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Reap the Whirlwind by puppy7 4 years ago
Thanks Thierry for the comment, but constructive criticism does not mean saying that you have quite empty passages without saying where those passages are & suggestions on how to make them better. I can stand the heat...just tell me what you think will make this composition better! smiley
Reap the Whirlwind by puppy7 4 years ago
Thanks again Kenneth! You've been very kind to a non-musician!
Wasteland by puppy7 4 years ago
Thank you Gary for your excellent rating!
Wasteland by puppy7 4 years ago
Thanks Thierry, Engine & Kenneth for the positive comments! I am honored to have such accomplished artists as yourselves comment on an artist who only uses loops!
Otsar by puppy7 4 years ago
Thanks thsantac for the positive comments & the great rating! What should I have done, in your opinion, to make the ending better? Thanks for any input that you can give me!

Passionate Pursuit by puppy7 4 years ago
Sheldon...thanks for your comment! I never use any of the Jam Packs even though I have them all. I'm always looking to expand my songs by choosing loops from many different construction kits. I love to mix & match & I especially love to use midi files so that I can put my own set of instruments on each loop.
Passionate Pursuit by puppy7 4 years ago
Thank you Gary! I am truly honored & humbled by an artist like yourself!!!
Unmerited Favor by puppy7 4 years ago
Thanks Tony for your kind words!
I am the Highway (Ruff in Logic PRO X) by Tony2008 4 years ago
Great vocals!
I'm Blessed by BUnique 4 years ago
You have a very nice voice!!!
Fulassa by puppy7 5 years ago
Thanks Dorinda...I have appreciated tremendously the positive comments that you have made toward my music!
Fulassa by puppy7 5 years ago
Thanks Kenneth...I used Symphobia I & II to achieve those effects.
Invasion by cladd7294 5 years ago

Edge of Lightness by puppy7 5 years ago
Thank you Kenneth for your positive comment!
To The Beat by whites 5 years ago

Great job & welcome back! This is "coming back" in a big way! You had my head moving from the start & that's very hard to do!!! Congrats!
Euripides by kyrka 5 years ago
Yours sounds similar to mine with the different guitars thrown into the mix. You had my foot tappin' & my head bobbin' as soon as the 1st guitar started! My kind of blues! Great job!!!
Mud Chainz by BrodyJack 5 years ago

Absolutely LOVE it!!!
Shadow Boxing ft J-R D Critikal Hit by Verbalist 5 years ago

Love it!
can you hear me? by thgbroekhof 5 years ago
I wouldn't call this "upbeat", but I would call it a very good choice of loops & well put together. Sounds like I was listening to a movie track. Great job!
Vineyards to the Kingdom by puppy7 6 years ago
Thanks for the comment! I added the drums & clap because I love to mix genres up, in this case, classical & hip-hop. I like to bend the rules of what a song should sound like!
Kunnailla ja kukkuloilla by witchdoctor 6 years ago
BTW, what does "Kunnailla ja kukkuloilla" mean?
Kunnailla ja kukkuloilla by witchdoctor 6 years ago
Certainly had my head "bobbin'" to this one! Just have to get used to hearing a voice in Finnish...threw me off a little! smiley Great job otherwise!
Reunion by Duke 6 years ago

I usually don't comment very much unless it's a composition that really hits me & this one knocked it out of the park for me! Excellent piano work & orchestration! Reminded me of a movie composition! VERY WELL DONE!!!
Mist of Niagara by puppy7 6 years ago
Thanks Scott...I was hoping that others as ypurself would hear the same things that I heard in this song which led to the title!
Mist of Niagara by puppy7 6 years ago
To Xolv:
Yeah, but I actually used the Kontakt 5 player. BTW, thanks for the comment & rating!
Minds Eye V_1 by RayLaVeau 6 years ago

BEAUTIFUL!!! Your talent truly showed in this piece!

(cover song) roadhouse blues by pinkjimiphoton 6 years ago

This is a little too good for Icomp!!! How can the rest of us no-musical talent bums ever compete with this? smiley

Back to the Music by IcePack 6 years ago
Sounded more like old-time funk & soul than hip-hop, but I loved it! Just wish that you could have done more with it!
Bad Way by Boogiecats 6 years ago
If these are "only loops", then I'd love to know where you got them! I must be searching in the wrong places! BTW, is this in any way "copyrighted" material...just a thought?
Never Made It remasterd by JazenBlunts 6 years ago

This is still so good that it doesn't seem to matter about changing the pitch on the male vocals. I am still blown away by the song...it's a masterpiece!!! This will definitely be your signature song!

