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theseedsofautumn's 100 Most Recent Comments

All Blues (Miles) by mre 10 months ago

Killer arrangement. Nicely original. The turnaround reminds me of Vince Guaraldi!
Long Shadows (AF) by becwil 1 year ago
Big sound, still with the live feel of most of this album. Cathedralesque.
We Knew In Five Days (AF) by becwil 1 year ago
Nice. To me it sounds like a song where the vocal track is absent. Have you considered vocals for this?
Fires Burn Bright (AF) by becwil 1 year ago
Sounds like King Crimson, but if they had come from eastern Europe rather than the UK. Great mix. Very live feel to it. Would have liked to hear more out of control distortion like the opening few beats, but maybe that's just because I'm associating this with King Crimson.
Confessional by theseedsofautumn 1 year ago
@becwil. Many thanks for your feedback. This will be on the album I am currently working on.
Night and Day by davajonah 1 year ago

Nice. Innovative! I also think this piece would be happy set to a reggae beat. Have you considered modifying the bassline and percussion to be a bit dubsteppy? Anyway thanks for your highly original work! I'm looking forward to any more treatments of standards you come up with.
Everywhichaway (AF) by becwil 1 year ago
Also, have you listened to much Canterbury scene music from the 70s? Might be worth it. Hatfield and the North, National Health, Matching Mole, Quiet sun, Alan Holdsworth, UK, Camel etc.
Everywhichaway (AF) by becwil 1 year ago
What time signature is this? Just curious. Great mix. Sound like 80's prog in style. Reminds me a bit of King Crimson (but nobody can match the creativity of Bill Bruford's drumming, IMHO). It would be icing the cake, but I would like to see more "arrangement", in the sense of breaks, stops and starts, maybe a soft, quiet section for contrast... Very nice stuff nonetheless though. I like how you have limited yourself to what amounts to a live ensemble, making it eminently playable live. When are you taking it on tour?
Souvenir (OMD Cover) by theseedsofautumn 2 years ago
Re wall of washes
I just took the mixed output of the whole piece, re-imported it, reversed it, maxed out the reverb, re-exported it, re imported it, re-reversed it and used it wherever I felt. Thanks for the feedback BTW!
Piano and Orchestra Concerto in F Minor by thsantac 2 years ago

Wow. Great production! Great tune! Great mix.
"I Feel You" by abzwork 2 years ago

Slick stuff. Did the percussion come from stock loops or did you assemble it yourself? Not sure if the gong fits in.
Instinct (RL) by becwil 2 years ago
Is that you on guitar? Great tone! Nice controlled feedback.
Smoking Gun by BenPatterson 3 years ago

Awesome! A little reverb on the guitar might have been the icing on the cake, but then I've got a fever and the cure is MORE REVERB! Loads of fun.
Busted! by Filmscorz 5 years ago
Someone who recently did a really nice retro-feeling pursuit soundtrack with some great horn arrangements is David Holmes, who did the soundtrack for the film Haywire (2011) (I really liked the film, BTW), If you want to check it out.
Busted! by Filmscorz 5 years ago

Loved it. Three suggestions though.
1. I think the intro/main theme would have more impact with a full, punchy horn section doing blasts. Maybe a full horn section playing the piano part somewhere later in the piece too. Maybe the bass could be an octave lower? Possibly a beefier bass guitar sound?

2. The main theme has too much "flow" overall. Too smooth. Perhaps the drums should be reinforcing the stops and starts, more than providing a beat. The snare sounds too "polite" as well. I think it would benefit from a snare that's more up front and beefy.

