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Iridium Flare (2013 Remaster) by pgreenstone 5 years ago
Thanks, guys. I always make the mistake of posting a tune a few hours before deciding that it needs even more work. But I'm pretty sure I'm done with it this time. Who knows, maybe in a few more years I'll tweak it again.
Cartman's Been Everywhere by pgreenstone 8 years ago
Thanks. I used a lyric sheet at fist but after a while it just clicked and I had it memorized. I find just practicing singing the words to a song a cappella when I'm by myself from memory really makes it become second nature.
Walk A Mile In My Shoes by ClayPotts 8 years ago
Great performance! What more can I say? The shoe fits.
Final Scene by ewigwanderer 8 years ago
Really nice work. Good strong theme and well arranged. It's very epic. Excellent use of the sounds and instruments to give it a very live orchestra sound. I can't think of anything wrong with ay of it but I bet there's room for even more tweaking, as there always is. I really like it.
Desafinado (slightly out of tune) by ClayPotts 8 years ago
Fantastic! I'm glad I stumbled onto your music. You have an amazing voice and have that style down. The music and the arrangement is top rate. Elegant production and performance.
Welcome To My Demo Reel by pgreenstone 8 years ago
Hey, Pete. Thanks. I like your new avatar.

Oh, how long it takes can vary greatly. Sometimes a couple of weeks sometimes a few months depending on how complicated the character, the animation, and all the other stuff has to be. A simple short animation can be done in a day but building the character and everything takes a lot of time, and usually there are a lot of animations to do. It all adds up. But it's fun.
Welcome To My Demo Reel by pgreenstone 8 years ago
Thanks, guys. I appreciate the positive feedback. I do my 3D work in Maya.
Define Yourself (new version) by pgreenstone 10 years ago
Thanks, folks.

Pete, no, I didn't change the performance of the guitar but I did adjust the mix and effects on it.
Define Yourself by pgreenstone 10 years ago
Thank you all for listening and commenting. I really appreciate it.
Iridium Flare by pgreenstone 10 years ago
Thanks. I do it all entirely in GB, even the mastering. I plan to eventually remaster this and some others in something more advanced for the next album release.
phone-in... by zallaz 11 years ago
That was fun. I really miss Blaine and the Virtual Garage show. Blaine and I finished off the night after the show with some killer after-hour burritos and beer. Glad you called in.
Hold On by pgreenstone 11 years ago
Thanks, you guys. I appreciate you dropping by.
Messin' (#2) by jkane 11 years ago
This is really nice. It's simple in a peaceful and uplifting way. The vocal melody plays so nicely off of the main melody. And the bird sounds are a great touch. Well done.

I enjoyed this a lot. Oh, and congratulations on your 100th post! Wow!
My Demon Song (demo) by jkane 11 years ago
Your voice sounds great. Really nice start you have here. I hope you will take this idea and go all the way. I can imagine it eventually breaking loose with you really belting it out and a wall of sound backing you. Rock on!
Afterfall - Inspired. by MaciekDobrowolski 11 years ago
I have no idea what Afterfall is or what OST is (other than a game, from your description) but this sounds really quite intense. Some really good orchestration going on in there. The rock drum kit part that comes in in the second half seems a bit detached from the rest of the piece, maybe in part because of the space it's in rather than the style so much. I'd rather hear it come to a final conclusion rather than just fade out at the end, but I like this. Some really nice use of brass strikes, too.

