barre you have outdone yourself!

Fantastic piece

I felt like it was poetry with melody!!!

chance encounter by j0j0 10 years ago
Fabulous song so bright. Its really cheered me up after a hard day!

Thanks for posting!
I'VE GOT A FEELIN by SISTERS 10 years ago
Mixo-lovin -it!

Great voice so smooth

Excellent job
trust me i'm a docter by randolf 10 years ago
Hang on while i open me brolly!

Very good.... the melody was very beatles.
you're pitiful [video] by randolf 10 years ago
very funny..... smiley
Like someone in love-Take #2 by franO 10 years ago
Lovely and totally unexpected.

Wonderful mood and feel

Really enjoyed listening to this thanks for posting it!
Norwegian Wood (string class arrangement) by ciheins 10 years ago
Great job and great job teaching them to play a beautiful song!

Top stringing! smiley
David by nadiestar 10 years ago
Thank you everyone for your kind comments..... this is an intensively personal song but whats the point in writing something like this if you don't share your feelings with people?

Also Dave M i'm sure you would never fall into that category...!
The Bronze Age Rat by padowan_learner 10 years ago
Fantastic! Great mood and depth.

Felt like i was being stalked by something that was in the shadows.

Great production and use of instrumentation

NFF by MIR 10 years ago
OMG This is so moody and ominious!

The lady Lion want s to eat this track all up!

Brilliant production but thats what i would expect from you.
Lulabye by DaveM 10 years ago

The wifey has great taste and great ears!

Lovely song. Will play to my friend later today who had a little girl on Saturday..... Awwww

Great JOb and slick production smiley
Lippedy Spit by JD 10 years ago

I go away for a few months and come back to hear greatness like this!

Well thats as good a pressie as having Hugh jackman naked and waiting for me in my bed!

Hmmmmmmmm Hugh Jackman to this music... Have i struck the motherload????

brill collab guys and lovely to hear that Julian is still creating even if it is months apart its worth the wait like a good pint of Guiness and Hugh Jackman,,,, (ok i'll stop with the Hugh comments now)

Reminds me of a band i used to listen to int he 90's called EchoDeck who did one of the songs from the Gap ad. Very 60's YEAH BABY!
Starship (Pray Tell Mix) by C_Man 10 years ago
WOW and double WOW!

Really great production!

So progressive and great lifts in the dynamic.
Cold As Ice Revisited by AaronTodd 10 years ago
Crikey Mikey! You really are a tour de force!

I love the strings and i always loved this song....

Great modern remix from a rock classic T you have your own style

Why don't you have a label? YOu could give Prince a run for his money!!!!!
Mother Black (A Work In Progress) by AaronTodd 10 years ago
WOW i'm not wearing socks anymore as you have blown them off!

Fabulous..... This is so old school blues meets gospel!


I also agree with padowan learner.... YOu are the master of both word and song
Coffee (Mo Betta Mix2;-) by AaronTodd 10 years ago
Your voice reminds me of a UK Soul singer called Roachford.... and i love him

Guess what.....??

I also love your voice.
YOu remind me of one of my favs on here HIPHOPMOSES he's brave like you and tries different genres like you have. And that for me speaks volumes as music should always be a journey of exploration to areas known and unknown. The sign of a great musician is someone who can sit comfortably in a room with any musician and feel at ease. I know that you are one such as that.....

Anyway this feels so prince meets roachford. And the BV's really lift the song (i confess to not hearing the original) but i love the words the most. I assume the coffee is a hot sweet girl that you want to hersheys kiss???

SPANISH NIGHT (collab) by Barretok 10 years ago

Muy Fantastico!

Loved it and it reminded me of being in Paris. On the Metro musicians come aboard and just start playing and it's brilliant.

Also reminded me of spain. Esta Bien!

Forever 21 by nadiestar 10 years ago
Thank you everyone for your kind words. Difficult subject as it is this song really spoke to me and i couldn't wait to sit down and finish writing this. I would like to mention a big thank you to Ignoramus who originally was going to do the guitars for me when a friend popped over and did them instead. Once again thanks so much to every one who takes the time to listen to my music and comment. it really means so much. smiley
Untitled Love Song by nadiestar 10 years ago
Thank you everyone for your wonderful comments. It makes writing songs worthwhile to know they are being appreciated by my peers. Thank you thank you thank you!
Money is Power by PinkFreud 10 years ago
Brillint JOb Freud....... Added another level to this song and really made it complete. Thank you for doing this.
LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD by Barretok 10 years ago
Fantastic barre and Macoco and IA!