Nice structure, great soloing as usual, and the piano part particularly captured the retro feel.
Rainy Day by crazykeyman 5 years ago

Gorgeous. I have a weakness for reflective stuff. Could listen to this again and again. Reminds me of the style used by Dave Grusin (who's piano work I love) in the soundtrack to On Golden Pond.
Acoustic Black Trees 3 : A Dual of 2 Upright Basses. by shadesofdown 6 years ago
Absolutely gorgeous. Nice space, nice tone on the bass.
Winter clouds (Overcast) by theseedsofautumn 7 years ago
Well, it's also a blues piece, in a sense.
The O2 Modal by shavingronaldscar 7 years ago

Really listenable. Peanuts for the ears.
Gate Of Mars by Arbori 7 years ago
Like the others it makes me think of a journey. Reminds me a bit of "Conversation over" by Steve Jansen. I wish it was longer (too pleasant to be so short) and evolved more from simple beginnings through variations. Nice production qualities.
the accident by ozgurcanalkan 7 years ago

Really nice, and interesting. What instrument is that? A cello? A viola?
I'm ok; but I'm not by zefif 7 years ago

Really nice. I would have liked the bass to be a bit higher in the mix, like on Verve's"Bittersweet Symphony". I could listen to this again and again.
A Small Request by Bowman 8 years ago

I really like this. I suspect the trumpet at the beginning may have been more Purcell-ized if you had a second trumpet playing counterpoint. Very expansive and airy.
Keith, Perry, Ali, and a russian drum machine (fixed) by theseedsofautumn 8 years ago
Can anybody let me know if this sounds muffled? It sounds okay on my gear, but Lagusaya2 is having probs.
Only (Incomplete remix) *CRITIQUE PLEASE* by omi 8 years ago

Here's my suggestions, but it's just totally subjective.
More variety. Bigger breaks. Try having a section with the main riff shifted to a totally different instrument. More variety in the percussion, maybe a a section with the bet "swung" as opposed to straight. Or try having a very minimal section with all tiny clicks and beeps.
Overall, I'd say it needs more contrast between sections.

I still like it tho. smiley
Keith, Perry, Ali, and a russian drum machine (fixed) by theseedsofautumn 8 years ago
Subwoofers recommended.
Shibuya waking up by omi 8 years ago

Really liked this!
Nasty by theseedsofautumn 8 years ago
Funny you should mention that omi. I don't do crack, but I was inspired to do this after reading an article online about crack.
Eclectic by Filmscorz 8 years ago

A pleasure to listen to. Nice energy in the opening drums.
Prism (For Carla) by Filmscorz 8 years ago

Nice introspective mood. I suspect this could have been reduced to just horn and bass and still work well.
Tzu on Horizon by Filmscorz 8 years ago

Awsome piece - nice choice of notes. Angular lines , not the obvious choices, spacious, the usual blistering articulation. Nice use of some alt chords on the piano.
The Vault by Filmscorz 8 years ago

Loads of dexterity. Nice mood.
Intrepid by Filmscorz 8 years ago

Wow. Fast clear runs! Beautiful stuff.
TIME by BigDaddyCee 8 years ago

Bit more power to the kick drum would be good - some sub, and/or more compression on the kick? Spread the piano across the stereo image - I usually use the sample delay and delay one side by a tiny amount, maybe about 400 samples. It's actually fine as it is though, I'm just saying what I might do.
Bad relationship -lower trumpet (fixed) by theseedsofautumn 8 years ago
re dr zinc - the trumpet sou nds even "faker" dry. I tried it already.
Bad relationship -lower trumpet (fixed) by theseedsofautumn 8 years ago
Thanks for the feedback/ heads up. I think I can get pretty lazy in terms of placement/imaging/panning/ etc.
Love You by warmjetsmusic 9 years ago

Night Skies by warmjetsmusic 9 years ago
Let me know if u want to add vox to any of my stuff.
Night Skies by warmjetsmusic 9 years ago

Hi. Love yr voice. It suits dreampop perfectly. Gonna have a listen to yr other stuff.
Nightsong by Filmscorz 9 years ago

Really nice work. Subtle and expressive.

Wanna do a cover of my piece "Bad relationship"? If u are, I can send you the Logic Pro project. I'd really like to hear your interpretation.
The way u love me baby (collab: Naaji and The Seeds of Autumn) by theseedsofautumn 9 years ago
Garni: yeah, I like the close miking, tho she needs to get a pair of headphones, (did u get that Naaji?) I had problems filtering out the speaker bleed.
The Way You Love Me, Baby by Naaji 9 years ago
Bad relationship by theseedsofautumn 9 years ago
I also put up a long version for jamming and collabs.
Bad relationship by theseedsofautumn 9 years ago
Thanks for the nice feedback!
15 Weeks (HTB) by becwil 9 years ago
I agree with tharvey -a breakdown in the middle might be an interesting addition. Awesome piece of work. The controlled chaos reminded me a little bit of 70's prog, possibly Gentle Giant? National Health? Hatfield of the North? (With a modern synth twist).

