My entry in the world of music was about 15 years ago,when I was just a little boy interested in the great music of ROCK.I spent many further years playing the giants of music(as it used to be by anyone who starts to play),LED ZEPPELIN,PINK FLOYD,BLACK SABBATH and slowly I walk the path of the heavy music starting just from the "Black Fours",and I started involved in circuit of death metal and black metal scene.In these years I found a band ,first named JOURNEY THROUGH THE DARK,with a first release called "Screams of Sirens"for a self production;one year later,we dealed with a sicilyan label "Nosferatu Recs",offering us with a MCD,and "Among Secrets" was out in september of 1997.In the following years the band changed his moniker into "ART INFERNO"in conjunction with a new deal for "Scarlet",and the new album was out in november 1999 with the name "ABYSSUS ABYSSUM INVOCAT".The full -length got many positive responses from several international magazines involved in this music,as well as many interviews and compilation from France to Norway,Germany and so on.The album was great ,suffering by a not too bombastic production,but the sound-ideas is still actual,and the concept as well!

Music rss

Title Genre Released Plays
THALASSOCRATIC SUPREMACY Inspirational Jan 16, 2009 503
The Gorgon path Ambient Jul 29, 2007 625
the black coronation of death Explicit Ambient Jul 7, 2007 654
Swallow the bass! Funk Jul 6, 2007 897
Dark Monks Ambient Jul 6, 2007 728
what such a joy...into the infinitve's drum rolling Classical Jul 6, 2007 569
frost in fire Ambient Jul 6, 2007 1324