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Title Genre Released Plays
Story~Book Ending Folk Aug 1, 2012 858
My Apology (Acoustic Live) Alternative Jun 11, 2012 669
Seventeen (Acoustic Live) Rock May 28, 2012 682
Ben the Plumber (Acoustic Live) Rock Mar 21, 2012 1086
How to Pack a Suitcase(Album Edition) Rock Jan 18, 2012 980
Chew Through the Darkness Collab Ambient Nov 12, 2011 1091
We Thought We'd Lost You Collab Ambient Sep 27, 2011 755
Just Move Collab Funk Aug 26, 2011 1570
Behind Beautiful Eyes Alternative May 15, 2011 1197
Dirty Lies Rock Apr 18, 2011 1395
Temptation Rock Apr 11, 2011 1402
Slaughterhouse Metal Mar 28, 2011 1846
Unwritten Rock Mar 28, 2011 1054
Learn to Fly (Rough Cut) Rock Mar 28, 2011 1120
How to Pack a Suitcase(rough cut) Rock Mar 28, 2011 1355
Momma Told Me Rock Mar 28, 2011 995


theTOMTOMs began recording their first album in May of 2009 with the track, "Slaughterhouse" written by Chris. Shortly after starting on the song "Unwritten" Chris and Kayla had a falling out, quit working together and also quit speaking to each other. "Unwritten" was originally intended Kayla to sing but because of the break-up, Chris sang the vocals instead. Chris then recorded his E.P. using the track, "Unwritten". Just before the E.P. was released January 29th 2010 they got back together. In October of 2010, nine months later, they picked it back up and recorded, "Mama Told Me" and "How to Pack a Suitcase". They then recorded in quick secession, "Learn to Fly", "Dirty Lies", "Temptation" and stopped half-way through "My Apology" in the spring of 2011. Recording was then halted because of a lack of funds. Chris moved to New York City that summer and collaborated with Mason Heidger and recorded, "We Thought We'd Lost You" "Chew Through the Darkness" and "Just Move". Chris moved back to Michigan in that fall 2011 and on November 10th, Chris and Kayla tied the knot and are enjoying married life.

"It boggles the mind to see musicians like these, who can simply sit down in a room with no technology and sound like a perfectly produced recording, seemingly effortlessly. " -Jake Niemi

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One Year at Icompositions. May 28, 2012
Its been a full year since we've made this account.
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How to Pack a Suitcase January 11, 2012
Listen to the complete version of "How to Pack a Suitcase"
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November 19th, 2011 January 2, 2012
Tying the knot...
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New York FAIL September 27, 2011
So New York has turned into a bust...
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New Member August 26, 2011
Hooray!!! New Band Member!!! and a song to go along with it.
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