My name is Jeannette Roth, and I live in West Des Moines, IA, USA. Although I had 20+ years of formal musical schooling, including university training (my instruments are keyboard and clarinet), I ended up after college pursuing a career in computers. My time for music became less and less, until it got to a point (after I had kids... those of you with kids know how it goes) where I didn't have any time at all to write or play.

My kids are older now, however, and of course computers have opened up whole new avenues for independent musicians. I started working with Harmony Assistant on the Macintosh at my husband's suggestion. He is the director of an (ultra) amateur science fiction comedy theater troupe called the Trans-Iowa Canal Co.™. His goal was to start using original (read: copyright issue-avoiding) music in the group's productions, so we could film the shows and possibly even sell copies to raise some funds (hey... sound and lighting equipment cost money!). So, now I'm happily back enjoying time with my music, although after so many years, I'm like a babe in the woods again. The digital revolution is so empowering, but a bit overwhelming as I spend time relearning in a new medium.

I don't fancy myself an artist by any means... more of a hack who's having a lot of fun. Nonetheless, I want to produce the best work I possibly can, so I really appreciate honest and constructive feedback on anything I post here on iComp. Really. Honest and constructive. My ego actually isn't all that frail. smiley

It's nice to be here with all of you!

ADDENDUM, 5 April 2013: It's now been nearly six years since my first post here on this marvelous site -- and I do appear to have picked up a few things over that time. There's so much more yet to be learned, however; my journey continues...

... But I want to take a moment to thank everyone who has stopped by to take a listen to my humble offerings, and especially those who have taken the time to comment on, "Favorite", and/or download some of my work.

While I am thrilled and flattered by the downloads in particular, I would beg a small favor from those who would honor me by adopting copies of my work: if you could either leave a comment, or send me a message here on iComp, to let me know if you use my work in any way outside of your personal listening pleasure, I would be truly excited to know for what purpose(s) it was applied. I do not mind -- in fact, as a member of an amateur theater troupe, I am both empathetic and enthusiastic -- if my music has been put to work in anyone else's non-commercial projects.

Of course, I would love to have my music adopted for commercial purposes as well, although I don't hold any illusions that my work is of high enough quality for that. Still, recent observation of some other folks' experiences has put me into a position where I figure it's prudent to make it clear that I do obviously hold the copyright to my own work, and if you have a commercial application for anything I've created, you really do need to contact me for permission before utilizing it in a public medium.

Thanks again, fellow iCompers. Your encouragement and support have meant more to me than you may ever know.

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Title Genre Released Plays
Buffy's First Day (Video) Collab Music Videos Jun 17, 2013 888
The Electric General Electronica Jun 6, 2013 2093
IT Man (Les' Theme) Comedy May 29, 2013 1242
"One Minute Minis" Potpourri Other May 21, 2013 1320
Fairy Tale Free-For-All Electronica May 13, 2013 774
Mary Rose Comedy Apr 6, 2013 915
Redhead's World (Dani's Theme) Pop Mar 28, 2013 1399
Forget This! Electronica Mar 20, 2013 1407
Buffy's First Day (from the TICC Production, "Flee") Comedy Mar 12, 2013 1187
The 48 Hour Rag Classical Mar 4, 2013 967
24 Forever More Electronica Feb 24, 2013 1033
Anthem of the BrassGears Adventurers' Society Classical Feb 16, 2013 1653
You Can Quote Me On That (S*** My Son Says) Comedy Feb 8, 2013 1370
Run Like the Wolves Inspirational Jan 31, 2013 977
Soul War Explicit Comedy Jan 23, 2013 944
The Scrapbook Jig (Mavis' Theme) World Jan 15, 2013 945
Reborn Today Pop Jan 5, 2013 968
The Tarot Reader's Lament Explicit Comedy May 21, 2012 1393
A Touch of Steam Classical May 12, 2012 1870
It Ain't Over 'Til It's Over House Nov 6, 2008 3738
Demon on (Budget) Wheels Electronica Oct 28, 2008 1449
The No Joke(r) Flamenco Comedy Oct 18, 2008 1498
Like Music on the Waters... New Age Oct 6, 2008 3603
Indiana Jones and the Disco of Doom Comedy Sep 23, 2008 2210
Furry Fury World Sep 15, 2008 1765
The Secret Theme of Hugo Mitty Pop Sep 7, 2008 2128
Hallelujah, Cthulhu! (Video) Explicit Collab Music Videos Jun 19, 2008 3155
Naughty Tentacles Explicit Comedy Jun 10, 2008 7846
Baroquen Cymbalism Collab Electronica Jun 3, 2008 2190
Fascinatin' Rhythm 2008 Electronica May 26, 2008 2121
Miskatonic U Quartet A Cappella May 15, 2008 1988
The Bronze Age Rat World May 8, 2008 2285
Funny Honey Bunny (Jessica's Lament) Explicit Comedy Apr 27, 2008 5518
Fhananova's Theme (Orchestral & Techno Versions) Other Apr 19, 2008 2094
Theme for a Poor Man's Wizard Classical Apr 11, 2008 2353
Geeko Insurance (Comedy Video) Collab Music Videos Feb 4, 2008 2466
Tho' the Wine be Bitter, I Shall Yet Dance Electronica Feb 3, 2008 2683
I Had a Dream (Video) Collab Music Videos Jan 23, 2008 2643
The Thirteenth Trump Classical Dec 12, 2007 1470
Metal Undershorts Metal Nov 28, 2007 1462
Every Cliché in the Book Comedy Nov 20, 2007 1948
Chumba Rhumba Latin Nov 18, 2007 1323
One Night in Mordor Explicit Comedy Nov 16, 2007 1884
Heroines, Villianesses, and Chairs Jazz Oct 31, 2007 1722
Zombies Ate My Mother's Brain Comedy Oct 25, 2007 2804
March of the Zombie Penguins Comedy Oct 19, 2007 2652
Moonlight Lullaby Ambient Oct 13, 2007 2719
Sunrise (Dani's Theme and Variations) Collab Classical Oct 11, 2007 1259
Entreacte (The Warrior) Classical Oct 10, 2007 1349
Butt Whuppin TBA Metal Oct 8, 2007 1261
I Had a Dream (DC18 Finale) World Oct 7, 2007 1389
The Fool Childrens Oct 6, 2007 1163
Fhan [sic] Dance World Oct 6, 2007 1273
Parade of the Signs Comedy Oct 5, 2007 956
Can U Catch Me? Electronica Oct 5, 2007 1321
Smackin' Da Drooges Classical Oct 5, 2007 1371
Smackin' Da Martians Classical Oct 5, 2007 1039
Gollywog Pops! Electronica Oct 5, 2007 1199
Gollywog's Cake Walk Classical Oct 5, 2007 2045