Was this based on inspiration you got from playing the game or based on the music you heard from the game?
a new wave (rawkmix!), ft birdmix77 and DigitalGreyOrchestra by Ignoramus 11 years ago

Really coooool! Love the fat sound and the vocals do rock like a rockstar should. Dig that guitar solo too.
Roller Disco by rinca 11 years ago
Flashback! Really well done. Fun song. The vocals are great! Really gets my boogie going.
With Me (older mix) by pgreenstone 11 years ago
I have made another version of this with various little adjustments to the mix including some levels refinements, a coupoe of panning adjustments and just a little EQ adjustment on the big drums to bring them out a little more. Mostly very subtle stuff but it's all part of that last 10% that always takes a while to get just right. I'll post it soon, as soon as I'm sure I won't go and tweak anything else 30 minutes later.
With Me (older mix) by pgreenstone 11 years ago
Thanks, guys, for taking the time to listen and comment. I appreciate it.
With Me (live demo) by pgreenstone 11 years ago
Thanks, folks, for the great comments and just for listening. I've been playing this one a lot at my webcast live gigs and I think it's gotten better. Someday, I'll record a full version with some accompaniment. Nothing overbearing, but filled out.
Iridium Flare (NEW VERSION) by pgreenstone 11 years ago
Thank you all for the comments, especially you, Euphoria.

The first version which I posted a couple days before did get more attention than this one but I suppose that is just due to the ebb and flow of traffic on sites like this on any given day.
Iridium Flare (OLD VERSION) by pgreenstone 11 years ago
Thanks for all the comments, folks. Much appreciated. I think I'll have a new version of this song up soon with various refinements.
The Hand That Feeds Elvis - SYMPHONIC - NIN by pgreenstone 11 years ago
"What vocal filter did you use to get that elvis voice?"

What filter did I use?! I sang it that way. I can't imagine what filter out there will make someone sound like Elvis. ha!

Thanks. Glad you all got a kick out of it. I also did an Erick Cartman one and a William Shatner one.
Person Or Persons Unknown by pgreenstone 12 years ago
Thanks, jkane. Yes, my CD is available on CD Babay at

and also Simig Media at
Jive Turkey by pgreenstone 12 years ago
How I got the great guitar sound? Well, I mic'd it to one track while also recording the internal pickup to another track. With the right mix, EQ, and spread, and the fact that it's a Taylor I got a really full sound.

I'm glad you liked it.
Solitario by pgreenstone 12 years ago
Thanks, jkane and Richard. I'm glad you enjoyed it. I just bought my first bass, a Fender p-bass, last week and wanted to do something with it, and my trip to the Solitario just days before that provided just the right inspiration.
Jive Turkey by pgreenstone 12 years ago
Thanks, guys. I appreciate all the enthusiastic responses. It's a lot of fun to let loose and just do something completely different every now and then.
QAA: if you had to go away by ponkey 12 years ago

Real fun song. Great energy. And I, too, like the Lou Reed-like vocal performance. I think the music could be louder relative to the vocals in the mix; it's too far back behind the vocals as it is right now. Other than that nit, production sounds really slick.
Anonymous Soldier's Flight by Euphoria 12 years ago

Great concept with the back and forth between mother and son. The actual production and performance could use improvement, but it still had a lot of power and is effective. I'd mix the vocals much more dry and up front. I can definitely hear the Floyd influence on your songwriting. The synth that comes in the second half just sounds out of place, an inappropriate synth voice for the song. Your vocal performance was really good except during the loud part where it just didn't work for me. The idea was right, but the execution was choked.

In the end though, this song has a lot of strength and emotional power, and I think that's what's most important on a song like this.
Emmet by pgreenstone 12 years ago
Thank you, Pete, Ponkey, and jkane. Yes, Ponkey, I used Jam Pack 4 instruments. Actually, I also used a fitch cello voice (I think I got that from iComp [thanks, iComp]). I modified the settings on the fitch a little to get the right attack and release.
C o n f e s s i o n a l (PGreenstone/Katchoolik collab) by pgreenstone 12 years ago
Thanks, y'all!
When Worlds Collide by Matt Granz 12 years ago

