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vaporman's 100 Most Recent Comments

The Munsterz by Matt Granz 8 months ago
A Very Good Time by Matt Granz 1 year ago
Excellent -- as always!
Radion Light by Matt Granz 1 year ago
This song rocks! Continually in awe of your talents.
When you were mine [Prince Cover] by jolofsson 2 years ago
Nice tribute!
Superhuman Man (has died) by JHarley 2 years ago
When you posted this four years ago, I could not have comprehended how true it would feel. Very fitting tribute. The world is a different place because of him, and it is now a different place without him.
Brenda (You've Changed Your Name) by Matt Granz 2 years ago
Also like the retro post punk glam pop classification. I hear bits of influence from Iggy, T-Rex, Bowie, Boomtown Rats and Rainbow in this.
Brenda (You've Changed Your Name) by Matt Granz 2 years ago
Catchy tune. This will stick with me for a while. I know you work hard, but you make it seem so completely effortless. Love the dynamic changes and the cowbell!
The Electro-Scope SK1... insane fun by woodguy32 4 years ago
I am really glad you use your genius for good! Everything you make is awesome!
When The Stars Go Blue by etgilles 4 years ago
My Favourite Things by ponkey 4 years ago
Surprising and fresh take on a classic. In other words - standard ponk!
Without Me by Baboon 4 years ago
I am a circuit bending fool....Casio VL-Tone..one of the many strange devices by woodguy32 4 years ago
Very nice!
Quicksand by zallaz 4 years ago
I really like the imagery. I can totally picture this scene. Another great song!
MBB: Matsumoto Bon Bon (creepy car version) by ponkey 4 years ago
Surreal dream music!
Castle of Love by Baboon 4 years ago
Love it! Sounds like an edgier, and more melodic Mark Knopfler project. Smooth guitar work, Richard. This song has a decent contrast, but works nicely with Going to Dublin.
Going to Dublin by Baboon 4 years ago
This song will never cause disgrace, but I'm not so sure about your crooked face! Nice work to both of you.
Bullied by jolofsson 4 years ago
Captivating video. Very well done.
allinaV yrrehC (I'm Finished) by JHarley 4 years ago
I think this is my favorite version. Easier to decide the lyrics in this one than the newer mixes (at least for these old ears.) More dynamic and powerful than the original. Love the ending. You rock. As always!
Cherry Vanilla (Man Parrish mix) #1 by JHarley 4 years ago
Very creative remix! Can't wait to hear the others.
The BabVapJam by Baboon 4 years ago
I'm up for it. We should Jam in person at Euchre Fest, too!
Peach by Tadashi 4 years ago
A very sexy groove!
The Amazing Electro Tron - Custom Built Theremin by woodguy32 4 years ago
Beautiful, as always!
All the King's Horses (Robert Plant cover) by Baboon 4 years ago
Nicely done. Love the bonus track At the end. I haven't heard the Plant original. Does he do that at the end?
Seeds of Triumph (RTH) by becwil 4 years ago
This has a very cinematic feel. I picture the scene in my head, as the song plays. Nicely done!
Man on the Moon (REM Cover) by Baboon 4 years ago
I believe.
Tom Sawyer Final by RayLaVeau 5 years ago
I'm jealous. You guys rock! Wish I could cover RUSH half as well. Just got tickets to see them in Tinley Park!
Woodwind Family Song by ssstebbe 5 years ago
Very fun. I'm imagining the little chuckles when they hear you sing, "come on and make them toot." I wish my music teachers had been as fun as you!
She'll Never Be The Girl (Toronto 2013 Version) by zallaz 5 years ago
Amazing how instantly music can take you back to the moment. Very cool song!
String Family Song by ssstebbe 5 years ago
Awesome song! I hope the students enjoy it as much as I did. Especially enjoyed rhyming banjo with can, joe!
New-Tech Muzak Machine.... by woodguy32 5 years ago
This should be in an art gallery. Totally Awesome!
I follow by jolofsson 5 years ago
Melodies, vocals, and instrumental arrangement are hauntingly beautiful. Lyrics are kind of stalker scary. A clever nod to Sting, but taking it a bit further. I would like to hear the story behind this song.
ADVENT:21 Angels We Have Heard On High (punk) by ponkey 5 years ago
Nice! My youngest daughter will appreciate this, she just sang the traditional version in the preschool Christmas Program.
En vinternatt by jolofsson 5 years ago
So sad and so beautiful.
Untitled (looking for vox/lyrics) by zallaz 5 years ago
Time to Upgrade the old Mac.. by woodguy32 5 years ago
Love it! You are amazing!
Tropicalia by Dyl 5 years ago
I love it!
MBB: Matsumoto Bon Bon (milky blues version) by ponkey 5 years ago
Can't wait to see the video of the live performance!
Ants by becwil 5 years ago
Fascinating video. And the music works to enhance the tone beautifly!
Push by JHarley 5 years ago
My Latest Setup by offbalance 6 years ago
How Can I Apply ? by Dyl 6 years ago
Great tune. Great cover!
Who'll Stop the Rain (CCR Cover) mix2 by Baboon 6 years ago
The mix sounds good. I would have liked to hear a little more of that Baboon personality shine through! Probably because I am not a big Fogerty fan.
Patience (Cover) by Baboon 6 years ago
Don't know how I missed this 5 years ago. Reminds me of some of our jam sessions in college. I don't think we ever did this one, but certainly some GNR.
Champion of the World by Baboon 6 years ago
As always - jealous. Awesome job - both of you!
left hand muzak.. 5 years ago my life changed.... by woodguy32 6 years ago
You are an inspiration. Fight hard. You are so important to your girls and to all of us. I can't believe the wood-work you have been able to do in the last five years. Truly genius.
Vlad by jolofsson 6 years ago
I want to start by saying that I absolutely admire and respect your music. I think that this song has some really great potential - enough worth working on that I will risk a little ego bruising to give a brutally honest constructive critique. I hope that you take this criticism in the most positive way.