Title Genre Released Plays
Dream Cymbalism The Video Music Videos Jul 1, 2008 2455
Dream Cymbalism Other Jun 29, 2008 3033
lullaby symphony Other May 31, 2008 1316
the fool [zero remix] Other May 31, 2008 1204
cliche [wiki remix] Other May 30, 2008 2023
Theme for a Poor Man's Wizard (Jampack Drak) Classical May 29, 2008 1419
walrus, carpenter, padowan Other May 10, 2008 2266
Metal Underhorts Metal Dec 14, 2007 1275
Roamin' Vultures #3 (Jealous Guy-Lennon Cover) Electronica Oct 31, 2007 2426


Title Artist Genre Plays
Something This Way Comes alanatomic Ambient 890
'Suite for Children - Hide n' Seek' soulima Classical 909
Ignorance Is Bliss ZipZipper Other 1034
Danza Macabre georgeptingley Classical 572
Immortality Indefinite olympus [+1] Electronica 686
In All 7 GaryLester Other 538
Get it back MIR Electronica 536
Serpents and Scorpions olympus Classical 709
Backyard Manticore Salad Surgery revoltington Rock 746
Happy Faces mbehar Funk 1654
Tadpole to Bad Mojo dalerandle Rock 519
A Forgotten Prophecy thsantac Classical 1128
'Suite for Children - Summer Vacation' soulima Classical 1229
The Ghost of Wolfgang 051313 georgeptingley Classical 724
Honey Badger tgallivan803 Dance 947
MOVE alanatomic Alternative 677
space tribal zarizarikun Electronica 1149
Max reading 'Whiffy Wilson' thenownows Spoken Word 1588
Odyssey (Radio Edit) Axelbreeze [+1] Dance 949
Totally Edith (Wretched And Wrong) Beatle128 [+2] Rock 1006
Make Believe ShadowofNine Pop 762
Once In A While RichardJohn Latin 876
Quick Playtime ZipZipper Other 798
Sugar Rush ffej55 Spiritual/Gospel 1547
Mountain Nights dirigent A Cappella 1858
Circus To My Vanity ZipZipper Other 1086
Chemin des Ajoncs LaFayette Other 1295
Tintinnabulation (House 111) randolf Industrial 811
Dust thsantac Inspirational 604
SALSA SANTA NANA ClaudeAlain Latin 863
In Lou of Flowers ClayPotts Folk 1312
Scherzo for piano Gsus4 Classical 775
A Simple Lack of Love Bachthoven Other 677
Variations on a Theme from Arise JonCSebastian Ambient 747
Alive without a pluse Astram Industrial 520
Don't You See Me (Acoustic Version) MikeHuntingford Other 684
Robin's Song JonCSebastian Ambient 891
Try Not To Die Today ZipZipper Other 1414
Just To Stay Around (Radio Edit) Axelbreeze [+1] Pop 783
Particules of Love thsantac Ambient 1167
Fendle Tupa Mungo Other 575
Killing Puppies ZipZipper Classical 825
The Planet Of Gods thsantac Electronica 1103
Good The Bad And The Ugly/Hang Em High mikebms Rock 936
A New Dawn Mungo World 450
Tomorrow When the War Began ihussain Classical 1639
Dark Corner (ElectroPopMix) C_Man Electronica 600
"Your Eyes" ffej55 Latin 1193
Two Roads Mike_Lynn Folk 788
Sadness Scherzo Moog georgeptingley Classical 654
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