I don't know who i am more scared of LIttle Red or the Wolf???

Brilliant smiley
Wuthering heights-Kate Bush-Cover by reini 10 years ago
WOW smiley

Julia You are fantastic. Its so wonderful to hear you singing one of my idols songs. Your dads track is brilliant. I can't believe you are only 11!!!

I think you and your dad should try more Kate Bush songs.

You are excellent Julia i love your singing smiley
I Need To Know by JD 10 years ago

WOWSers what lovely feedback from all of you.

I am going to thank most heartedly for having the opportunity to work with such brilliant talent. And also for JD for letting me work with him.

Now all we have to do is another. Strike whilst the iron is hot i say

thanks everyone smiley
My Shameless Insanity by Ignoramus 10 years ago



This should come with a government health warning that you will not be taken on the usual journey but somewhere much darker and better!

Awesome choir and stings very gothic and epic and all enveloped in your wonderful guitar. Also love the metal (if i knew how to do that metal headbanging emoticon)!

This has moments of Vivaldi's four seasons but mixed with Mozarts Requiem and early Mettalica! Does it get any better than this??? I DOUBT IT

My Friends - Red Hot Chili Peppers - Cover by reini 10 years ago

WOW smiley

Julia you are sublime... If you are this good a vocalist at 11 then you will be breaking hearts and making hits when you are older thats for sure!

Dad - Reini everythin gyou turn your hand to comes out platinum! I loved the guitars as i am always a fan of the real thing. This is my fav RHCP song and one i think shows a real amount of depth as a band. I only wish they could return to this level of greatness!

Still we will always have this to tower above it!

Production wise i think Julia's voice could come up more in the mix but other than that now complaints!
Unpredictable (L.S.D.) by blueprintorchestra 10 years ago
This sounds so forboding in my headphones.

This is definately one you want to listen to in your cans. The way Marc's synths move in with my gibberish! Man he is so fricking awesome!

Marc you are so amazing i can't wait for our next song together.
Bibbity Bobbity Boo by borris 10 years ago
not often this happens but i am gonna agree with 8MM but i too was also expecting an angela lansbury type thing

could do with the vocal being louder!!

but otherwise filling brilliant

I Wanna Be Escalated by alanatomic 10 years ago
Very interesting. I wish when i fell on my computer it made things this good!

great production!
99 Bottles Collaboration by alanatomic 10 years ago

Brilliant and mammoth task that quite frankly i would have run away from Monty Python Style!!!! (with coconut shells)....

Also completely nothing to do with this song but at the bottom of this page is icomps disclaimer... i love the section where it says please don't sue us!!!

Anyway top job guys we all owe you 99 bottles of beer each!
Say Your Name/Trippy by C_Man 10 years ago
Theres no way i would have this taken down. I am so flattered that you used my vocal.

Brenda You have a great tone to your voice.

And chinaman this is fab!!!!!! top collab and lovely surprise
The truth will set you free by MIR 10 years ago

Mr Gazelle

You have done much better than i ever could!!!! This is really interesting and there were moments where i was excited about what was coming next.

Truly brilliant mix and top production so i am awarding stars just for you and not for my pathetic efforts which you made sound awesome.......

I should leave the baby to it more often!
This womans work (Kate Bush Cover) by jptiptonsr 10 years ago
John simply loving your playing. The passion thru your fingers sends shivers all thru out my body.

Thank you so much for doing this.

I agree could do with another mix to bring the vocal up a bit as it's being drowned in places by the piano. But i forget to listen to the technical stuff when i am entranced by your magic hands! smiley

DIVINE smiley
No Such Thing (As Love) by BossHook 10 years ago

heard this on crimanlly overlooked podcast this is great. But when are you not great?

those bad woman should stay clear of your life but not your dreams if it makes you produce great work like this smiley
Belfast Child w/solo piano by jptiptonsr 10 years ago
John You should check out dylanfatdog on youtube thats my boy and he loves floyd, the who, bowie and Otis redding to name a few. And gabriel will always get him howling! smiley
Belfast Child w/solo piano by jptiptonsr 10 years ago
WOW shivers all over!

Great job JP!

