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Without Me by Baboon 4 years ago
Sweet tune, guys! Another one to add to the iPod. smiley
The Christmas Song by ianlow32 4 years ago

Nice construction. I like the use of the loops for the breaks and little additions here and there. Merry Christmas!
I Am The Insider by olympus 5 years ago
Sounds like it is coming along well! I like a lot of what is going on here. The juxtoposition of orchestral and electronic is good; reminds me of work in the Brosnan Bond movies by David Arnold (the movies were pushing more electronics espionage, and it worked well).

If you have a part you'd like to hear me read to see if I fit, send it along. I'd love to help out again smiley
Space Alien Brain Freeze Boogie by offbalance 6 years ago
Almost one and a half years after posting this, and suddenly this song got 26 plays this week. Cool.

I'm feeling the alien groove... Could be time for the space aliens to have another song!
The Rain by Morris 7 years ago
What a great mix of some classic sounds and riffs into something new and yours. I love it!
The Fossil Bed Video by guitardogcar 7 years ago
Nice song, and the video is simple but I like the black-and-white touch. Is that an iPhone or iPad recording? What mic are you using, because it doesn't seem to be the pinhole? Do I have to omany techie questions? smiley Good job -- always enjoy your music. smiley

EDIT: I saw you mention the iPad 2 and it's included mic on your other song. Very cool!
Microsoft iComp Acquisition Interview by lummie 7 years ago

Bill Gates has some voice inflections like Christopher Walken. Walken should play him in the movie about the iComp acquisition. Hell, we had a movie about Facebook, so why not one about iCompositions?
SD: Warp Funky (iPad GB) by offbalance 7 years ago
Now everyone has their own mobile recording studio! Nice one!

For better or for worse! smiley

Olivia's piece is great, Shadow! And Thanks for stopping in for a listen, Jack!
SD: Warp Funky (iPad GB) by offbalance 7 years ago
Thanks, PunkFloyd! It would be fun for gigs. It's definitely very cool for sketching out bits. Of course, people are already making real songs with it and getting some pretty surprising sound out of the iPad mic and fx. Check out Jack Fancy's latest if you haven't:

Different style than this, a full song, and actually mixed well. smiley Of course, my main goal here was to play with the "smart" instruments and see what I could come up with in about an hour after starting the program for the very first time smiley

Thanks for stopping in for a listen!
Pull my Finger by jrahn 7 years ago
I like the sound going on here. Nice spacey electronic rock. All loops? Good work! The name of the song got my attention (yeah, I'm 45 going on 12 smiley ), but I'll definitely be checking out some more of your tunes. Thanks for sharing!
Fire On The Mountain by kappy 7 years ago

Well, the 21st time must be the charm. I like your production on this. Your lead-in builds really well, and I love your outro, how it just stops and leaves your voice and a chord. Good choice. Great vocal -- fits perfectly with the style. Someone with a better ear than mine may pick out something here or there, but this is thoroughly enjoyable as it isnow!
Bond Is Gay.... Just for One Day by AnEnglishState 7 years ago

I'ma big James Bond fan -- hey, maybe I'm an even bigger one now that he's out. ha! I like the production in this. It's late and didn't want to wake the roommate, so I threw on the headphones and cranked it up. I like where the vox are sitting in the mix now. And I like that you didn't use the Bond theme. To do so would have been cliché, I think. But there is enough throughout the mix to evoke Bond-style music -- almost a mix of Duran Duran's theme sound for View to a Kill (pop with airy big vox) with the instrumental rock of David Arnold (Tomorrow NEver dies, The World is Not enough, and Die Another Day)...

