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I found myself listening to my old stuff and it's amazing how, like "regular" music, I was instantly transported back to 2004-2005. Very thankful for this site for that very reason alone. I'd probably have to check multiple computers to try and find all my stuff at this point.

Anyway, that's all. Memory lane and such...

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I absolutely agree. This site has preserved my music too. With over 100 songs it is fun to explore the random songs I’ve penned. Most actual recordings are lost.

Thank you to all who make this a great place!
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All credit to iComposition for preserving our tracks in a consistent and reliable form.

I recently discovered that some of my old recordings will not open in the latest version of Sonar. I have to go back to the mothballed computer used for the recordings to make the files compatible. I suspect icomp is the only location for some of my final mixes.

Meanwhile the indaba website where I have many tracks has now been taken over by Splice. The interface has already changed so I am scrambling around to make sure I can find the original files for those recordings before it is too late.
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Actually, this helped me out, when I was putting together a project that makes use of some of my older tunes, to be able to dl and plug them in which aided with work flow until I could comb through my own servers for the masters! Seeing when they were released helped me know where to look in my folders too!
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