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Can anyone recommend an interface or interfaces for connecting a microphone and instruments (guitar, elecric bass, sax) to GarageBand (one at a time)? I'm interested in a sound as close to pro quality as possible.

Herb Rowland
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Try M-Audio for one. Pro is the entire process not one gadget.
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Wow. You'll need a multi track recorder. Cost money, takes time to learn and master.

Check out Sweetwater or musicians friend!
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Try the Edirol UA-25 - its two channels, has multi-purpose inputs, can record up to 96khz in 24-bit - has phantom power, an analogue limiter and is robust and great for a portable or home studio... I have used mine for at least 4 years now and the quality is good and it has never given me any problems!
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I would recommend a PodStudio USB interface from Line 6, I have the older model called the Toneport UX1 and I havent had a problem yet.

The only thing that is annoying is the interface hardware needs to be plugged in when using the included podfarm software as a plugin in garageband if your adding effects to an existing track and line 6 has plenty of great amp modeling options to choose from too with the included podfarm software.

also, sometimes you can find them used on craigslist, I saw the smallest model, the GX1 for like $30 a while back on there. good stuff.

I also purchased a jamlab interface from m-audio for my daughter and it seems to work fine too but the line 6 software has a lot more options.
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