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Drift by Engine 6 months ago
Great chill-ax-er. Glad to see you posting here. I've been checking to see if you had any new posts over on 921 SC but forgot to look here. Please keep them coming. You've got a unique sound I've always appreciated.
I'M A CARPENTER by Wallace_Landreth 11 years ago

Man...............simple. Shows the rest of us what true talent is.

Thanks for givin.
The Big Getaway by nealbowen 11 years ago

Ha!.... what ground did you not cover? lol

This is great!
Same Small Boat by pandasdontdance 11 years ago
Hey, great song idea... Where ever you go with it don't add too many things to it. Keep the vocal intimate and most of every thing else for that matter at least halfway through the song and on the ending especially. It needs to end with just you, the guitar and the listener on this one.

Thanks for the tune! Love to hear if fleshed out...
Come On Home - revised by pandasdontdance 11 years ago

Oh yeah, I'm on the porch with the dog, sun going down. Think I'll grab the Guild and strum along... sing it! Sing it, Loud!
Just Another One by Baboon 11 years ago

Wow guys, It's work like this that makes this place what it is! Glad we get to listen.
Yeah, that Logic makes a difference, especially in the head room.

more, more, more
Sunshine of My Love (Cream Cover) by jasper 11 years ago
Rock on jasper...!
Take away this pain by JHarley 12 years ago

Hello... is there any Roger Waters in there.......

As usual your creative concepts make this site a gem. Can't download them quick enough.
At the Moment of Impact by Diversion 12 years ago

Congrats on a great song. I won't compare to any Names as there's more than enough good stuff in here for it to stand on its own.
Beyond the Sea by Didier 12 years ago

Thanks for posting this work of art. All the time you spent on it is very much appreciated.
I'm your robot (new refrain) by vibegeist 12 years ago

Yet again, like a jukebox... I click and a great song starts to play.
15th lesson by vibegeist 12 years ago

Language of milk by vibegeist 12 years ago

Well done, refreshingly original...
Swimming (JHarley feat. Lilichi) by JHarley 12 years ago

Lilichi's added part give this great song another depth it didn't have before. Wonderful to hear, and Lilichi the accent adds to the nuance of it all... perfect fit.
Never Be The Same by JHarley 12 years ago

I LOVE THIS! Great harmonies and sound textures...aside from some subtle tweaking of the mix, and I do mean subtle, it's perfect. A song the Cars should get back together and record... Ha! Ha!
Corkscrew by flo 12 years ago

I'm so glad I checked back to find this latest flo release. As usual it's great stuff and now that there are RSS feeds available for each artist, I can see the latest releases from "FLO". You both make great music together. Please keep it commin'
Golden Gate's Straining Bass by time 13 years ago
Thanks so much Ringo for your comments and rating. Your music inspires many, so bring it back... when you can.

JHarley... Thanks. I'm not familiar with Cocteau twins, I'll have to check them out. So glad you like it.