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album art Second Step
by KennethLavrsen

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Released: Mar 6, 2012 | 6:28 PM
Category: Pop
Application: Logic Pro/Studio
Loop Use: No loops

File Type: .mp3
File Size: 9.53 MB

Plays: 759
Downloads: 2
Weekly Plays: 1
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Statistic reset day: Tuesday

License: Commercial derivatives allowed; contact artist for permission
This is a melody that I originally recorded as one of my very first tracks in Garageband back in July 2011. I was playing with a synth called the "Voodoo Grove A Stepper" and made a techno like song with it. And then I started playing around adding more instruments, choir. Maybe not with the biggest thought process. And it was before I started reading music theory books. But the result ended up as an upbeat song with a mix of electronica and pop.

At first I did not want to upload it but I was encouraged by ihussain because he wanted to hear what I had done with this stepper sound. The steppers are simply synth sounds with a mix of filters that change in 1/16 or 1/8 pattern giving an arpeggiated effect. Some of the filters produce very odd harmonics making the sound dissonant. It is a cool effect.

I gave it a brief mixing in Logic to improve balance of instruments and master compression before uploading it but all the notes and sounds are like I made them in originally.

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Vixen Artist

Vixen's artist icon
this has a 70s flavour that has been given a cosmic treatment smiley
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6 years ago
RichardJohn Artist

RichardJohn's artist icon
Great synth sound and like the way you've integrated the melody into it. A very cool, funky, retro production!
Latest Song: Goldfish
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6 years ago
ihussain Artist

ihussain's artist icon
I really like this, and I'm so glad you did post it. You show a real flair for musical composition - it's hard to believe that you have only been doing it for such a short time (unless I have misunderstood this?). You use the stepper sound to great effect here, and Vixen is right, there's a real sci fi feel to this too!
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6 years ago
KennethLavrsen Artist

KennethLavrsen's artist icon
@ihussain you got it right. It is one year ago I installed Garageband on my IPad and made a couple of primitive songs for fun. And then I was hooked. I had played drums as a boy but never learned any other instrument. Many years ago when the first Soundblaster soundcards came out I bought a Roland 4 octave midi keyboard and played with that for a few weeks. And then it ended up in a closet.
But I have always listened to music of all genres. I bought my Macbook Pro June last year and Logic Pro after 1 week. And the old Midi keyboard came out of the closet. In December I bought a better 61 key Roland midi controller keyboard and I have spent a few bucks on some plugins for playing guitar. I still use the iPad a lot using various tools, midi instruments etc. I have taken a lot of on-line training in Logic Pro and I have been reading a lot of music theory. I am having so much fun. But I am still not able to play with both hands on my keyboard. But I practice a little every day and I can feel progress all the time.
But obviously I must have developed an ear for music over the many years of listening to serious music.
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6 years ago
PaulWilkins Artist

PaulWilkins's artist icon
Well Kenneth. The Arrangement is spot on so the lessons are showing fruit. It keeps developing as a theme and the instrumentation is great. I'm enjoying your compositions. Well done sir
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6 years ago
LaFayette Artist

LaFayette's artist icon
I agree with Vicky's comment about 70's flavour and it's good to my ears !

Very well done, Kenneth !

- LaFayette
Latest Song: Mars, Youpi l'ami !
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6 years ago

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