Hello, my name is Johnny Hwang, and I'm a student at UC Berkeley studying computer science. I churn out music in my spare time, and currently release songs at a rate of about 1 per year for the past few years. Well, used to. Since I deleted Warcraft III for good, I've been feeling more productive.

I started composing music at around 5th grade? 6th grade? Something like that. It started out as something I've while waiting for my sister to finish her piano lessons so I can begin mine.

What really got me serious about the creative process was AP Music Theory. I wrote my first non-classical piece of music then, and have never gone back since. At around this time, Stephen Liu and I started a band called Project Waffles, which eventually fizzled, but I've learned a lot from it.

Tools currently at my disposal:

built-in stereo laptop speakers
logitech 60 watts? (or 40?) speakers with subwoofer
Intel Core Duo 5200 with 2 gig RAM
private bathroom for recording vocals
Williams Digital Piano
Yamaha upright

Audacity 1.3.7
Reason 4
Windows 7 x64

what I don't have: MAX/MSP =(

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post-Thanksgiving November 29, 2009
too much stuff to do.
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It is decided May 18, 2009
In which I name my first EP "Artificial Intelligence"
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@@ my throat May 16, 2009
In which I awake to the horrors of what happened yesterday.
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new artist banner May 6, 2009
yay i finally put one up
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note to self April 25, 2009
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Title Genre Released Plays
Stream Alternative Mar 24, 2010 640
Black Rose [Archived Demo Version] Alternative May 6, 2009 853
Water Pipes (The Tribal War Chant) Ambient May 5, 2009 1493