My exposure to making music began in 6th grade band as a trumpet player. I was intrigued but uncommitted. I frustrated my music teachers for three years never really understanding the mystery of "counting music." High school sports saved countless ears.

A little over a year later, though, the music itch returned. My father played the guitar pretty well, and by the time I was sixteen I was hooked. With less than a year of experience I was in my first garage band--still hadn't resolved that whole "counting music" thing, but our friends didn't seem to mind too much.

After that a little playing in college--at the US Air Force Academy of all places--followed by playing a couple regular clubs and countless open mic's in Boston while finishing my commitment to the Air Force. Somewhere along the way, I learned to count to four.

Ironically, I am now a family of four, and the last four years have kept me busy and away from the music raising two song-fodder sons. My commitment to the music has crept back in...and it is definitely a commitment for me.

Recording stuff in the vacuum that is my "home studio" is never easy for me and takes considerable time. I like to tinker a bit much, which can disrupt making good music, but I love it. I like to share so keep me honest.

Music rss

Title Genre Released Plays
Let It Go Rock Feb 2, 2006 846
Christmas Day Rock Feb 3, 2006 1160
Don't Ask Me How I Know Country May 8, 2007 549
Help Me, Suzanne Rock Jun 10, 2007 607