Man...why can't I do something like this??!?
Never Made It by JazenBlunts 6 years ago

WOW, WOW, WOW, WOW, WOW! What incredible talent!!! I would love to hear this with the pitch taken down a bit on the main vocals. Was the girl's track a loop? It just sounded way too good. Anyway, this should be on the radio...it's that awesome!
Dickies to Denim by Digital 6 years ago
Great rappin' & background!!! Keep it up!
Carbon by mchughpaul2000 6 years ago
Very nice piece! I wish that I had your talent to do something like this with "no loops" but, alas, I do not! I hope that you & Olympus can put a "finish" to this! Good luck!
Only by Mkid 6 years ago
This needs your vocals, 205!!!
Drama by 205BADGUYENT 6 years ago

Love your vocals!!! Maybe you could do some on my cuts? Wish this were longer & expanded into maybe another direction to give it more body. Keep up the great work!
Super by DB3Beats 6 years ago
I love it when people take a genre out of the box! Very cinematic...that's what I liked about it! You should finish it!!!
The Club Bomb Dropper #5 - (The Shadow edition) by DJ_Siatt 7 years ago
BTW, I noticed that you used the same vox that I used at the start of my song "Catch Me, Catch Me". We must have the same good taste! smiley
The Club Bomb Dropper #5 - (The Shadow edition) by DJ_Siatt 7 years ago
I don't think that "The Shadow" suits this song! The song is too good for my voice! smiley

I like what you did with the special effects! Did you use a certain plugin or piece of software to do this?

Great job!
Rap Medley Live! (Tone Loc, Young MC, Vanilla Ice, and Biz Markie cover) by grooveclinic 7 years ago

Always loved this song! Lots of talent here! You guys did a great job, but I'd love to hear it recorded in the studio.
Return by davidmottram 7 years ago
very airy & light,,,makes me want to learn Fruity Loops! You have talent that I wish I had. All I can do is play with loops. Good job!
Supreme Moby Mish Mash Baby by RubyDubidoux 7 years ago
What I love about this song is what the judges always say on "American Idol"...you took the song, made it your own & slayed it!!! I think that this might be your best vocals to date!
Dreamville by Luca 7 years ago

Because I love the dobro, I also made a song with all Apple loops(midi) in the country genre called "The Dobroist", except that it is not as smooth sounding or as flowing as yours. Beautiful piece!!! I also agree with LPO313!
Xenopsychosis by Quadrilovein 7 years ago
Welcome to Icomp! Good 1st start! I liked that you blended so many different sounds together. It's what I love to do, also using "only loops". As you are able to find more loop resources besides Garageband, your music world will really open up! I'll keep watching for you in the future. Good luck!
can you tell by irok 7 years ago

Loved it from start to finish!!!
Tumbling Dice by DaveM 7 years ago
You need to take this act on the road! DaveM, your voice has a touch of Eagles in it...great job! Probably the best arrangement that I have heard here on Icomp!!!
The Last Migration by pgreenstone 7 years ago

WOW!!! I just found out about this magnificent piece from a post of yours in the forum. Incredible brilliance!
Sunrise by AlinaMagic 7 years ago

Excellent...and only with loops! Where did you get them? I've evidently been looking in the wrong places!
Skipping Stone by gregorysdean 7 years ago

If this is learning, let me in on it!!!
calamity jane by focuswheel 7 years ago
Very nicely done! And they say that people that use "only loops" are not as talented as those that don't...go figure!
Move On by tmcarlee 7 years ago

loved it, but I was looking for the buildup & big ending. You have such a great talent that I wish I had! Please keep bringing the beauty!!!
Dark Clouds by iloilo 7 years ago

Hauntingly alluring!!! I love it when the percussion comes in!
Tonight by jmoo711 8 years ago

First of all, thanks for your wonderful comments on my song! Man, this is absolutely beautiful!!! If you've noticed, all my songs are "only loops". I wish that I had just an inkling of your talent to do something like this in Garageband with "no loops"!

BTW, I don't comment on someone's song just because they've commented on mine. I only comment on those songs that are ear candy & have been produced with great talent. I DON"T BLOW SMOKE FOR ANYONE!!!

