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Thank you for visiting my profile. I am mostly into creating experimental music, things not quite like anything else. I am blessed to be able to finally share my visions with you, and I am humbled by the eternal healing power of music. Please listen, enjoy, love, laugh, embrace and most of all, learn from everyone and everything. The Divine in me sees the Divine in you.



Music rss

Title Genre Released Plays
Multifunktion Hip Hop/Rap Nov 12, 2011 383
A Prism of Schisms World Sep 27, 2011 395
Urban Legends Jazz Mar 5, 2010 489
The Sway of Bamboo World Feb 27, 2010 471
Susquehanna Song Folk Oct 27, 2009 562
Journey of the Beat World Feb 9, 2009 814
You Did What? Funk Jul 2, 2008 618