Yeah!. Like some sick cross between the Dead Kennedys and Elvis Costello. Great wall of sound. This very much so rocks. I think maybe the drums could be a little louder and there are times when the vocals could be more foreward or louder. Just nits though.
King Of The Hill by pgreenstone 12 years ago
Thanks for all the comments, everybody.
H o n e y (feat. iG.Studio on sax) by pgreenstone 12 years ago
Thanks, guys, for listening and taking the time to leave a comment.
The Years (collab with Katchoolik) by pgreenstone 12 years ago
Thanks, guys.
Jellyfish In A Stolen Hovercraft by pgreenstone 12 years ago
Thanks, guys. Laughter is a good response. Glad you enjoyed it. Moptzar, I wouldn't feel right removing the sound effects. They're too much a part of it.
The Hand That Feeds (Kelix's Poolside Cabana Rework) by kelix 13 years ago

Great concept to change it to this latin tune. You should use the GB2 Region Pitch tool to change the notes Trent sings to better fit the music. His spaced phrasing should make that pretty easy to do. There are parts where his melody works with this and parts where it really doesn't but would if you transposed him here and there on specific notes.

Anyway, this is cool. I love hearing all the differnt things people are coming up with for this song.
The Hand That Feeds - NIN DUB VERSION! by JHarley 13 years ago

Reggae version! Nice one. You did a really nice job with this. Too bad GB doesn't process the audio better when slowing it downd. But you really did a band up job of making something new with this song. I think Trent would have to dig this, if only for kicks.
The Hand That Feeds (Kelix's Take A Chill Pill Rework) by kelix 13 years ago

Now THIS is a unique remix. Great job. You managed to change the style of this completely and kept it together really well.
hand that feeds (blacklily horrible destruction beep mix) by Blacklilyorchard 13 years ago
Well, you certainly tweaked it. Maybe a bit too heavy on the effect on the vocals. I like what you did with the last section. That sounds really cool separating the vocals like that.

It is a lot of fun to mess around with this song. Very cool of Trent to offer this to us.
The Reins Of NoWhere (A) by moptzar 13 years ago

You already know I love this. But now (now that you have posted a clear version) for a few specific comments. The horn that comes in starting at about 1:20 sounds really like a cheap artificial midi instrument. The part it plays is very nice but the sound is very distracting (cheap midi horns and woodwinds like those that come free with Garage Band should never be used in ANY music). If you wan't to use symphonic instruments I strongly recommend you buying Jam Pack 4. If you use them with the right velocities (not over-blasting them) you can get a far superior and quite real sound out of them. There are a number of places in both halves of this piece where you chose some pretty cheap sounding midi instruments to play wonderful parts you performed. I think it would be worth finding better midi voices to use. You did all the hard work of writing and performing the parts so well.

I hope you will take this masterpiece now and go back for polishing on the arrangement and some of the little keyboard playing mistakes. Find the right midi sounds and go into the track editor and fix those few wayward notes. The vocals are perfect... superb.

Oh, one last thing: The end (part 2) cuts off rather abruptly. Let the music finish. Let the sustain finish fading away before it stops.
The Reins Of NoWhere (96kbps) by moptzar 13 years ago

Ahhhh, now doesn't that sound better? I'm glad you got the better quality mp3's up now.


The Reins Of NoWhere (Full Version) by moptzar 13 years ago
One more thing. The file format of your song was Quicktime Movie so I couldn't see what bitrate/Khz you used in iTunes. So I opened it in Quicktime and was able to see that it was crushed down to 7.8kbps and was at 22Khz. Woa! With settings like that I'm actually surprised you got an almost 5mb file. What did you use to compress this? Use iTunes. For this song, go to the iTunes prefs, select "Importing", set it to the MP3 Encoder, under settings select "Custom". A window will pop up. Set the stereo Bit Rate to 96 kbps. All other settings should be left at the default. This should give you a pretty good quality 96 kbps/44 Khz mp3 at 7.1 mb.

I'll just assume you are using Garage Band or something better to make your music and that the file you export out from it is an AIF file at 44 Khz (uncompressed CD quality).