Good stuff smiley
Godzilla (BOC Cover) by Baboon 7 years ago

Hey! Why didn't I fave this back when I listened to it the first time?! More fool me...
6 years on iComp..Many Years, Many Friends....Just some Wood Muzak.. by woodguy32 7 years ago

I love the sound of this, Woodman! I read your blog but didn't make it over to the song until today. And I'm savoring every second of it. I love the tubular bells, and the synth work is cool all around. The beats are easy going... Good stuff. I hope your fire gets rekindled. smiley
Creep (wRex) by RubyDubidoux 7 years ago
Very cool. Love the ukelele, love the near torch singer style. I don't think all the minimalist versions of songs work, but this one does. Good work all around. My one critical comment would be to hear it with less reverb on the vox, but I don't know what my take would be after hearing it -- and even if I did like the vox drier, that would be more a personal opinion than a criticism smiley

Mince Chimps by Homebrand 7 years ago

Homebrand! Haven't seen your name scroll past in the recent uploads for a while. Nice beats and sounds in this one. I'm going to be biased because you have chimps all over this one, and I love me some chimps and monkeys. smiley But, man, those are some great rumbly bass sounds going on -- and the synth beeps are just classic. Good stuff, to me anyway smiley
Toccata and Fugue on Banjo by Gitano 7 years ago

Love it! I wish I had something constructive to say, but this is so wonderfully eclectic and cool, there isn't much to say smiley
Dark Walk by davisamerica 7 years ago
Amazing transition from the beginning, impressionist part with the rap to the psychedelia of the middle sax-y "I'm falling" part. And then spinning on into Dave's ending combining that sax and some dark electronic beats -- excellent work throughout. Instant fave smiley
The Light by MickReeves 7 years ago
You are a pro, Mick. Great bed for some wonderful guitar licks/noodling. Glad to hear from you again. smiley
Wonderwall - cover by my son by geoff_wales 7 years ago
Good sound; no muddiness in the mix to my ears on first listen. Great voice!
The Robot Battle Of Heather Moor (Daftwork v Shed Zeppelin) by zagneek 8 years ago
Super cool and intriguing. Love all the changes in instrumentation and styles -- it's a huge smorgasbord of musical fun. You gotta tell me how you did those tempo shifts in Garageband?
EXCALIBUR No.1 Prologue by Absynth 8 years ago

This is amazingly epic -- and loops! I love the sound, the mix, the fullness of the sound, especially on that percussion. This definitely has made me want to listen to the rest in the series, and I'll do it in a day or so when I can devote an entire sitting through the whole of them. Excellent!
Doctor Who Jig by offbalance 8 years ago
A bodhran would work well here. I didn't have something like that at the time. I do like the raucus percussion sound, though, so would probably leave in something with the bodhran to keep the smash, smash, smash feel, but work it all together.

Thanks for listening and the ideas!
On the Shore (new) by jibes 8 years ago

Very nice, rolling along. Great pickin'. I love the sound of your voice, too -- works super with this! The car-waves add an interesting touch.
Space Alien Brain Freeze Boogie by offbalance 8 years ago
Yes, only loops. And while I added an effect here and there, I didn't cut and splice a lot like I usually do. I think these loops might have come from my copy of Soundtrack that came with Final Cut Express HD, or they may be some free samples received from one site or another.

Thanks for listening!
Tumbleweeds on Mars by geoff_wales 8 years ago
Came for the Mars reference, stayed for the funk smiley I like how this just rolls along. Sound and mix is clean -- no muddiness to my ears; wish I could keep all my stuff like that. Enjoyed this!
Everybody Steals by musika 8 years ago
Cool harmony work on this, Dylan. Your vox have really grown! I like the breakdown into cacophony at parts which rebuilds into harmonious song again. A couple pops on some P's, but nothing that detracts from the whole. Great stuff! Good luck with your iTunes and other sales!
ACTION: Short Story by olympus 8 years ago
Yes, great opening song. Some narration at the beginning, introducing the story and giving a few credits could work, but I would use another piece under that, kind of like what Darker Projects does on their audio theater bits. It's just a short snippet about 15 seconds and ends with "and now our feature presentation" which segues well into the opening scene/prologue, which leads to opening music theme, and then back to the story.

That may be too much for this one, but something to think about for future projects as the move is made to more actors, etc.

