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Why You Hatin'? by GoofyDawg 1 month ago
Great production, lyrics strike a nice balance, observant and with a touch of humour.
ACTION SKETCH (for film orchestration) by wescurry45nion 1 month ago
The first minute seems darker than the rest. It certainly seems to fit with the title of the film.
Struttin' - Remixed/Final by GoofyDawg 1 month ago
Nice laid back sound, goes well with the lyrics
The Walk by tomdevine 2 months ago
Nice groove
WON'T GET FOOLED AGAIN (#2) by KCsGROOVE 2 months ago
You have got a huge sound going, it certainly fills my speakers. Never really paid much attention to the lyrics before this. Thanks for including them.
vibrando by Xolv 2 months ago
Smooth sailing, The AKAI seems capable of adding lots of expression. Is it better than editing midi?
every time we say goodbye by eagle 2 months ago
Very nicely done.
The Eight Bar Rule (2) by Telemetry 3 months ago
Great stuff much enjoyed.
Ya Dig? by sammydix 3 months ago
Nice track, shades of Manhatten Transfer.
Beat the Street by toveco 3 months ago
Nice track. Do you sit on the cushion or do you lean your back against it?
Folsom Prison Blues (Cash Cover) by rcandrews 4 months ago
Nice take, first time I really listened to all the lyrics.
Crazy (Willie Nelson) by zincshed 4 months ago
@rcandrews Vocals were recorded on a stereo track with a Shure SM58. I am now thinking the drum style needs to be more Texas Shuffle. I will post a new mix in the next few days.
@Cinderella Thanks for your comment.
Crazy (Willie Nelson) by zincshed 4 months ago
@kmmfoo @rcandrews Thanks for the constructive comments. Yes the drums are very high in the mix, they could do with taking down or revoicing. Not sure about the artifacts mentioned, I put a stereo widener on the vocals, could that be the problem?
Watermelon Man by kpenson 4 months ago
Nice work, good to hear your take on this classic.
Scott Villard-Missa Brevis in G Minor (2016) sung by Matthew Curtis by schubertiad 4 months ago
Snowfall by wescurry45nion 5 months ago
A captivating piece of cheer.
The Jesse Whetsell Band LP: Side 2, Track 3 - No Light by JulietsFuneral 5 months ago
Good to see you back. Keep up the good work.
2 step by BigDaddyCee 5 months ago
Very nice
Rocking In The Free World Acoustic-ish... by 8MonthMalfunction 7 months ago
Nice well balanced recording. Liked the quotes.
WAR ON MY SCREEN (#3) by KCsGROOVE 7 months ago
Great live sound. The lyrics take a unique approach as reflected in the title to the song.
A RAISIN IN THE SUN by rtsinister 7 months ago
Great Dub vibe
Somewhere Over The Rainbow by wescurry45nion 9 months ago
Held my attention all the way, Nice improvisation (if it is an improvisation)
Twenty Years A Postie by thenownows 9 months ago
Well written and quite moving. You should get a spot on local radio with this one.
Speed driving to Slim Jenkins Joint. by Xolv 9 months ago
Nice take on this Booker T classic
3 headed monster by Xolv 9 months ago
Very smooth, the voices work nicely together.
Seven Steps To Heaven by mre 11 months ago
A fine production by the group.
Monotribal Taboos by artneuro 11 months ago
An intriguing soundscape unlike anything I have heard before.
KEEP ON ROLLIN' by KCsGROOVE 11 months ago
Nice track. The different sections work together well and introduce lots of variety to the song.
Battle Against Masquerade by dariusofwest 11 months ago
Quite enchanting, this has a light and breezy feel to it and seems ideal for a film score or computer game.
Won't Kiss Me (2) by Telemetry 11 months ago
Great vocals and well crafted input from the other musicians.
Doctor Who by PleiadianAgenda 12 months ago
Very dramatic. The Dr Who theme is associated with Delia Derbyshire who was part of the BBC Radiophonics Workshop. She would have been 80 this year and there were many events in her honour here in Coventry where she came from.
fugue no.1 [48 preludes and fugues book one] by woofer3 12 months ago
Very nice. That Korg has a unique tone.
Rain Again by falconep 1 year ago
Nice work, the new video player is also much better
In My Solitude by grathy 1 year ago
Very nice.
Careless by MikeHuntingford 1 year ago
Smooth and relaxing
something [cover] by eagle 1 year ago
I like the way you have developed the vocals on this. Lots of emotion coming through.
Baile (Got to do it) by sammydix 1 year ago
Great track much enjoyed.
