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Hey guys, I was just wondering if anybody could help me out with fixing the volume of my mixes from GB after transfering them to Itunes, it seems the volume decreases by ALOT and I have no idea how to fix this..
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Short answer is that you'll need some mastering done to your mixes.

The long and complicated answer starts with how much compression and how much is too much when mastering your mixes.

Everybody does it differently and it's a whole area where people often say too much compression is bad, but they probably jack it up in their mastering just to keep up with the Joneses so to speak.
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The answer above is about things you can do *before* exporting songs from Garageband, which is not quite what you asked.

In iTunes' Preferences - Playback window there is an option called Sound Check which *attempts* to adjust your songs to all be at the same volume, but it doesn't work perfectly, so if it is checked then try turning it off. Or, if it's unchecked try turning it on...

Also, if you select a song in iTunes and call up its Info window (by pressing Command+i on a Mac or Ctrl+i on Windows), switch from Summary to Options and you can adjust the playback volume from -100 to +100%.

Other music players do not tend to adjust playback volume the way iTunes does. Try listening to your songs with the Quicktime Player to check their actual level.
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In GarageBand - Preferences - Advanced - there is a box checked "Export Projects at Full Volume" or something like that. If your songs are going above peak, this option will take the loudest part of your song and drop it below the peak 0db which is normalizing and makes your song 'quiet' because the volume of everything else goes down with it. If you 'un-check' this option, your songs will come out at whatever volume you made it at, however at the expense of clipping. Proper use of limiters may be the real way to go and keeping the master mix below peak and not tripping the red lights on the db meters will be better.

I personally am still learning how to use these limiters properly and to my advantage. For now, I still like to use a sound editing program outside of the sequencing program for my final production boost.

But for the sake of trying something:

First, mix the song in GB by turning down the volumes of the separate tracks until you get a mix that safely does not go over the red zone and does not trip a red light. Then play with a limiter that has boosting capability on the 'Master Track' in GB. Click on the top menu bar: Track - Show Track Info (unless already showing) - Master Track (top right of the window) - click on the Edit tab below - look down for Master Effects - click to add effect on the blank slot and select on the list AU Peak Limiter. Double click on the pic of the ball with waves coming out of it and play with the sliders, mainly pre-gain as the song plays. Listen closely and carefully for 'fuzz' or sound dropping out which means too much on the gain! Notice the meters next to the time are not tripping red lights but it is getting louder. If the meters are tripping, it may be too loud Wink

Now these are not the only ways to get everything sounding loud and crisp. Mixing and mastering involves EQs, Compressors, Gains, Limiters, and all kinds of tricks to get more presence and volume out of each and every individual track as well as the master track as a whole. Lots of reading and trying different things to 'shape' the sound to what you want to hear and experience helps.

All in all, the methods you use are what is best sounding to you Smile

GarageBand '09 is what I have and I assume different versions might not look the same.

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Simple answer is start with iTunes open, find and highlight song.
Then go > File > Get Info > Options > Volume Adjustment.

You may also wish to consider setting iTunes preferences such that you are able to evaluate your own files accurately.
Do so by going to iTunes > Preferences > Playback.
Good luck!
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01-28-11 / USA!

The term is -0-VU Mastering Techniques.

I've searched out some good study links for you regarding this.

It all starts and ends with understanding this and then finding your own technique that best suites you.

No matter what recording format you use:



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if you eq your tracks it helps, cut off some of the frequencies not needed for the instrument and tweak the needed ones up a little= less rumble and it gets clearer and then your rolling. Gb has some autothingy "sound improving normalize" stuff you can bypass somewhere in the menu and exactly what you like then. Have fun with mixing Smile
Here is a page where you can do mouseover and see the different frequencies for each instruments but after all your ears do the job, dont mix when you're tired Wink
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@DJ_Twigz this may be helpful too:
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This is an excellent thread, I find myself using my sequencer/daw (Mixcraft) and often enough I forget to listen to the tracks using outside speakers instead of headphones and wouldn't you know it allot of them are too bass heavy and not pleasing to the ear unless you are using headphones.

So I am still trying to set-down a definitive how-to that is adapted to the kind of sounds I like to put together.

Thanks for the excellent thread.
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DJ_Twigz wrote:
the volume decreases by ALOT and I have no idea how to fix this.

First things first, before you delve into the arcane world of mastering and such: See if your volume control and EQ for iTunes is at default or has been tweaked.

My GB bounces sound similar in iTunes as they do in GB, but I have all my EQ levels set "flat" in iTunes and the volume slider all the way to max.

Also, check out GaryLester's advice.
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