This is a great sketch of a song, but I think it could use some fleshing out. I have to say that I would disagree with MaybeHorizon's first post. The drums in this seemed really overpowering. I do agree that it would be interesting to hear a real drummer. The drums could definitely use a wider dynamic range. I do think you have an interesting build of tension, but I think the musical build could be bigger. I expect a release, but never really get it.

If you are up for it, I will have a little time in about a month. I would really be interested in collaborating on this song.

A Little Lost by etgilles 6 years ago
Thanks for introducing me to a musician I should have probably known years ago. Very full sound for such spare instrumentation. Vocals are great, as always!
Make You Feel My Love by etgilles 6 years ago
What Went Wrong by Dyl 6 years ago
Love the performance and production on this. I have not heard the original McLennan song, but your version does bring to mind The Bad Seeds, along with a hint of REM and maybe The Alarm. If this was an original composition, I would suggest to cut half of the verse, write a catchier chorus, and use the existing chorus as a bridge. But since McLennan is is an Austrailian legend, and is no longer with us, it is probably a moot point.
Surfin' USA by pharmakeus 6 years ago
Great take on this tune. Reminds me a little of Jesus and Mary Chain.
I Walk The Line by Dyl 6 years ago
Lovin this... and lovin the juxtaposition of the photo of Philip Petit along with it. Changes the meaning of the song!
London Calling (The Clash cover) by zallaz 6 years ago
Thought of this song just the other day when a student called. His name is London! I like the direction you have taken this. I have heard the song hundreds of times, but I look at it differently, now.
This is a lie (The Cure Cover) by jolofsson 6 years ago
Great job. You guys really made this your own!
Sign of Love by Baboon 6 years ago
The three of you absolutely ROCK! I wouldn't change a thing. Amazing that you can achieve this sort of cohesion over long distance.
Smell Towards Up by KDMan 6 years ago
eewwww. love it!
Goo Goo Muck by Dyl 6 years ago
Pyramid Of Tears by Dyl 6 years ago
Totally Rockin!
let me down (easily) by Blacklilyorchard 6 years ago
Cool song - and I love the artwork!
Peaceful Minute by enicholsIC 6 years ago
Sounds Great! Just what I needed to hear!
Lights of Eternity by Baboon 6 years ago
This is the kind of song that made me love music. You guys are great musicians. Look forward to more!
The Dice Guys Theme by offbalance 6 years ago
Sounds like fun!
An Unfamiliar Feeling Called Happiness | Horizon-Remix by jolofsson 6 years ago
Great work. Both of you.
RUNNING INTO THE SUN by RiGee 6 years ago
Cool song. Totally transformed by the guitar. Sounds like it would fit right in on Wish You Were Here.
Vessel (Junkyard Remix) by Homebrand 6 years ago
This is pretty sweet. I could definitely hear Trent coming up with these beats. Kind of a throwback to some of his earlier work.
Let Me In (Pull Me Out) by Homebrand 6 years ago
Before I read any comments, my first thought was that you need to cut way back on the vocal effects. The others are right when they tell you that you have a great voice. The reason you disagree is likely because of cognitive dissonance. You hear your own voice talking (and maybe singing) every day, but a great deal of that sound is coming through the bones of your skull, rather than the air. When you hear your voice coming through the air as you hear everyone else's, it sounds different than through the skull bones. The sound isn't bad, but the difference makes it difficult for your brain to reconcile, so you try to disguise it with effects.

