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Anyone have any personal stories of success or nightmares using any of the digital music distribution services? I've seen all the YouTube horror stories about stealing copyrights. Is there anyone in the music business that's actually honest?
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When my band released our album Lies To Children we decided to go down the Bandcamp route rather than the services you list (some of which didn't exist back then). Bandcamp offers some pretty nice services and we were happy with the end result (, since you ask Wink).

On the plus side, we have an enduring platform from which to advertise the album, let people check it out and even pay for it if they want to, etc.

On the minus side, within 24 hours of uploading the album had been ripped and uploaded to various Torrent trackers etc., videos containing our songs' audio started showing up on YouTube, etc. etc. 'Oh, but it's so much free advertising!' you might say. Well, actually, I know all but one of the people who bought the album and none of them found it from those routes. So maybe we got one sale from the generous free distribution of our music, but that was it.

(On the other hand, I suppose many more people got to hear it than otherwise might have done?)

Honestly, I wouldn't expect to make any kind of money out of music unless you work for the record label and it's a big one, or you have a touring band selling merch etc. and working pretty relentlessly to generate revenue (and even then it won't be huge). It seems like the Internet has turned music into a commodity which people expect to be free.
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I'm having great success with CD Baby so far. I paid for the pro package, so they do some of the work for you, and it went smooth. They have you sign up with ASCAP, or BMI(your choice) I went with ASCAP. I think they do the actual royalty collecting.
I'll know if my album sells well enough in the next 6 month how well it really goes.
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