I hope that you can take what you've got so far & build up into a crescendo & then slowly take the listener back down into this lovely piece. If you decide to do more with it, please let me know!!!
Scythian Sky by puppy7 8 years ago
Thank you Andreas! You have consistently been kind to my music when so many will not even listen to my compositions because I only use loops. I guess that they feel that I am not a "musician", but I would respectfully disagree with them because I put together sounds that I feel work together & appeal to me(kind of sounds like what they do!). Be that as it may, I will keep plugging away as long as it gives me pleasure. Thank you again for being such a positive influence for my music!!!
Photographer by APOD 8 years ago
Loved it from the start! It's people like you who make me so jealous of the talents that you have to make a song like this with no loops. All my stuff has "only loops" & I'm too old to teach this dog new tricks. It sounded like you guys had a lot of fun on this!
It Was Not A Dream by JoeGooch 8 years ago
WOW!!! If this came to you in a dream, then keep on dreamin'!
Bombs Over Gaza / War is Hell by UndergroundHangama 8 years ago
I think that your sequel to this one should be titled "Bombs Over Israel/War is Hell". There are innocents on both sides being targeted! I recently put together a song called "March of the Children" which to me spoke of the children targeted in WWII by Hitler in his death camps. So I totally agree with you that "War is Hell".
Higher by Poddus 8 years ago
Great start to a potentially great song! BTW, I don't think that the guitar solo was "shoddy" at all IMHO! Loved the way the strings came in & the way that they sounded. Can't wait to hear a final version! You should have a hit here when all is said & done!!!
Eruption by southside 8 years ago

Keep on a tappin'!
Attic by Fredriksen 8 years ago
I would really appreciate it if you would put up a tutorial on how to "cut up loops". I use only loops & would like to take it to the next level as you have. BTW, GREAT SONG!!!
Filled With Awe by Royall 8 years ago

Welcome back! I have been here for about 3.5 years & this is the 1st that I have gotten to hear one of your songs. Absolutely beautiful!!! I do understand the "religious connotations" & want to thank you for sharing your faith in Christ through this anthem of praise!
Salvation by ac371 8 years ago

Loved it!!! Great talent to, from scratch, compose this wonderful piece! Talent, by the way, that I don't have, so keep on using what God has given you!

Also, IMHO, I feel that you could have added more to this without taking away from the piece!
Godzilla (BOC Cover) by Baboon 8 years ago
There are many here at Icomp who have one talent or another, be it vocals or instruments or composition, but you seem to have it all in spades! This will be the 1st time that I have ever wanted to download a song here at Icomp. I will definitely be checking out more of your music in the future.
New Dance by AWE 8 years ago
Great composition using "only loops"! Very seamless!
Undone by PinkFreud 8 years ago
A bonafide masterpiece!
Transparent Fractals by BorisLuxx 8 years ago
I have commented many times on others' songs that I wish I had the talent to compose a song with "no loops" as they have done. You sir are definitely no exception! This piece is strikingly beautiful!!!
KUNOICHI by darikus1 8 years ago

This type of song is not my "cup of tea", but I thought that it was beautifully arranged & well-thought out! Great job!!!
the music of the spheres by electric_requiem 8 years ago

I don't know how I missed this the 1st time around!?!! Truly a masterpiece!!!
Consider This... by morkjt 8 years ago

BEAUTIFUL...'Nuff Said!!!
bohemian? by DJBE 8 years ago

I marvel at people like you who can produce their own loops, put them together & come up with something as magical as you certainly have done here! Extremely nice listen!!!
Mess by Suppliable 8 years ago
Very nicely done! Very ethereal! Didn't know how to rate it because I wanted more!
Prologue by quintusl 8 years ago

I would love to hear this lengthened! It's beautifully done! I just wanted more!!! If you did put more into it, I would probably add this to my "favorites"! Thanks for what you have done so far!!!
Shut Up and Watch the Movie by JmAYone 8 years ago

WOW!!! I wish that I had your talent! Beautiful! My kind of music! I wish that it had not ended so soon. Please lengthen it & put an ending on it! If you do, I will definitely add this to my favorite's list! This is quality "movie" music!!!
Investigation drama by Manuconde 8 years ago

Great textures & layering of sounds! A quality composition!!!
CherryPopper by Leinad4est 8 years ago
I'm not a musical expert but this sounded very Doors-like! Great job using "only loops"!!!
A STAR IS BORN by BillyChrist 8 years ago