Ok, I'm done. Hope that helps.
The Reins Of NoWhere (Full Version) by moptzar 13 years ago

Okay, glad to see there IS a full version of this. Not to give you a hard time about this but the limit is 8mb not 5mb. Surely you could have gotten more quality if you'd only made it fit the 8mb limit. And the split verion Part I and II are short enough that you could use the highest quality Mp3 setting and still easily fit within the 8mb limit, but you crushe dthem down to something like 2mb. This is great music you've made and it just pains me to hear it needlessly overcompressed like this. It sounds like a bad shortwave signal.

I did a test with your song. I downloaded it and converted it to a 96kbps mp3 and got a 7.1mb file. While I couldn't test that file for audio quality because the poor quality was permanently burned into the file of yours I downloaded, I went and used the same settings on a song of mine and got quite a reasonable good sound quality, so I know you will get a much much much better sound quality for your song (the full version) using the 96kbps mp3 conversion setting in iTunes and it will easily fit within the 8mb limit.
Reins Of NoWhere (part 2) by moptzar 13 years ago

The same thing I said about Part 1 applies here, too, about the compression. That aside, this sounds really like a great piece, kind of an epic personal journey. Great singing. I'd love to hear this as one whole piece and with high quality mp3 compression.
Reins Of NoWhere (part 1) by moptzar 13 years ago

This is really nice. Dramatic. Powerful. It really builds nicely. Why did you compress it so severely? It really destroyed the audio quality of something I suspect sounds really fantastic uncompressed. Do you have some kind of ultra slow dialup internet connection? I assume you have your reasons. All I can say is that if it takes all night to upload this as a hi-quality mp3 then it's worth it. You obviously put the time into the music.
That's you by JHarley 13 years ago

Very nice first draft. Lots of great things going on in there with all the parts playing nicely off of each other. I like your singing on this a lot for most of the song but think in the begining it sounds a little forced; maybe a little softer, less punchy in the first verse would work better. Overall, it's reall a cool moody song with a lot of potential.
I've been hoping by JHarley 13 years ago

Cool song. I also hear a little Lennon in there. It's raw but good. I was expecting it to come to a big climax that never happened, though, with you switching to a belting upper range vocal and heavier backing.
My Garageband by tobobo 13 years ago

Really nice job there. You're off to a great start at 14.
Saladhead by network13 13 years ago

Very nice full sound you got there.
sad4Asia by bananakiller 13 years ago

Great groove. It really takes me places.
Junkyard Catwalk by ShowGram 13 years ago
I'm not sure how to rate this one, but I did enjoy it. Here, I'll make up a word for it... gungilumptuous.
Trash Trove by Neumuzik 13 years ago

It got my alpha and beta waves all tangled.
Snake Charmer by snailshel 13 years ago

It sounds like it has a lot of potential but it needs a lot of work. The base needs to come in a lot earlier and the percussion arrangement seems too weak and rather random. But I can imagine where this could go with some better arrangement and perhaps vocals with some good lyrics. I hope you develope this one more.
Why We Dream 2004 by Drumsarehot 13 years ago

I really like the melody for the most part. But I don't care for the descending "dreeeeeaam" part. It sounds okay in a couple of places but I think it would be better, perhaps, sustained on the high beginning note. That's also one of the parts where your pitch gets off. You have a really nice voice. Kind of reminds me of Ben Folds, but you kinda lose it during the parts when you're soulfully wandering through the "dreeeeaaam"ing, particularly at the end. Good harmonies. Overall, I like the song a lot, but think the voice melody needs a little adjustment and the mix levels could use more work; maybe a little more stereo seperation of elements and bring some stuff more forward.

I have a lot of the same issues with my own music. Always trying get it right.
Puritan Porn by network13 13 years ago

I think you really captured a mood there. Really sweet and sorrowful. I particularly like your voice and singing style. Some parts of the keyboard track sounded off though at times.