Witty, playful, complex and quirky, How did u do the percussion? Programmed? Played acoustically? Loops? All of the above? Anyway -loved it!
Casual Neuropathy by DJShadowkat 9 years ago

Reminds me a little of The Crystal Method. Specifically the track "Vice". I agree with Feenix, added breakdowns, more variation in the temperament, more variation in the percussion would open this up and make it even more interesting. Great idea, well produced, but some nasty hard work needed on the drama of the piece, which is why I'm giving 4 stars on creativity and performance.

As usual, very nice work.
Winter by DJShadowkat 9 years ago

Nice. Big sound - could be even bigger with judicious application of reverb. Dynamics could be even bigger too. I think there's some overload distortion as well that could be cleaned up. 19/20.
Life As A Mirror by Firesign 9 years ago

Really like the percussion. Thanks for the comment on my song. I think a bit of work with compression could have made the perc even punchier. Other than that it really cooks! Like my piece 7 down, I think some spoken word would go nice with this. We need collaborators. A break in the middle would have been nice too. Pull everything back but the percussion, do some reverb tricks for a couple of bars to feature it. Some stuttered snare would go nice here too. Mmmm yeah... stuttered snare. If you want to collaborate, I'd love to rework this with some more dynamics and stutter.
The Slumbering Suburbs by theseedsofautumn 9 years ago
Thanks for the comment schubertiad. I'm still trying to find my own style. The equipment is as follows:
MacBook Pro
Logic Pro v.7
Rode NT 1A Mike
Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro Headphones
Alesis IO|14 interface
Outside by vegetal 10 years ago

Nice. I think the percussion needs a bit more drive and some kind of breakdown to pull it back in the middle would give a bit more contrast and liven it up. Good overall tho.
NIGHTCRAWLER by borris 10 years ago

Loved it! Would have liked some dischordant horns near the end. I heard some distortion, but I'm not sure if it's my gear or the recording.
Airborn (Pulstated) by Pulstate 10 years ago

Amazing. Love the piano hits that come in at around 2:08 in particular.
Seven Down (working title) [Collaborators wanted] by theseedsofautumn 10 years ago
Zefif: Couldn't think of a solo. Got any ideas? No arpeggiator used. Clicked each note in.
WInter Clouds Video by theseedsofautumn 10 years ago
Thanks Moses!
So Well Connected by theseedsofautumn 11 years ago
Thanks for your comments Brannon. Some of my friends agreed with you, so I've uploaded a new version with loader vocals.
Some Lost Highway by Hennessey 11 years ago

I really like this too. How about a section with just the piano chords at the end? Nice harmonies.
Natural Environment (ADE) by becwil 11 years ago
Nice and interesting percussion/bass! Slick!
Parasols and Fireworks by theseedsofautumn 11 years ago
Thanks Ian. I like your stuff. You probably don't remember me but we've met before. Gotta get together for coffee sometime. I've added you to my friends list.
Secret Love by nealbowen 13 years ago

Nice all round. Only 4 for production because I felt the mix could have been better balanced. Let me know if you want to try adding bass to any of my stuff. You're obviously very talented. I'd like to hear some original stuff from you too.
3am Jam (hi-bitrate version) by themactech 13 years ago

Good fun! It's in my itunes collection.
Darty Darty Bhoy by darkseid 13 years ago

A nice piece of wit. Now go and do one using samples of John Howard with his "no one will be worse off under a Howard government" quote. And maybe juxtapose it with "that's not what I meant!" Loved it.
Sammal by cheese 13 years ago

Nice. You should check out what you could do here with careful application of modulation and reverb. I'll be listening to this one regularly at home.
Lina's Song1 by atmirage 13 years ago

Very nice.