Svend’s musical roots are firmly grounded in his family’s great interest in music. Growing up in the 70’s, his family always had music playing, with great music of the Beatles, Bob Dylan, Herb Albert and many more spinning on the turntable, radio and reel-to-reel. In addition to that, his Dad was a great musician on guitar, vocals and harmonica. “My Dad was always playing guitar for us and his playing was incredible. My Dad's heroes were the great country players like Chet Akins and Les Paul. My Mom loves listening to music and always has great stuff playing in her house like Eric Clapton, Enya, Sting, The Beatles and much more.”

When Svend got into high school, music was an integral part of his life. From listening to the best in rock, blues, jazz and classical to knowing everything about stereo equipment, to listening to the great new England bands. “I worked in night clubs starting at age 16 and loved listening to all the great live bands that circulated the New England music circuit. Back in those days, the bigger bands had roadies, lighting experts, and sound guys!”

Anyway... to make a long story short, I love composing all types of music, and my main tool is a Macintosh, Garageband, a guitar, keyboard, a bass and mic. Learn more at

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Title Genre Released Plays
That 70's Tune Rock Feb 1, 2007 1206
Sad Days and Lonely Ways New Age Feb 1, 2007 1028
Dyslexia World Feb 1, 2007 2899


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PERFECT itiswotitis [+1] Ambient 3643
On My Mountain itiswotitis [+1] Ambient 3317