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Title Genre Released Plays
Undertow in Lake Toplitz Ambient Jan 22, 2012 2244
Life's a Roller-coaster Rock Jul 14, 2009 960
Apples Collab Jazz Oct 8, 2008 927
Something I Can't Take Collab Blues Aug 28, 2008 1038
Asteroid Collab Jazz Apr 15, 2008 1037
ice tunnel to spring Jazz Jan 29, 2008 654
Miles Down Collab Jazz Nov 16, 2007 1389
Touching Down Collab Jazz Jul 18, 2007 819
Black Hole Other May 27, 2007 729
Can't Do it No More Other May 1, 2007 832
Temo Collab Blues Apr 30, 2007 1501
Carousal Ambient Apr 16, 2007 605
Hold on to Your Spirit Collab Other Apr 7, 2007 1866
Another Guitar Other Apr 2, 2007 666
sBASSy Brew Collab Ambient Mar 30, 2007 1263
a little help jive Rock Mar 23, 2007 686
Rocket Man Other Feb 26, 2007 776
Honey Don't Rock Feb 1, 2007 662
Panther Jazz Jan 22, 2007 800
Duke Jazz Jan 22, 2007 648
My Space Other Jan 14, 2007 639
New Twist Jazz Jan 13, 2007 693
View of the Road Other Jan 13, 2007 953
Old Emily's View Jazz Jan 10, 2007 628
Brass Apples Jazz Jan 5, 2007 806
Poor Me Jazz Jan 5, 2007 932


imagePlayed here and there in the '70s. Guitar is my main ax but i also play piano and bass. I have been recording at home since '82. My my how things have changed.
My thing is being true to the music. Always play for fun. Music feeds your head. Its important that it reflect the soul. The idea is to stay to what you believe...
I love the true leaders such as Miles, Neil Young, and Keith Jarrett.
All turned there backs to the audience and curled up into the sounds they create with there bands. Keith almost falls off the piano bench when he moans with pleasure from what he is in to and Neil almost lifts off the floor as he rips a solo. and Miles ...well he changed the world of muic and touched so many people with his influence.

I am a true ECM (a Warner Bros. record lable) lover. The music created on those records, was the artist left to there art. The art of improv and inspiration. Where all music stems from.
Miles said the best melodies are simple like lull a byes. Simple. Maybe to Miles. He recognized the complex simplistic grinding smooth avant garde need to get lost in what ever project he was working on and what a verity of sound and rhythms, melodies and chops...simply *****en.
And sooner or latter it all gets real...Sun Bear...Sun Dial...Sand...Staircase...Walk on!