This is very beautiful. Thank you for the lovely words and comments. I'm touched to have so many nice things said about me... smiley

I also love that the dog is in on the song. My dog dylan is actually in most of my recordings the last one being Great gig when he decided to howl along. Its low and you can't hear it after i cleaned up the take a bit. But he always features which is alright by me. As he wants to lie under my desk when i work. He loves music and sings along when he can.

Great ending!
The Great Gig in the Sky - Floyd Cover by nadiestar 10 years ago
Thank you everyone and especially Reini for all your comments.

I saw Pink Floyd live at Earls Court in 1994 and they had 3 singers do this song too.

This is a tough one to do but i loved every second of it.

Thanks for listening and leaving comments i really appreciate it

And Reini your are Mr Floyd from now on smiley
Echoes part2 - Pink Floyd Cover by reini 10 years ago
Reini i was wondering if you would like the vocal on this piece? If so i could do it for you?
Echoes part2 - Pink Floyd Cover by reini 10 years ago


Reini you are the Floyd master.

I have loved them almost as long as i have loved Kate Bush. I even have a tattoo of pink floyd.

This is so faithfully recreated.

Brilliant i think maybe Roger Waters should call you to play in his band.
BLUES OF THE DEPORTED by Barretok 10 years ago
I agree with Emilia above there are no half measures with you.

Always stylish unique and unabashed!

I did have the monday blues..... now i don't
Ett litet blad by brnPetra 10 years ago

Your style and playing is so unique and your voice is very destinctive.

I love the way you sing with such innocent power.

This brings me visions of the 60's.

THIS ROOM by Barretok 10 years ago
I love the hammond. Such great feel and depth!

Classic Barre and brilliant words!

FAREWELL SONG (collaboration) by Barretok 10 years ago

I'm sorry to hear about your uncle barre. smiley

Out of everything sad comes something brilliant and powerful and this is no less than exceptional.

I really think you two together are a power house and should collab together again in the future.

Great words great music and great team! smiley
Bluestreak by YVIL 10 years ago
great work should not be over looked

really lovely groove!
Because of you - Kelly Clarkson - Cover by reini 10 years ago

Well Cynthia You know i am fan of your voice.

And you know your pops and i have been working together and i am a big fan of his work too.

Teeny ciritism i think you are holding back as a vocalist.... you have loads more to offer if you just let go and get lost in your singing the way your audience get lost in your voice.

technique wise you have lots of control over your voice so let it out lets hear your passion.

I also think Dad needs to get you guys a great mic as it will make all the difference in your voice. I think maybe an early xmas pressie... start pestering him now!!! smiley

Saying all of that tho....... The world had better get ready for you hon as you will blow their minds!
LoveSexDependence=L.S.D by nadiestar 10 years ago
Thanks everyone!

Its really great to hear positive feedback when you try something odd and new.

Sorry bout the download button she is there now so help yourselves!

Fade to Black by EvilFactman 10 years ago
There is something so wonderfully honest about this song.

I feel that way too but the music helps change the outlook.

Really brilliant!
Moments in Love (Art of Noise) by blueprintorchestra 10 years ago
had to have another sneaky listen before bed time.

Marc you rock my world and my ears!
Give Up Yer Gold (Pirate Day song 07) by GumboStu 10 years ago

Yo Ho HO

and a bottle of jack Daniels



(are you irish???)
Is She Really Going Out With Him by pete 10 years ago
This is so weird to day i have been singing this song all day! Especially whilst walking the dog in the park....

Now i come on here and you have done a cover of the song.

Really good job..... would have liked more layered harmonies to really lift some of the chorus.

Good job.... learn the mid8 and this will rock! smiley
chocolate by rinca 10 years ago

HMMMMMM CHOCOLATE!!! (droooooooooooooooooooool)

WINTER DAYS (collab) by Barretok 10 years ago

Its a long story but instead of being up at the crack of noon i'm up at 7 am and this really describes my morning.

You are all Legends and fantatstic i comp monsters of style and class! No wonder its in the top ten!

BLOOD OF BLOODS by Barretok 10 years ago

Total Perfection barre

You really are a true original artist!

Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band by jayman 10 years ago

WOW picks self off the floor, dusts down clothes and find chair again!!!!

WOW baboon you really nailed an excellent professional vocal that John Lennon would be proud of. The Bv's Borris were fantastic and the crowd well i wann be in your gang!

Excellent Horns Jayman and shredtastic Guitar Granz...mucho jealous that i didn't have a part to play in this as it sounds like you all had fun!

