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The Worm Is Free
by atwood1956

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Released: Jul 16, 2005 | 11:28 PM
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This song is really an experiment. When finished, it will be a Classical piece for 4 voices adapted from a poem I wrote years ago. Right now, the four vocal parts are played by MIDI instruments, and in this form, the piece is actually a quartet for clarinet, English horn, flute and bassoon.

I hope to find vocalists to sing the parts based on this instrumental version. I still have to figure out the best way to 'notate' the vocal score, something that doesn't seem to be easily done in GarageBand 2. So, while I work on that, and try to convince 4 artists to collaborate on this, I thought I would post the instrumental version, along with the lyrics, which were written in 1969, when I was 13.

If you would like to sing one of the parts, just let me know.

Lyrics (for final version)

The worm is free
He has no mind
To bind himself
Like you and me.
He moves in a
Secluded world
Sometimes straight,
And sometimes curled.
But he cares not
What position he's in
If he had a face
He'd give us a grin
For he's free as the breeze
To do what he wants
He has no mind
To bind himself
Like you and me.
The worm is free.

© 1969 Tom Atwood

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