My name is Steve Stone. I live in the San Francisco bay area, originally from Louisville, Ky. College at Indiana University. My focus in school was between music, math and computer science.

I played music professionally off and on during the early to mid-70's. My day job is in the field of computer system design and system software (operating systems, compilers). I've been involved in many silicon valley startups, including MIPS, NeXT, TiVo and a few you've never heard of. Since TiVo (I was there from the very beginning for 6 years) my career has been focused on embedded media processor technology, with a focus on HDTV and internet media.

My love of music has been life-long. I picked up the drums early in grade school by disassembling coat hangers for sticks and beating the sh*t out of my mother's hat boxes. That didn't last long. My mom bought me a slingerland drum set. I played it constantly in the basement of our house. My father desperately wished I would take up the harmonica (or anything else but the drums). My circle of musical friends at the time included a few drummers and guitarists, but no bass players. I had been playing double bass in the orchestra and percussion in band so I decided to take up the electric bass. My father was happy. I usually practiced without an amp, doing finger exercises for hours.

I took up the guitar in early high school, but never considered myself a decent guitar player until college. I played professionally as jazz/rock bass player for several years, but never had the feeling it was my career calling. Computers clicked with me and I saw great potential in combining computers with music. There weren't many career opportunities in the 70's for computer music so I started doing systems design.

Throughout my career I've done some interesting things in musical instruments (worked for Emu for a while and did some digital audio at NeXT) and I have had a substantial digital home studio for a long time.

I love writing and playing. Most of my music falls into the progressive rock genre, but I try to stay very diversified. I love rock, jazz, bluegrass, classical and many other forms of music and try to utilize elements of them when I create my own.

Musical Influences:
- Old: Frank Zappa, Led Zeppelin, Beatles, Miles Davis, Gentle Giant, Genesis, Weather Report, Mahavishnu Orchestra, Chick Corea, Return to Forever, Yes, ELP, Eric Clapton, Traffic, Steve Winwood, Cream, Jack Bruce, the Who, Santana, Jethro Tull, Pat Metheny, Spirit

- Recent: Spock's Beard, Dream Theater, Frost, Flower Kings, Steve Vai, Mike Stern, Adrian Belew, Allan Holdsworth, Dave Matthews, Nickel Creek, Chris Thile, Derek Sherinian, Disturbed, Echolyn, The Jelly Jam, Kiing's X, Neal Morse, Porcupine Tree, Thought Chamber

Music rss

Title Genre Released Plays
Molasses (Radiohead cover) Alternative Jan 3, 2017 326
Henry Rock Jan 23, 2011 624
The Ocean Rock Dec 15, 2010 635
Temporal Tantrum Collab Rock Jun 2, 2010 875
Hallelujah [Leonard Cohen Cover] Inspirational Mar 2, 2010 669
Where Do the Children Play [Cat Stevens Cover] Rock Feb 26, 2010 775
All Apologies [Nirvana cover] World Jan 1, 2010 686
Then [Yes cover] Rock Dec 18, 2009 899
Bon Voyage w/ Bob6stringer Collab Rock Nov 22, 2009 984
Aspirations [Gentle Giant Cover] Inspirational Oct 28, 2009 1189
The Man Who Sold the World [Bowie Cover] Rock Oct 14, 2009 858
A Measure of Succuess Blues Oct 10, 2009 891
Man of Constant Sorrow [traditional] Rock Sep 30, 2009 1437
Right place, wrong time [Cover] Rock Sep 24, 2009 916
Feelin Alright [Cover] Rock Sep 23, 2009 732
Turtle on a Fencepost Rock Sep 17, 2009 646
Ruby Tuesday (Cover) Rock Sep 11, 2009 1522
Sympathy (cover) Rock Sep 11, 2009 539
Mumble Grumble Metal Sep 7, 2009 5332
Our Daughters Classical Sep 7, 2009 585
Natures Way (Cover) Metal Sep 6, 2009 706
I am the Slime (Zappa Cover) Rock Sep 2, 2009 709
Daisy (Switchfoot Cover) Alternative Aug 30, 2009 685
Measuring Success Rock Aug 28, 2009 659
White Rabbit (Jefferson Airplane Cover) Rock Aug 27, 2009 1067
Money (That's What I Want) (Beatles Cover Cover) Rock Aug 26, 2009 1281
Long Distance Runaround (Yes Cover) Rock Aug 25, 2009 982
Something (Beatles Cover) Rock Aug 25, 2009 1037
Revolution (Beatles Cover) Rock Aug 24, 2009 898
And I Love Her (Beatles cover) Rock Aug 24, 2009 1049
Country and Eastern Music (Jan Hammer cover) Rock Aug 24, 2009 1047
Crash into the Sun [Cover] Rock Aug 23, 2009 704
Frankenstein [Cover +] Jazz Aug 22, 2009 1011
Fever Jazz Aug 22, 2009 706
If I only had a brain Other Aug 22, 2009 711
Somewhere Over the Rainbow Jazz Aug 22, 2009 1170
Ding Dong Explicit Rock Aug 20, 2009 946
Stairway to Heaven Rock Aug 20, 2009 2156


Title Genre Released Plays