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Verse 2 by pheugo 8 months ago
falconep wrote:
Nice tune Daniel. Thanks - Phil

Thanks. It was fun doing this.
Blue Diamond by Xolv 8 months ago

Funky! Excellent!
Me Donkey Done Died by falconep 1 year ago
heh heh. Enjoyed it -- even though I really like burros.
Electronic Soul by Robmo 1 year ago
very nice!
A Chance Of Flurries by pheugo 1 year ago
Ok! 😊
A Chance Of Flurries by pheugo 1 year ago
It's "Dorian" mode (if I remember my theory right). Thanks.
F.Funny by LUCABOUND 1 year ago
LANDLINE (Movie) Opening by wescurry45nion 1 year ago
Very nice. I like how it starts with energy then the texture drops back towards the end.
When the Levee Breaks (cover) by rhonie 1 year ago
Well-you should get frustrated and silly more often! This is great.
Lobster System Game Changer by BlancFroid 1 year ago
Fun indeed.
Fight Song (cover) by LeeYohn 1 year ago
Excellent vocals. Keep on fighting...
The Familiar Scent of Forever by TheGreatSchizm 1 year ago
Nice sounds. Good contrast between the opening low tones and the later higher tones.
Sticks n Stuck by pheugo 2 years ago
It's a soft-synth that I wrote, called BasicSynth.
Albedo by DougG 2 years ago
Excellent soundscape, texture. I liked it,
All Out War by RadioSeanovan 2 years ago
I liked it.
Eulogy by soulima 10 years ago
very peaceful. Nice orchestration, too.
Hewlett by feenixx 10 years ago
Just sittin here with a big grin on my mug... I love those ol Irish tunes - must be the celtic heritage. Nice "variations" and I love the bagpipe-like bends in the sounds...