You know over here in the UK on BBC radio they have taken modern bands and each one has done a track off SPLHCB album. The Stereophonics did this cover and theres was crudola!

You guys rock so much it hurts..... now wheres that pesky repeat button????
She moved to Belfast by blueprintorchestra 10 years ago

Marc you have the heart and blood of a thousand Irish men!!!

I actually am really moved by this. i can't stop listening!

You really are a icomp legend!
Trippy why care/ dance hall by jptiptonsr 10 years ago
Now this is trippy!!!

U.S.A. L.L.C. by Kresling 10 years ago
You have such an original sound

Like Beck meets Elliot Smith.

Fan - Bloody - Tastic
Year of the Dog by Kresling 10 years ago
Fantastic Brilliant

Glad i have found your music.
Seventeen by Kresling 10 years ago
Wow what an incredible song!!!

This is something you would expect to hear on a movie soundtrack!

Your vocal is very Elliot Smith.

brilliant will check out more of your stuff. smiley

Thanks Dylan for sending me hear!
When we Fight by jptiptonsr 10 years ago
Not really my genre but a really good song. Love the hammond!

Like the vocal hook but it's really quiet. Also really love the harmonies.

Glad to see you are getting into the swing of things on here!
Meditation IIII (When She`s Lying Next To Me) by guitar55 10 years ago

Extremely flipping brilliant!!!

Totally think this is one of the most professional pieces i have heard on here.

Great job
I Dont Wanna Grow Up by Dyl 10 years ago

DYL what can i say?

YOu are always a pleasure to listen to and everything you seem to touch turns to platinum!!!!

If it's not too much trouble could you stop being so fantastic all the time it makes us lesser mortals feel bad....... smiley only kidding

i never want you to stop being great and i never want you to grow up!!!!
ddball, always here by rinca 10 years ago
Wowsers what an incredible voice you have

Loads of soul

Nice one for DD

Caruso (Pavarotti tribute) by ohlanda 10 years ago
Ciao Pavarotti


I love this smiley
Remembrance Day by guitar55 10 years ago

Lovely job

Music is now the only comfort those who suffered can find solace in

Elements of Pink Floyd here... Lovely really moving
Misty Mountain Hop by MikeRC 10 years ago

WOW great vocals in awe!!!!! smiley

you can wail!!!!
your kicks (kick a##) by Lapskin 10 years ago
This kicks A$$

Great job

i like it when you are up to no good!!!!
Used Cars (Springsteen Cover) by francis777 10 years ago
Lovely guitar......

Its not hard to go wrong with a great song but i think you bring something more to this than Mr springstein.

Lovely voice. smiley
Keep talking - Pink Floyd - Cover by reini 10 years ago
Actually we should call ourselves

Synth Floyd??????

aye what do you think?

Keep talking - Pink Floyd - Cover by reini 10 years ago
Hey everyone thanks so much for allowing me on this track too!!!

You all rock i have nothing left to say except

Lets do another smiley

Gordon Flash and the Orb by elliotdavidson 10 years ago
I love Bernard Mannings chickens too
Gordon Flash and the Orb by elliotdavidson 10 years ago

Seriously stop with the crack!!!!

Actually that was really funny and some of your best work yet!!!

I agree with Mr MIR thats not a fooking Indian we call them native Americans!!!

Hip Wreck Bonnie by MIR 10 years ago
Well i wrote a comment and it's disapeered you heaven't eaten it have you???

Really good production on this song!!!

You have understated your talents Mr MIR

i think the vocal is DDBALL..... am i right?
Who's afraid of Virginia Woolf by MIR 10 years ago

The lioness is here.

I love the production on this mr MIR! You understate your talents.

I agree with reini that the vocals need to come up in the mix as i could hardly hear the and i was wearing headphones!!!
Hip Wreck Bonnie by MIR 10 years ago
Great sea sounds at the beginning i really wanted to dip my toes in!

Great production on the track MIR... Lady Lioness says yum yum give me some!!!!

I'm wondering is it DDball?
Montgomery California by MontgomeryCalifornia 10 years ago

Really good does need more tweaks production wise!!!

The guitars are too up front and the vocal is too far back.

So no stars for now while i watch this baby grow!!!
DON'T FEAR THE REAPER by Bampot 10 years ago
Excellent job and i love this song. Nice to see it having a modern kick to it!


I gotta have more cowbell!!!!! smiley lol
Psycho by Geechi3 10 years ago

Lovely babe!!!!

So personal and passionate!