I'm just a novice guitar player. My progress is really slow but I seem to be progressing just the same. I like all types of music but I find surf, punk and classics the most fun to play, but I like the blues for more serious stuff. I just got myself a new guitar (yeah!), Godin LG Signature and amp, Vox AC30 (a dream come true!).

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I love Amy Winehouse September 22, 2007
Just bought Back to Black and I love it. She is such a cool artist.
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Nobody likes my Ride song! :( July 17, 2007
Only one comment!?
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Life is beautiful sometimes November 30, 2006
I just saw Bobby and the music brought me back to dire times but beautiful music (sigh)
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Damn good surf bands November 27, 2006
So I'm going to use this space to promote bands that I have seen and loved. You can look them up and maybe even buy their music.
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Music rss

Title Genre Released Plays
Goodbye Sahara Rock Dec 8, 2007 2411
I was not afraid (remix) Other Oct 11, 2007 973
I was not afraid Other Oct 8, 2007 773
Ride (Songs of Summer) Surf Jul 15, 2007 1586
Mr. Moto (punked) Surf Apr 25, 2007 1600
Valley of the Dolls Pop Apr 7, 2007 998
Peter Gunn Surf Apr 2, 2007 1314


Title Artist Genre Plays
Write Myself a Letter grathy [+1] Jazz 382
The Night Before (Beatles Cover) Shadownight5150 [+1] Rock 444
Fever-ish Geechi3 Jazz 1141
I'll Be There (piano solo cover) georgeptingley Pop 563
Suffering In Silence teddyelliot Pop 687
La Marquise (Ballade) LaFayette Folk 1738
Take Me Home teddyelliot Pop 1269
Mortal Kontakt vegetal Electronica 805
Mr Moto Shadownight5150 Surf 1079
Faller brnPetra [+1] Alternative 1291
Room For Error teddyelliot Pop 981
This Boy (Beatles Cover) LaFayette Other 2629
Tiadara brnPetra Alternative 1538
I'm Ok (But I'm Not) Geechi3 [+2] Pop 2189
Bijou Dyl Latin 1283
Let's Pretend Dyl Folk 1291
La Geisha aime la Bossa LaFayette World 1504
Crossroads v4 JulietsFuneral Blues 594
ABOVE THE CLOUDS Barretok Rock 3010
Whatcha Say? RAVENS [+1] Latin 10029
Big Sur FrankAxtell Blues 1342
Beautiful Eyes (orchestrated) georgeptingley [+3] Inspirational 2353
Everything Goes Around vegetal [+1] Pop 3460
I Want To Hold Your Hand etgilles Pop 3566
Someone To Watch Over Me (solo piano) mbehar Jazz 8437
The Greatest Gift (If You Get My Drift) Dyl [+4] World 4505
In a Bad Way letileti Blues 2983
Jockey Full Of Bourbon (Tom Waits cover) Dyl [+1] Latin 3660
Behind Sorrow Geechi3 Alternative 3077
Si tu no vuelves fromano [+2] Pop 5218
La Dispute NinaGiampaolo Other 1766
Hurt (Johnny Cash cover) NinaGiampaolo Other 2926
Going down there (my Summer song) icanzilb Rock 1315
Thought That I Was Over You (Jack Frost Cover) zallaz Rock 1499
Slowly teddyelliot Pop 2645
Mesa Dyl [+3] Alternative 3014
Bluestreak YVIL [+1] Surf 991
Loves Me Not lilichi [+1] Alternative 2935
The Sky is Crying jimilee Blues 790
Smell of Coffee Dyl [+1] Folk 3927
Bluestreak_RH trjonz Surf 789
Fixed Prelude MiddleAgedWhiteGuy Ambient 1562
GRACE OF CREATION RiGee [+2] Inspirational 3028
Reach For the Sky Baboon [+3] Rock 3926
Convoluted Blues BossHook [+2] Jazz 2404
Little Hawaii spented Surf 945
Knockin' on Heaven's Door(Cover of BDylan ) w/Mbehar on bass MJGolda23 [+1] Alternative 1469
Hola Icomp ! Dyl [+1] Surf 2321
Tobacco Road(studio*) MJGolda23 Alternative 2038
Run For My life pandasdontdance [+2] Rock 3697
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