Can't wait to get back to listen to the rest. I want to make sure I have time to devote just to listening to it all and not just have it in the background while I am working or something smiley
Lord, Lord, Lord, give me a break by Sloparts 8 years ago
Sweet groove and sound, man. Kind of an unexpected filter on that guitar at the bridge, but it grew on me. smiley Great stuff!
Shake Yer Bootie by KnqulearShift 8 years ago

Very cool. I love the droning and the touches in the background mix!
Heaven Wont Have Me by DaveM 8 years ago
Wow! <wayne-and-garth-bow>I'm not worthy! I'm not worthy!</wayne-and-garth-bow>

Great use of those percussion loops -- well-edited and excellently placed breaks to make them work extremely well with that super guitar and vox work. One sitting... I repeat -- Wow!
If loving you is wrong by ShortStuff 8 years ago

Nice. Great sound; I like the mix. Voice is beautiful. Wonderful work all around!
What Goes Around Comes Around by alanatomic 8 years ago
Very cool. I agree this is radio ready -- if the radio played much good stuff these days. smiley I like the drive of it all. Goof stuff!
Decibel (AC/DC cover) by Als Corner by irok 8 years ago
Yep, working here, too. And, yes, I can feel the energy. You prepping for a stage show? Cool...
Crazy - Gnarls Barkley Cover by TheBananaConvention 8 years ago
Thanks for the vid link! If you guys buzz through Oklahoma some day, I'll try to get to your show! smiley
Crazy - Gnarls Barkley Cover by TheBananaConvention 8 years ago
Nice. Great voice. Mix is raw, as practice session should probably be. smiley If you're in the studio and making an album, it'd be interesting to hear the final version compared to this one if there is a final version. Sounds like a great live bit, though -- I bet you guys rock any venue you play!
Walk On (feat. jkane, pharmakeus, carlajpatterson, Henno, Northpoint and dr_elvis01) by malekey 8 years ago
Just visited this again after being reminded of it while surfing through iComp's pages randomly. Still a great mix, still very moving. Still love the sound of that snare... Great work all around!
[iPhone]-Thumb Jamming by rex 8 years ago
Sweet. I need an iPod Touch and all these fun music apps. Yes. Need. smiley
Free your mind by 4haengs 8 years ago

I recognize a lot of these loops, but I love the composition here. Great layers of percussion and build up of things to weave together something new from all the bits and pieces. sounds like you worked hard to get the loops sounding all part of one "recording session".
Just Free by 4haengs 8 years ago

Vocals would take this to the next level, I think. A vocalist that could push the melody to the next level that Olympus and FC are talking about, with this powerful music driving behind. I'm very interested to hear if anyone or you go further with this one. I love the sound!
(Happy 6th) Birthday (iCompositions!) by ponkey 8 years ago
I missed this! Now I haven't! My life is complete, at least for tonight! HOORAY -- thanks, Ponk!
Broken Watch by hiphopmoses 8 years ago
Great harmonies! Excellent choice to use the bell sounds/tones. I find that a challenge, whether it be writing lyrics for someone's piece based on the title they gave it or making a song out of someone's poem or whatever the task, is actually very very inspiring. Seems you were much inspired here, moses. Good stuff in this first draft!
Weekender (Old Version/Vocals) by Rome 8 years ago

Love those synth sounds! When it kicks over to just the melody about 3/4 in, it gives the ears a bit of a surprise and rest before taking off with more of that bouncing synth. I like how it grinds down to just one synth at the end... Nice touch.
LIfe Jackets by LaunchpadAway 8 years ago

I agree -- great energy! I love the 1-2-3-4 backing vox. The vocals are great. I'm curious what they'd be like with a bit more reverb/presence (not echo, though), but I suspect they are fine as is. smiley

Good stuff!
Im on my way by Morris 8 years ago
Nice additions to a cool song!
Sidewalk Highway by Baboon 8 years ago
Simply mind expanding! I love a lot about your work, guys, from the intricate melodies and time changes, to the poetry of the lyrics... I could gush more and more, but I think I'll just push the play button again, lean back, and grin like a monkey. Thanks!
Soaring of the Phoenix by KoacNation 8 years ago

110 plays and no comments? How can that be? This definitely deserves some mention of the fullness of it. You've given some excellent ambience to the various percussion elements. And the way things kind of dance in and out of all of that, like they're teasing with glimpses within billowing fog. An occasional deep twangy bass, synth bits here and there... Finishing off with the twangy bass and then the wailing bit if very cool.