There are a few bands who can get by with this kind of over-effect, and even make it work (The Jesus and Mary Chain; Radiohead), but you really would be better served by cutting back.

It really is a great song!
Michael (Man of God) by Homebrand 6 years ago
I like this. A lot of feeling.
Boys don't cry [Cover] by jolofsson 6 years ago
Nice contrast to the original. The instrumentation is minimalist, but still quite rich. This, along with the slower tempo, really brings out the strength of your vocals.
am by Tadashi 6 years ago
Beautiful song.
If you could read my mind by RiGee 6 years ago
Very cool groove!
I See Your Face (and I'm not afraid anymore) by jolofsson 6 years ago
Great message. The music is unusual, which is a good thing! I hear a little Vince Clark in there.
Jolly Old St. Nicholas by ssstebbe 6 years ago
Very nice. I need to get to a better listening device. The bass line sounds interesting, but I can barely hear it on the iPad. Merry Christmas!
ADVENT:20 Hark! The Herald Angels Sing (punk) by ponkey 6 years ago
Marry Christmas, ponk!
Little Drummer - Time Lapse Video by Matt Granz 6 years ago
Sweet! I am sure this song is way cooler than the music they played at this house! One of the best versions of this song that I have heard!
Little Boy Inside My Head by jolofsson 6 years ago
I love the lyrics. It may have been good to get a little rusty... It feels more raw and emotional. The artwork is totally awesome!
TV-10 Volleyball Promo by vaporman 6 years ago
Mute in exile by JHarley 6 years ago
The ending really leaves me wanting more. It isn't just like the song is incomplete, I feel myself cut short. Very uneasy.
Mexican Radio (Wall Of Voodoo cover) by Dyl 6 years ago
I love WOV and Ridgeway! Glad to hear this. As with many people, this song was my introduction. You have done the song justice.
Auto by JHarley 6 years ago
DuChamp would be proud.
Faded Afternoon by JHarley 6 years ago
Love the tuba. Very Barrett-esque.
Dancing in the park by ponkey 6 years ago
This feels really subversive.
Briny air by Tadashi 6 years ago
This is exceptional. I have missed your work. I must make it back here more often!
Trash (spread the word) by JHarley 6 years ago
You are amazing! The non-iComp world doesn't know what it is missing - yet!
One Minute Neutrino by JHarley 6 years ago
I hear a little Gary Numan in this one (that is a good thing!)
St Francis Wood by Matt Granz 6 years ago
Can't believe you remembered this whole thing through a whole ten hour shift. I have forgotten so many songs that way! Glad you did, though. You both sound great, as always!
Animal by JHarley 6 years ago
You don't know the meaning of moderation, do you? That's OK. I'm glad you are pumping these out again! Thanks. This is great!
Vague by ponkey 6 years ago
That song really has something about it. Am I being vague? smiley
why kill ($190 Billion?)--lo-fi--vocals- What?.. to The Granz by woodguy32 6 years ago
How could I have possibly never commented on this song? It is amazing! So much better than the original - not even in the same category. You are Amazing.
Transmission Service by Steveboos 6 years ago
Nice groove!
Still Point (Chris Whitley cover) by Dyl 6 years ago
Excellent job!
An Unremarkable Man by JHarley 6 years ago
[quote="Blacklilyorchard"]dude you know I have amazing respect for you and am probably your second biggest fan but you did something thats a no-no in my books. ripping off velvet undergound is uncool. the chorus for femme fatale.
I thought the VU reference was actually a pretty clever social commentary. I may use this song as an example in my class presentation Thursday if JH doesn't have any objection.
Farmhouse Blues by Homebrand 6 years ago
I really love the sense of space in this production. The energy is raw and the sound expands to fill beyond the sense of hearing.
2263 by JHarley 6 years ago
Excellent story! Excellent song!
Joob! (Oh Yeah!) by Matt Granz 6 years ago
Love it!
Pioneer by ponkey 6 years ago
Love these sketches!
gum (my 7 year old sings) by woodguy32 6 years ago
Great to hear this again. Totally disagree with calummoris. I think she will look back fondly at this forever.
Call me to test your sound by ponkey 6 years ago
Very nice
Lime Angle by ponkey 6 years ago
Could fit right in on an early Floyd disc.
Sunny Afternoon (Kinks Cover) by Baboon 6 years ago
David's Made of Plastik by Blacklilyorchard 7 years ago
Sounds good. Not getting the full effect on my iPad. I'll have to listen on a decent set of speakers.
TiZ Demo by Blacklilyorchard 7 years ago
Fun wobble bass. Could use a more defined drop. I look forward to seeing where you take this.