One Scotch, One Bourbon, One Beer by Xolv 1 year ago
Ha just discovered this. I have to sing this live in 3 weeks time.
Laudamus Te by ZipZipper 1 year ago
This is mindblowing but I am sure that is what you intended
Eldorado by eagle 1 year ago
Good to see you back. This is a perfect blend.
Just the Way You Are by grathy 1 year ago
Nice take on this classic song.
ONLY A TENDER HEART by Davidlyons8 1 year ago
Great songwriting, The arrangement and those harmonies are outstanding.
April Blues Again by bingsolex 1 year ago
Nice chord progressions and soloing
Hey Windy! by tomdevine 1 year ago
Nice groove.
Tainted Man Inc. by sammydix 1 year ago
Great Song, very creative
7 Days album demo by Staggerman 1 year ago
Good luck with the album, it sounds very good.
Mr T. and Climate by LaFayette 1 year ago
Nice choice of instruments.
Stagger Lee by zincshed 1 year ago
@falconep @RubyDubidoux @Telemetry @Cinderella thanks for your comments @Xolv yes the guitar is Roland patch.
Blue Groove 2 plus by Telemetry 1 year ago
Nice groove
Knothead by Jacalore 1 year ago
Nice work, very catchy riff.
Cuban groove 76 by thedopes 1 year ago
The sound on this is really good.
Tango For Tania Ver 2 by zincshed 1 year ago
@Telemetry @Xolv thanks for your comments. I am pleased to say the track was accepted by Indaba for their Licensing Catalogue.
Moonflower(Santana Cover) by Zzyzxx 1 year ago
Nice groove and great quality on the recording.
Neat Bossa Audition L4 by Xolv 1 year ago
The guitar sits nicely in this mix.
Tango For Tania by zincshed 1 year ago
@Xolv thanks for the comments they are much appreciated. The Supernatural sounds on the Integra take some getting used to. They are like sampled sounds and have no obvious transitions between velocity layers. There are however lots of other PCM sounds and on these you can get your accents by just shifting up to another velocity layer. I will try some other patches for the bass before I submit my entry. I will also do some fades on the violin to get better endings to the notes.
Pennies From Heaven by RubyDubidoux 1 year ago
Nice take on this song Elaine. There are lots of show tunes with preambles that get dropped when the songs become standards. These intro bits are apparently called Verses in musical theatre, the songs themselves are called Choruses. I find this very confusing as Verse and Chorus have a different meaning in Pop songs. Jazz musicians however talk about Head and Chorus and here again Chorus refers to the whole song.
Homage to Prof LongHair by wescurry45nion 1 year ago
One of my favourite musicians. I am still trying to master Tipitina. You have made a fitting tribute that reflects on his unique style.
Shadow Funk by mawgrit 1 year ago
Very catchy. I have GarageBand on my iPad but have never made a track with it. I am tempted to try.
LET IT BE ME - cover by Lagusaya2 1 year ago
One of my favourite songs. A nice take on this.
My Favorite Autumn in Hungary by BarracaDaBossa 1 year ago
Enjoyed my listen
China Grove by geoff_wales 1 year ago
Great performance.
Tears of a Clown (Instrumental) by zincshed 1 year ago
@music_man Thanks for your comment. No luck for me in the competition. This is a link to the winning entries.
Charlie's Driving The Car by maestrodog 1 year ago
Your themes have hit upon some universal aspects of growing up. I do remember being allowed to hold the wheel and blow the horn in the days when cars had bench seats and no seat belts.
Abstract by ShadowofNine 1 year ago
Powerful stuff, no weedy synth sounds in this mix.
Elegy for violin and piano by georgeptingley 1 year ago
This certainly creates a mood of wistful sadness. As always the sounds used are excellent.
At The Zoo by maestrodog 1 year ago
Very entertaining, I am enjoying the series and wondering what I can cook up for my grandkids.
Thinking Outloud (Snippet) by AaronTodd 1 year ago
Nice Fusion style theme, reminds me a bit of Billy Cobham.
Fixing the New Windows by Xolv 1 year ago
Niece piece, those patches sound really good. The sax is quite convincing. When I first saw the title I thought it refered to Microsoft Windows 10 and their "Anniversary Update". It has certainly caused many problems, lots of webcams have stopped working including mine.
Mexicano by tritonkg 1 year ago
Missed this first time around. Really well produced and I love those synth sounds.
Playa Linda by Jacalore 1 year ago
Very catchy. Great Summer vibe.
Piano Quintet (Mov't Three) - Variations by soulima 1 year ago
Quite delightful.
Psychedelicious by thsantac 1 year ago
Good luck with this. It is very effective.
