New 3D Animation - "I Am Krutt" September 3, 2009
This is a short animation I made this week.
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"The Finger" August 1, 2009
We just released our new 3D animation application for the iPhone! It's really cool and I'm quite proud of it.
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"Broken Symmetries" now available at CD Baby July 2, 2008
Now you can get it on CD or as mp3 download.
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Second Album, June 15, 2008
I just finished my second album, "Broken Symmetries", and have made it available for download at SNOCAP immediately. I am in the process of getting the CD's manufactured to sell at CD Baby and I will be making it available for download at the iTunes Store shortly after that.
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Album Release October 11, 2005
My debut album, "Something" has been released and is now available for purchase at Simig Media and CD Baby.
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