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[LiesToChildren] Road
by eido and teleute

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Song Information

Released: Dec 16, 2010 | 7:09 AM
Category: Metal
Application: Logic Pro/Studio
Loop Use: No loops

File Type: .mp3
File Size: 11.57 MB

Plays: 2802
Downloads: 9
Weekly Plays: 3
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Statistic reset day: Thursday

License: No derivative works allowed
This track is a demo version of the full album release, which you can find at http://end-times.bandcamp.com/. Check out the album now!


From the heights to the depths, from sea level to the stars and beyond, one factor remains constant: the journey itself, the road which carries us forever onwards, leading into new territory or winding back to revisit the old. Forever onwards we travel; onwards, and on...

EndTimes are:
teleute: Vocals, bass, lyrics, song-writing
Eidolonia: Guitar, arrangements, song-writing


A bit of waffle for people who like that sort of thing:

Road brings Lies To Children to a circular conclusion, closing the loop we opened with Horizon all those months or years ago, depending on your perspective. The road for EndTimes has been quite a bit longer than for our fans, but we hope that you've enjoyed the scenery as much as we have.

Despite being the last track on the album, the opening riffs in Road are some of the earliest. In its original concept Road was almost completely instrumental, with the vocals providing just another layer of texture in the background. As the song developed and moved closer to its final form, teleute decided that it deserved to have a full vocal part, so we expanded it into the form you hear today. Originally there would have been a wah guitar part over the second riff; in many ways it's lucky that teleute rearranged the vocals as he did, because time was running pretty short as I was putting this mix together and I don't currently have a working wah pedal...

Although this is the final track, this isn't quite the end of the story -- as we've been mentioning all along, the final album mix will incorporate the great feedback we've received so far (including on this track, so please point out anything in the mix that you think could be improved!), and the tracks will flow together in a way that isn't at all represented by the disconnected snippets we've uploaded here to date. Please keep an eye on my blog for details of the imminent full album release -- just in time for Christmas!

Thanks again for listening, and, as ever, please enjoy!

(Note: this is the second of two songs uploaded today. Track 9, Void, is available here.)



SAHARIAN's artist icon
I will make the same comment as VOID u need a female voice ""tarja" smiley for me it's a obvious but is just me
song really nice like it smiley smiley

metal for ever....
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7 years ago
eido Moderator

eido's artist icon
@SAHARIAN: I would love to work with a female vocalist, but we probably don't have time between now and Tuesday. smiley Something to consider for the next one, though...

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7 years ago
Vixen Artist

Vixen's artist icon
the music is magic, actually I didnt mind the all male thing smiley
Latest Song: Willow Weep for Me
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7 years ago
eagle Artist

eagle's artist icon
I dont care for another singer too...this is perfect done and sung smiley
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7 years ago
ShadowofNine Artist

ShadowofNine's artist icon
Fine addition to the CD looking forward to the new mix and release... smiley
Latest Song: Edens Gate
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7 years ago
becwil Moderator

becwil's artist icon
Listened to this. And again. Listened to Horizon. Back to this one again ....

The dark, almost funeral, mood of the opening of Road is a good signal that something is ending. Then the powerful calling to continue on energizes me and settles me into the marching orders of the concept of the entire album ... there is a big picture to see, see it.

I don't hear anything that I'd like to hear differently. Fine work.

I am looking forward to hearing the entire length with proper transitions, etc. Excellent job of it, guys!
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7 years ago
malekey Artist

malekey's artist icon
Those guitars really sound powerful... how did you record it? I am still using my Vox in the isolation box...
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7 years ago
eido Moderator

eido's artist icon
@malekey: The guitars are fairly highly processed to get the most out of them -- most of the power and size comes from the combination of PSPaudioware Vintage Warmer and a subtle touch of reverb, plus high and low passing. I also swapped out my usual set of strings for a heavier gauge so I could tune all the way down to CGCGCE, which helps quite a lot with the bigness of the sound. (There's also a bit of Stillwell's Event Horizon on some of the buses to warm things up a bit, plus some master bus processing to glue everything together and add some more warmth.) Unlike most of the other Lies tracks, Road only has two tracks of rhythm guitars, which means the chords aren't as big as in some of the other songs but there's less phasing to worry about.

