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Can anyone recommend a good wave editor that works alongside GB. I often wish to clean live instrument tracks in GB, reverse portions of the track, fade in and out .... In my early PC days when working with multimedia software I recall having a fantastic wave file editor,( I do not recall the name) that was bundled with my sound card. It seems such a pity that GB does not include this functionality. I could go into the file real close and trim blips and copy and paste bits and pieces to tidy up or make a recording clean and more interesting. AM I missing something here?
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Yep you are missing something Very Happy their is an editor while not as advanced as logics but it can trim blips and copy and paste. You need to click on the scissors at the bottom of GB next to the eye and + sign, then you can move the blue cursor above the eye to zoom in and out. You also can change from measure or time to fine tune your cut copy or paste.
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Also, you can use Audacity to manipulate things and then bring the results back into GB for final mixing. It can be a bit tricky to ensure that what you export from one ends up the same speed in the other. Can't remember the settings and all, but I know lots of people here use Audacity for stuff. (I do, but for things other than GB work so far...)
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Yes, Audacity, and it's free.
You'll just need to take care that the sampling rate you are working at is the same in both programs, and, very important, that the rate of the Audio files you export matches it - then you'll have no speed matching problems.
Import a 44.1 kHz file into a 48 kHz project, and you'll get a "speed up tape" effect... you don't want that...

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use apple loop utility tool you can download it off the apple site and i think kvr
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