WOW!!! I can't believe that 71 people have played this & only 2 with an ear for music have commented on this! I think that we have a lot of jealous Icompers who just don't want to admit to hearing real talent! I'll be looking for you in the future!
Chipshop Cop Kerfuffle by zagneek 8 years ago
Nice little funky groove!
Don't gooooo! - Yaz cover by pimpante 8 years ago

I'm not a good one to be judging this since I don't know who Yazoo is, but I felt everything sounded great! I think that it takes great talent to do something like this with no loops! I wish that I had your talent!!!
Untitle.Movo by TraumaTizer 8 years ago
Loved the heavy, echoing drums! This definitely would fit your description of a dark movie theme. Well done!
SUPERFORCE by chuckk1 8 years ago

I don't think that I would call this "industrial", but very cool & well done, nonetheless!!!
Venus At Dawn by BorisLuxx 8 years ago

WOW!!! A total immersion of sound! I didn't know that you could squeeze that much into every measure! For vocals, you should choose our one & only Naaji...I think that she's the best here at Icomp!
Pursuit by jimrobson183 8 years ago

Excellent production! I love the way that you kept changing it up to keep it fresh & interesting!
Call a Doctor (The Real Remix) by ESAFoster 8 years ago
You're very talented to do this with no loops! I wish that I could do this!!! Great job!
Sounds Familiar by SmutDog 8 years ago
Very nice, high-energy piece! Well done!
The Voice Inside by amateurpro 8 years ago

WOW!!! What a beautiful song & what an amazing talent to be able to do this with no loops! I don't "favorite" many songs because not many hit home like this one has. I will definitely be looking for your songs in the future!
I Know All by Votila 8 years ago

Great mixture & production of loops! When it's done right, "loops only" can make a great song & you've definitely done it right!!!
God Mode ON by ac371 8 years ago

Very imaginative! I love the way that it starts up again after the vocal. Sounds like you threw in your own "kitchen sink"! smiley
" X " by BARBQINGBIKEMAN 8 years ago

A little long for my taste but you managed to keep it fresh throughout. Extremely well composed for "only loops"!
Virtual Voltage by Votila 8 years ago
It's great to see artists use only loops so effectively! Keep up the good work! Go loopers!!!
time for a walk by big_woz 8 years ago
Very nice! I liked the vocals...kinda like 2 guys hollerin' at each other to get their attention while they are walkin'! I also like the ending thrown in. Steve Miller?...it's been so long since I have heard that song!
crucifix by Dustwood 8 years ago

Excellently done!!!
Lazy Days by dirtbiker5000s 8 years ago
Very good mix of loops! The only thing negative that I have to say is that I don't think that I could relax with those guys looking at me!!! smiley
Untitlet 3 by EmgiD 8 years ago

WOW...if this is not revised yet, then I can't wait for the revision! So far, your mix of loops sounds fabulous! I can't think of what could be added to make it better. Keep up the good work!!!
Distant Summer by franciscoherrera84 8 years ago

Very seamless...well thought out! I loved the harp addition! It's good to see that there are others here who can put together well-crafted songs with just loops. Go loopers! smiley
Falange by gspotwagner 8 years ago
Great job using only loops! Very seamless! You had my head bopping from the very start!
Hot Rain by RoboScott 8 years ago
I love the way that you kept changing it up by smoothly incorporating new sets of sounds seamlessly! Great job!!!
This Is What It's All About by seaniscreative 8 years ago
BTW, Sean IS creative!!! smiley
This Is What It's All About by seaniscreative 8 years ago
Very nice soft touch! Good combination of loops especially what you did with the diva. I was actually bobbing my head to the tune! But, I want more...can you possibly make it a little longer? I think that it has a chance to be even better! smiley
Force Feed by help420me 8 years ago
It's good to see another all-looper song! Great job!!! smiley
Promontory Redux (The Last Of The Mohicans) by PaulOwenMusic 8 years ago

WOW!!! As I listened to the song, the movie kept running through my head! I'm sure that that is the feeling you were trying to elicit ...well, it worked! I wish that I could give you 10 stars instead of five!
Walk By Faith by Tony2008 8 years ago

Great song...great singing...great production! It's nice to knopw that there is someone else out there in musicland that loves the Lord! Thanks for sharing!!!