Intriguing and a very cool listen. Enjoyed much more than the trance version! Look forward to trying out more of your tunes!
Everybodys Got Something to Hide Except Me and My Monkey (Beatles Cover) by Tony2008 8 years ago
I'll listen to anything with monkeys in it. I'll listen to this many many times. Great work!
Plush (Stone Temple Pilot Cover) by Tony2008 8 years ago
Great cover. I hear what you mean with the drums. They work, but a bit more to them and they'd go along better with the other parts you've done so well. And some great singing on it!
Good sound and thoughtful lyrics and singing. I love the harp playing -- simple, true accompaniment. Thank you for sharing!
TIME IS THE ENEMY by Bampot 8 years ago
Great groove, great mix. I love all the little touches throughout that keep me listening, including Rinca's vox. And what everyone else said. smiley
Nuclear Squares by BladeKemp 8 years ago

Yeah, this is raucus cool. I like! You have a cinematic feel to the songs I've listened to so far. Good stuff!
Medister by Slupper 8 years ago

It's got a smooth jazz feel which melds right into smooth pop rock, and that all equal goodness to these ears. The transitions aren't jarring to me; I think I can definitely hear where vox would lay in this, making it all clearly one piece. Good sound throughout!
BEYOND THE PLASTIC RAINBOWS by dr_elvis01 8 years ago

I was just listening to this on the iCompTV show and had to come here to comment. Wow. This is unlike other work I've heard from you, and yet the Doc Elvis touches are on it, too... Super cool and melancholy... touches of Leonard Cohen... Love it!
stranded by Wobbles303 8 years ago

Great listen in my headphones. I love the bass sound, and the beat just rolls along nicely. Good stuff!
It's Too Late - Cover by jkramer5 8 years ago

Smooooooth and a classic sound and feel. Good stuff!
Hey Little Boy by khu 8 years ago

Lots of various groups thrown out. Those minor bits do give a Floydian atmosphere, but the vocals are like Bowie meets Bee Gees (when the Bee Gees didn't make disco smiley ) Excellent sound throughout!
The Party by khu 8 years ago

That's some great guitar sound there, and superb mix on the vocals. I love it. Then the 80s pop synth comes in and the 80s percussion synth. I love it! I can see this being updated with real drums and some honky-tonk piano for the synth parts and still be fantastic. I love the "whoa whoa whoa" and yea yea yea yea" parts sung kind of low and sly smiley
Sx7 - Days of You by offbalance 8 years ago
Yay! Silver note! Thanks to everyone for listening and comments!
My Feelings For You by majlo17 8 years ago

Pretty. The strings don't overpower, which is good. Is this a keyboard or actual piano? I hear it's hard to mic a piano well, and this has good sound to my ears smiley Good work!
Pandora by Apostrophe_X 8 years ago

Rock on! I like how you've put all this together -- the off-beat part with the percussion is cool. maybe just a couple tweaks there. But overall I love the great pop rock sound throughout. Again, I like your vox and harmonies! Good stuff!
Althea by Apostrophe_X 8 years ago

Hey, this sounds cool! I love that synthy bass line, and your vocals are great. Love the harmonies and the radio-effected part. Great mixing there, at least on my headphone listen. I'll listen on my speakers when I can crank them up (too late here now), but sounds so far like any mic trouble you may have had has been worked out.

The Shield of Achilles (HTB) by becwil 8 years ago
Everyone has beaten me to descriptions I would use: a great journey, wonderful wraparound experience of sound, and more. I definitely love listening to your music with headphones cranked up while the lights are low! No distractions so I can pick up all the nuances.... Good stuff!
Good Times - Chic Cover by jkramer5 8 years ago

Sweet bass sound and groovin'...
Did You Know It's Christmas? by 8MonthMalfunction 8 years ago
Man, if I had gotten to this before Christmas day I would have snuck it into the player at my work! HAHAHA! This is great stuff, and the artwork is fabulous! Cheers to 8MM and Toni!
Last Christmas- Cover - instrumental -cvreloaded by cvreloaded 8 years ago

I don't like Wham, but I love this cover! Great synths and pads. Cool synthy drums to go with it, too. smiley
small town girl video by that80sboy 8 years ago

Great video work there. Reminds me of early music vids, too, with all the varied imagery tossed in and cut to the beat. Good fun stuff!
My Grandpa ( Marcus Goodman) by MarcusGoodman 8 years ago
I like your voice. The guitar recording is good and bright, too. Nice music all around! Thanks for sharing!
Mrs B White (The Goodies) by randolf 8 years ago
It's the Goodies! Goody goody yum yum....

