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I have timing problems with recording on the Mac.
I have gotten used to it, and realized that Apple will probably never fix it.
Or has some other of the Mac users a solution?

The problem is on all my Macs, I move around so I have 5 or so, new and older. I also experience the problem with a multitude of interfaces.

I have to reinitialize the core audio often to get correct timing. So reinitialize the core audio before each take, to check nothing is wrong I should record a simple countin and count out after the take, to check that an unacceptable time shift did not happen to the recording..

This problem has existed at least more than 12years for the Mac.
Bofore that, I think some venders were writing their own Audio drivers and they could be worse than the Core Audio. I remember the Stealth Plug; It was causing the the signal to be delayed by 30 seconds! after several hours of use. The Mbox2 with ProTools was my first working combination back in 2007, and that worked fine with Garageband as well. But that has the same timing issues now and needs to be reset frequently.

In my mind this is a coding error issue. I have heard the audio i-o pointers are not handled correctly after waking up from a sleep, However the problem does not go aaway with disallowing sleep.

Anyone have a solution I have missed?
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is it latency ? I guess you should look at buffer size if thats what you mean ?
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Good suggestion, irok. Thanks

But, the problem is not normal latency.
The problem is unnoticeable by reinitializing the Core Adio driver,
but the problem gets worse with increasing the time since last reinitializing.
And the problem is that what I record through the Audio interface is out of sync with the audio that is already recorded on a track. Again, if I reinitialize the core audio just before the recording, there will be no noticable problem. But after a while it will always come back.

I attribute it to a coding error, (not updating the io buffer pointers correctly at every interrupt.)
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I can't understand how you can live with that for so long... I have never heard of this problem before. With a latency problem it is the buffersize indeed
I suggest you try a pc Wink
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I, too, have never heard of this problem. I've recorded with Macs for almost 2 decades. Wish I had an answer for you.
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Using GarageBand 11, I recently switched studio computers from a MacBook Pro to a MacMini and started to encounter latency issues with recording audio. After some research I discovered that using plug ins such as guitar processing was causing the problem. With projects already underway I created a secondary reference click to enable physically dragging tracks into synchrony (tracks can be dragged to a great degree of accuracy by zooming in to the maximum amount). I now use external pedals when recording my guitar and the problem seems to be solved. I usually record a count in with drum sticks clicked together first thing so I can hear if there is a discrepancy with the metronome sound right away.
I hope this helps save you from having to upgrade your computer. Smile
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