IN A LONELY MINUTE by Davidlyons8 1 year ago
Well crafted composition, nice full sound.
Tears of a Clown (Instrumental) by zincshed 1 year ago
Hi @Xolv thanks for the feedback. I enter quite a few competitions at Indaba as I see them as an opportunity to remix and experiment, I have never won anything.

Sony/ATV are only offering placements, they can pick and choose what they want. Even though Sony sponsor lots of competitions and provide original recordings, they can be very unforgiving about where you post competition entries that contain any of their stems. I have had takedowns on Soundcloud even when a Creative Commons licence was given.

As you point out, Music Directors for music libraries are very fussy and do not want anything with a midi sound. I arrange in midi and work with midi files so if I want anything sounding non midi I have to use quality patches or do overdubs. This track started as a midi arrangement. The flute is a Motif patch and is quite good so I just bounce it to audio and apply effects. The piano stem is scored in midi but for this mix I put it through my new keyboard which uses samples. Still not perfect but I could improve it by playing in the part live. The new keyboard has some excellent sampled strings so I will try those next. The bass does need work, sometimes I layer 2 or 3 midi tracks - bass, sub bass and slaps or accents, to get a more detailed sound. The alternative is to play it in as an overdub. Drums also need improving. Sometimes I sample hits and used them in loops but this can be very time consuming.
Lady Lavender by Beatle128 1 year ago
Perfectly captured
The Beat Goes On by Dyl 1 year ago
Very nice
John is a Johnny Thing by Xolv 1 year ago
Nicely put together. I like that Clavinet.
You by hiphopmoses 1 year ago
Nice composition, keep going with this one.
Cadillacing by MajorseventhKing 1 year ago
Thanks for sharing, I like the changes and the detail built into this, it is a lot more than just a Smooth Jazz groove.
CISSY STRUT by ldecarmine 1 year ago
Nice take on this classic New Orleans Funk track. The Meters are one of my favourite groups ever since I saw them live back in the 70's
Never Too Late To Find Love by KennethLavrsen 1 year ago
Nice composition I like the progression and the way the cello and piano swap the lead.
Fortune Teller by Dyl 1 year ago
A great recording and a timely tribute to Allen Toussaint. He wrote a lot of well known songs and was also a very talented musician.
make you feel my love by eagle 1 year ago
Great to hear you Arend.
Bad Hair Day by Gadzooks 1 year ago
Quite a trip and the title is a great touch.
Old Friends by KennethLavrsen 1 year ago
Nice track, the blend of processed sounds with natural orchestral sounds works well. The piano sound reminded me of Childrens Games by Antonio Carlos Jobim. When I listened to that again it is obviously also a processed piano sound and not a synth.
RELAX by Morris 1 year ago
The transition works, very relaxing but that was to be expected given the title.
I Just Want You - Sketch by GoofyDawg 1 year ago
Nice work, I like the choice of sounds, When it comes to suggestions I would suggest adding one more instrument maybe a lead guitar picking notes or a clavinet or an organ.
Clap Clap Clap by maestrodog 1 year ago
Great kid's song. I have a playlist on my ipad just for the grandkids. The current favourite is Ain't Got No Home by Clarence Frogman Henry.
90 degrees Fahrenheit by SebastienGabriel 2 years ago
Nice bounce to this. Authentic Reggae.
Good-Bye by LaFayette 2 years ago
Nice Groove. I have enjoyed your tracks and your collaborations over the years. Hope to see you back before long.
Witchita Lineman by geoff_wales 2 years ago
Great version. A laid back interpretation that is true to the lyrics which are really just about everyday life.
Gotta Get Outta Here by jobu 2 years ago
Nice groove everything fits together so well.
Fragile (Sting cover) by LaFayette 2 years ago
Nice collab, great choice of instrumentation.
Ball of Confusion (cover) by ldecarmine 2 years ago
Nice work thanks for reminding me of this classic track.
Panama Papers Song by thenownows 2 years ago
Brilliant work, I hope this racks up the plays on YouTube, it deserves to go viral.
Some One Else Now by Telemetry 2 years ago
Nice one.
This Dream by carolinehboone 2 years ago
Nice to see you back, keep making the music.
Autumn Leaves Bass Cover by Staggerman 2 years ago
Nice take on this Jazz standard. Gives it a fresh coat of paint. Nice soloing.
Seven Nation Army (Cover) by Curran_P 2 years ago
This is a simple bass line that is so effective. I love what you have done with this.
A WALK IN THE NIGHT by ldecarmine 2 years ago
Love this groove, the instrumentation reminds me of Sade's tracks.