A celebration of a timeless classic smiley
The Journey To Bethlehem by TheTiler 8 years ago

I agree. I love the bright sound of your strings -- they just glisten in my ears. The orchestration here works well. It's not too lush and overpowering. Beautiful.
Wooden Man's Saga by Trilobite2 8 years ago

I like very much. I love the vocal quality/fx you've given; I really like the chord structure on the chorus of "the wooden man, the wooden man" -- my ears love the sound of it. can't wait for the chance to crank this on speakers (listening on headphones now...)
Tea In The Sahara by etgilles 8 years ago
Beautiful. Stamped with the unmistakable etgilles sound, both vox and guitar. Held me entranced the whole way through!
Between Axis by Joshua_Irwin 8 years ago
Sounds like a perfect interlude between songs on an album.... The album I'm buying as soon as it is ready. smiley
Mr. Grinch by Nick_W 8 years ago
I lurve Da Grinch! I want to burn a CD with a bunch of versions of it and drop it into the player at work, cuz I'm so sick of Christmas music! Thanks for this!
A Captain's Carol by herrsolera 8 years ago
Glad to hear you're keeping this tradition going so far. I've enjoyed them all, and this is coming from someone who is already sick of holiday music since it's played constantly at work since the day after Halloween. smiley
Voltaic by BorisLuxx 8 years ago

Maybe he meant it sounded somewhat old school or some such? Whatever the case, it certainly is well-crafted. Great choice of sounds and I like how you place them in the mix. I love that bass froggy sound -- excellent choice to drive behind the dance synths.
Veyron by Joshua_Irwin 8 years ago
Beautiful work, Joshua! I wish I had something constructive to give, but to me it all works well. I like how it moves and builds and returns then to trickle out to quiet. I'm a sucker for that kind of symmetry. smiley
happy onion by mikerocky 8 years ago

This is cool. I can hear the Finnish polka influence, but it has a country/rockabilly bit to it, too. Fun!
Sakkijarven polkka - Finnish traditional polka by mikerocky 8 years ago

Sweet! I think this is the first time I've ever seen Finnish polka here on iComp. Very cool! Thanks for sharing. You definitely play all styles!
Beer Barrel Polka by Powernap99 8 years ago
So sorry I missed out by not making time to do the little snippet for this. What fun!
Never Say Goodbye - Bond Theme by BorisLuxx 8 years ago

Ah, yes, good 90s David Arnold stylizations here, maybe a bit more techno. maybe some Eric Serra (Goldeneye) also. I don't know whether I'm more critical or less because I'm a huge Bond fan, but whichever is the case I love this piece. Excellent sounds and good use of the theme, something that the film composers aren't using as much now.
Love Town|||PGCover by CharlyDeeCynthius 8 years ago

Sweetness, I love me some Gabriel, and I love your covers, Charly. Good sound to this live rehearsal recording, too. Good sound to the band, too.
Summertime Revisited by AaronTodd 8 years ago

JD beat me to my little nitpicks. Overall, this thing is solid hot!
Mad World (c) by OneVox 8 years ago

Great rendition, everyone! Djev's lead is very cool, and I agree the rap addition makes it a unique version. Production is superb to my amateur ears!
Drowning by JanaSaisQuoi 8 years ago

I love the spareness of it; I love the fullness of it. Spare: one guitar and one voice. Full: some cool effects and processing that push it deeper, darker... I agree with the "haunting" comment above: this one sticks with me. A bit of polish, and this wouldn't be out of place on the radio. Well, except that it'd be excellent in a sea of mediocrity. smiley
This Is The End? by Joshua_Irwin 8 years ago
I'd like to take a crack at writing lyrics for this one. Dunno if I'd be the one to sing it -- maybe with someone or someone else could sing it entirely... U2 influence, but also I can hear Peter Gabriel vocals on this one... Hmmm... Let me see if I can get something together to run by you. smiley
Aquamarine by Tres 8 years ago

What a great pop tune. I love the mix and harmonies, and that brilliant synth trill you've worked in (mostly at the beginning) really lends a bit of fantasy reverie to it. And just hte overall sound -- there's a whole XTC/Dukes of stratosphear era edge to this, and I love it!

