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Frisson: goosebumps from aesthetics. An article, linked in today’s ASCAP Daily Brief, about why some of us get goosebumps from music (and other emotional stimuli) and some folks don’t.

“We found that people who reliably and frequently get the chills from music have more fibers connecting the auditory cortex to the emotional feeling and emotional processing states,” Matt Sachs, lead study author and PhD candidate at USC, said in an interviewwith USC News.

I find this interesting … and a possible test question to ask new acquaintances. Wink
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"chill-prone minds tend to have unusually active imaginations."

Oh, there we go, I've been diagnosed Wink
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There is a DVD out called Score, A Film Music Documentary, and they mention goose bumps in there but only for a couple minutes.
The dvd covers a lot of the present-day composers and some of the past ones and takes a look at the history of film music. The composers are interviewed and some of the music is played while showing the actual scenes from the music. Some of the film studios are visited also and it gives quite a look at today's film music industry. The DVD runs 93 minutes.

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