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I can only give a few pointers as what has already been mentioned on equipment is true. like a photographer if you want what you see on screen to be exactly what prints then all your equipment is going to be expensive no different to sound you need speakers and equipment that covers all low-mid to high ranges well so here is my points:

1) Check that your master track is recording at industry standard levels. All commercial tracks have an agreed level so that radio and DJs don't have to change level. There are some YouTube vids on this. Classical is different to pop and rock.

2) No excuses in posting music and saying a working progress - if you want to get on in this industry don't post half efforts always your best shot. A lot of time can be saved mixing as you record. If its a midi track please please people do NOT let your samples blurt out notes at the same level - players don't do that or sound that way so play with the mod wheel or expression and even vary the master tempo track ever so slightly it works (real players don't quantise !!!)- remember no excuses for lazy work .. if its not right don't post it!!

3) There's no magic plugin or formulae that will make turd sound and look great on every project so make sure the harmonic structure and instrumentation is complimentary. Mixing rock, pop or classical is different. My best tip is to import a real song or piece you are trying to emulate the sound of and work with that until your happy with your own track. Like I say one setting of EQs, maximisers and compressors is not correct for all projects and besides who wants all their music to sound the same ?
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Thank you Paul Wilkins for that excellent post.
Love all 3 of your points, really good advice!
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Very inexpensive tip
80 percent works
Mix and listen to it on your regular
Mobile phone with no headset or earphones
If it sounds clear it is good
Now if you want the bass the mid the high
And low suggestion
Go to your local sound engineer studio
Best sit with him
You are the best judge for the sound of your
Song best work with him because it is too
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this is very cluey,,,, well done
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