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7 years ago
herrsolera Artist

herrsolera's artist icon
This is an interesting, dynamic song -- it begins with the solitary lead guitar, brings in the rest of the band, and from there alternates between heavy, dark, light and slow. Given the flow of the album, I was expecting a slow, somber song at the end. But I like what was delivered even more.

That middle section with the harmonized guitars is haunting. becwil mentioned the word "funeral" and for me that most closely characterizes this section, which is my favorite part of the song. It really does feel like it's moving forward, but with that dark quality that keeps the destination unclear.

Congratulations on reaching this album's grand finale -- I know that these things feel like they progress at a snail's pace when you have LIFE battling for time with your interests and professional musicianship isn't exactly an alluring vocation. I'm sure you two have had a fantastic time putting this together because we, your fans, have certainly enjoyed the journey.
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7 years ago
Mark_Cheetah Artist

Mark_Cheetah's artist icon
Yeah! Man, how do you get that SOUND? Sounds like you're playing through a thousand Marshall stacks and I'm sitting right in front of them. You have awesomely rich, full sound going on everywhere... from the instruments to the vocals, paired with thundering drums. I'm a huge metal fan & I love this! What note did you tune down to? Is it a low B? This is a first class, outstanding production all the way through. Excellent!

[EDIT]: Oops... just saw your reply to malekey. Looks like I got all the answers regarding the tuning & sound. Once again, fantastic work!
Last edited by Mark_Cheetah, 7 years ago.
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7 years ago
Curran_P Artist

Curran_P's artist icon
I'm in awe of this track. Gah it sounds great... I don't know if I've ever enjoyed the sound of guitars so much.
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7 years ago
ant Artist

ant's artist icon
what a quality piece of work. Also, thanks for sharing the info on the process - it's very enlightening.
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7 years ago
PunkFloyd Artist

PunkFloyd's artist icon
Very full sounding and heavy. Nice dark track mates!
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7 years ago
Project__S Artist

Project__S's artist icon
Powerful track. The guitar tone is amazing. The keyboard part around the middle of the song is mind blasting. what can i say more, it an hell of a song.

Well done
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6 years ago
xavoblues Artist

xavoblues's artist icon
Great song!!! very powerful sound!!
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6 years ago
Tribrix Artist

Tribrix's artist icon
OMG, I'm blown away and love this. It's amazing the sound you have here and I'm really digging the composition too. Awesome! I wish you were on iTunes. I want to download your album, but bandcamp isn't going to work for me (much as I love them). It's pretty easy to get on iTunes through CD baby, but of course, it's not free. Great luck with your record though. I hope it does great.
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6 years ago
Dragonas Artist

Dragonas's artist icon
I'm late to the party ... but I love this track!
Someone sent me a link to check it out, when I was inquiring about good metal songs on here.
Great job!
Reminds me of a lot of the Scandinavian gothic doom influenced metal that I listen to. Kind of reminded me of Tiamat and another band called Rapture from Finland I think.
Love this stuff!
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5 years ago
dischordant Artist

dischordant's artist icon
Some nice elements here, the production is tight, very solid riffing and thought provoking peaks and valleys.

The vocalist has a shyness that comes through, not a bad thing, but there's lack of variation that pulls this down in a way. Some kind of bridge or modulation would have been nice. I feel that the return to the main A section to close it out gave a less dramatic effect. A return to the main riff, but with a new twist would have been a welcome spice to send it off.

I love darker toned metal like this, lots of potential here!
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4 years ago
THE_K_TEAM Artist Cool track , Guitars sound awesome.
Latest Song: Past Present Future
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11 months ago
eido Moderator

eido's artist icon
@THE_K_TEAM: Thanks, we were really proud of this one. Random fact: on most of the album the rhythm guitars are either conventionally double-tracked (four guitars, two left two right) or 'stacked' (two guitars left and right playing the riff, then another two left and right playing the riff an octave up), but this one just has two rhythm guitars (one left, one right) and I think the resulting sound is actually a bit bigger, at least to my ears. Go figure.
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11 months ago
Dorothy_Wilson Artist

Dorothy_Wilson's artist icon
Great production, loved the guitars too. really enjoyed. smiley
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3 months ago

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