My name is Stephanie.
I used work for Sony BMG.

I tried (and failed!) to be a model in my youth,
I was told I didn't quiet have the right 'Face' for it(hence my user-name)
I have a passion for music and love this site.
I'm not here to sign anyone but if something blows me away I will do my best to put that person in the right kind of spotlight.
I do have a few artists in mind that I am watching at the moment and will feature (with their permission) in my next blog.

I will be posting some tips on how to get your music heard and maybe released so the world can can hear you.
Some of you really deserve to be heard.
Steph. smiley

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Artists I Would Sign Up From This Site August 5, 2007
Ok.I was in A+R and still dabble a bit

Judging by the amount of messages I get sent to me saying "Listen to me" I thought it would be cool to get a list together every once in a while of what artist on icomp I would recommend record companies should take a look at.
I will update this list on a regular basis.
My job was to SEARCH out talent so f you are good I will find you......
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Deal or No Deal? August 20, 2006
With the internet you can build up a huge network of 'fans'.
Do you really need record labels?
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Get your music heard. July 22, 2006
Over the next few weeks or so,
I will be giving out some promotion tips on how to
get your music heard (online),by as many people as possible.

Here is a couple of pointers
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Title Genre Released Plays
Everytime,Everywhere Collab House Nov 5, 2006 5862


Title Genre Released Plays
GROOVETUBE REMIX Explicit Electronica Aug 19, 2007 2016
GROOVETUBE XXX Explicit Dance Jul 29, 2007 2632
GET IT Ambient Nov 12, 2006 2811


Title Artist Genre Plays
TIME IS THE ENEMY Bampot [+1] Dance 2341
I'm SO in LOVE! Naaji R&B 3497
White Bird (w/Mori & Clay) RubyDubidoux [+2] Folk 3468
I SNAP BACK Bampot [+1] Electronica 2269
De ola en ola dirigent World 4690
THRILLER - BACKING TRACK (open for collab) Bampot Dance 5301
Blue Eyes Cryin In The Rain RubyDubidoux [+1] Blues 2516
Here Comes The Sun >>(a colaboration with Ruby Dubidoux) TheTiler [+1] Pop 3641
Fever w/Bampot RubyDubidoux [+1] Blues 1397
Khe Sanh pharmakeus [+3] Rock 2760
Slave To The Rhythm w/Bampot! RubyDubidoux [+1] Funk 2200
RIDERS ON THE STORM Bampot [+1] Electronica 1950
Love Me, Love My Brain Naaji Dance 1828
Exposure Naaji Alternative 1444
THE NEW TASTE OF LIFE EvilFactman [+2] Dance 1573
Chinese Junk pharmakeus [+1] Rock 2121
Peaches and Cream rinca [+1] R&B 1801
WALTZ IN BLACK Bampot Other 1790
Are You Happy On Your Own [Club Poetry] archie7777 House 3678
IN THE BAND toddbrown Folk 974
Building a Mystery (Bampot Re-Mix) MusicalViagra [+2] Inspirational 1872
Dirty Love [Chella Elaine Vocal Version] artneuro [+2] Rock 3340
IN YOUR DREAMS Bampot Dance 2211
Way of Love pharmakeus [+1] Electronica 1654
THE BELL JAR Bampot [+1] Electronica 1719
Hush Hush RAVENS Other 5068
Fat Dub [Bampot Mix] pharmakeus [+3] Ska/Reggae/Dub 3684
Clubbing Nite [MegaMix] archie7777 House 1343
Only You etgilles [+2] Electronica 1953
Baby, You're Wild pharmakeus [+2] Rock 3277
Blue: Jitsu DavidBowles Classical 1132
WICKED GAME Bampot [+1] Dance 3919
Union Man pharmakeus [+2] Rock 2900
New Romantic Move vegetal Electronica 1648
HALCYON DAYS Bampot [+1] Dance 2628
Sing for absolution (cover w/Ilaria) fromano [+1] Rock 2343
It's My Life etgilles [+2] Pop 2364
It's All The Same BewareTheFish Rock 1070
FUNK_FULL RAMZAR [+2] Funk 2724
Lazy Day MickD [+2] Pop 3276
LA LUNA Bampot [+1] Dance 2959
BIPOLAR BREAKOUT rinca [+2] Inspirational 2887
Whatcha Say? RAVENS [+1] Latin 10079
WINDOWS OF LIFE toddbrown Pop 1093
THE TASTE OF LIFE Bampot [+1] Electronica 1781
Good Times MusicalViagra [+1] Dance 1475
One Frame At a Time CronicFortune Pop 801
Right Place, Right Time offbeatkirsty Dance 2610
Building a Mystery MusicalViagra Pop 1207
FLIPSIDE Bampot Electronica 2296
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