"ba ba ba" indeed!
Public Psychedelic Basement Pt 3 by WilliamChampagne 8 years ago

Wow, this went in a total different direction than I expected, what with the funky bass line starting up -- and then it just moves to a total different space before the bassline comes back in with that excellent atmospheric airy sound in the background, almost like laughter? Very trippy indeed! Is that Oasis practicing in the next basement over at the end there? smiley

An interesting journey....
Vampyre Stakeout by RazbaqueDirge 8 years ago
Yes, I agree. I love the sound, and the ever lowering growly grind toward the end. Intriguingly cool!
Days of Self Survival by becwil 8 years ago
Awesome. This may be rockin' and different from your current music, but the progression, the build, and the mix of styles and experimentation with how the sounds all play together is pure Becwil. The chorale addition 2/3rds in is very old school Genesis-y. Yum. Great vox delivery -- fits the music grandly.

So, proggy iComp band time, anyone? smiley
iPhone Blues in E by UndergroundHangama 8 years ago
I was just posting about The 88's iPhone and FourTrack use the other day in the forum. It's super cool to hear an iComper doing some work with it, too! And, such a great little tune, too. Thanks for sharing this!
Home by Joshua_Irwin 8 years ago
Awesome build, definitely room for vocals on this. Looking forward to hearing what you have. That middle break with mostly percussion seems like a great place for some spoken vox, maybe one side of a conversation... Hmmm... Again, a great build -- I love how you bring in parts.
Pussy Wussy by Trilobite2 8 years ago
HA! And they dare say "poor wittle putty tat" when they leave such presents for us in the sandbox! smiley
Shir ha Shirim - I by dirigent 8 years ago

Lovely. I echo everyone else about the excellent production. Fascinating info on your process, too!
Vita Luna by JoelGoffin 8 years ago

It definitely runs a gamut of emotions. And the percussion coming in at the end was actually a surprise to me; a nice way to pump up the urgency just before the final note. I maybe biased after hearing your Star Trek trailer music, but this sounds as if you may be trying to get Giacchino's composer spot for the next movie. smiley
Find the River by Vixen 8 years ago

I don't think I know the original, so no preconceptions here. This has such a cool 60s folk/flower child feel to it -- very cool. I definitely love the combination of the light guitar with your voice, and a great mix, too. Instant favorite!
Sailing by GuyWhoWroteTheSong 8 years ago

Nice tune; put together well. Good choice of loops. I'd like to hear a bit more variation in the percussion. Maybe some variation in the bass line, although if you're going for that constantness, then maybe not so much. smiley Also, I'd probably bring those vocals a bit more forward in the mix and showcase the voice more -- your voice has a good tone for this song, I think, and the effects you've placed on it here really add to the overall feel of the song.

Good work!
September When It Comes by RedthruNthru 8 years ago
Brilliant work. Donna's voice is in top form for this piece, and Nick's delivery is wonderful. I've never heard the original of this one. I like Cash, though -- country I could actually get into. I can't add much new to the kudos already given. Great playing, production throughout this piece!
Take My Hand (Song For Renee) by RedthruNthru 8 years ago
I'm late to getting in here to listen to this one. Songs here can take off like wildfire in just a couple days! And sounds like Renee has a wildfire spirit which has re-ignited. Good work, all around, and keep on dancin' and spinnin' Renee!
Goodbye Blue Sky (Pink Floyd cover) by robby_reverb 8 years ago
I'm a huge Floyd fan -- your version is very cool Robby. Excellent vocals from you and the "Robettes." I like the synth bell version of the music, too. Any nits I might pick disappear listening to the clear production in my headphones... Smooth work!