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Welcome to iCompositions Help. Here you'll find solutions to many common problems experienced by iCompositions users. We ask that you consult these pages before contacting iCompositions. However, should this section not cover your problem or question, please post in the iCompositions Site Support forum or email us via our Contact Us form.

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May I use the chat to promote my music?
No. There are a number of great ways to spread the word about new music on iCompositions but we ask that the chat not be one of them.
What is BBCode and how do I use it?
BBCode is a special implementation of HTML allowing you to add special attributes to your posts such as linking or italicizing.
How do I use smileys?
Smileys can help show emotion in a discussion through small little images.
How do I set my Artist Icon?
Every iCompositions member is represented anywhere they post by a small "Artist Icon" that is set in Backstage.
Why do messages I send remain in my Outbox?
When you send a message through iCompositions, it remains in your Outbox until the recipient has opened it. The message then appears under Sent.