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Upon the recent power short in both Fan Fair Studios 1 and 2 (which are both 12 track recorders) I've downloaded a program called "Mixcraft 4.5" because I've heard claims that its the closest to Garageband for a PC. I kind of like it and I can tell what people mean by this. It's good enough for now but I have one very serious problem- hissing and background fuzz. I honestly VERY rarely record using a computer- I have a twelve track recorder and volume knobs and all that stuff. But I've been screwing around with this interface for a couple hours and I cant figure out how to tone that noise down any...

I have the mic plugged directly into the computer. Any advice?

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Have you tried to apply some EQs to remove that noise ?
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I've had cables go bad and cause that before. Also, if it's a free program you downloaded online it could just be how it is. If you were to use the computer permanently I would suggest you invest in a high quality audio interface. Going directly into most computers doesn't work well because they don't have proper preamps for the mic.
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