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May I use the chat to promote my music?
No. There are a number of great ways to spread the word about new music on iCompositions but we ask that the chat not be one of them.
How do I convert my song so it's in the right format?
All music exported from GarageBand is exported to iTunes as an AIFF file. Because this is an uncompressed file and is quite large, we require that you convert the composition to MP3, AAC, or Apple Lossless format.
How is the Popular Songs This Week list calculated?
iCompositions' Popular Songs This Week list showcases some of the most popular songs on the site in the past week. However, it's not calculated in the most obvious way.
Am I allowed to post covers of commercial music on iCompositions?
Covers infringe on the original artist's copyright and are therefore not allowed. However, without a specific complaint from the rights owner, covers will not be deleted.
How can I collaborate with another member?
Collaborations between artists have become very popular on iCompositions and because of this popularity, we've added new features to aid in collaborating.
What are the music notes that appear on some songs?
When a song has achieved a certain number of plays in a week, we award that song with a silver (100 plays), gold (250 plays), or platinum (500 plays) music note.
Why don't my songs appear in the Recent Uploads list?
To prevent flooding of the Recent Uploads list and "bumping" other artists off of it, iCompositions has implemented a time delay system after two songs have been uploaded by any given artist.
What is Album Artwork?
Album artwork is a small image that represents your composition. You'll notice that whenever you hover over a title in the auditorium, the image in the top left corner changes to reflect the album art of that song.
What is the maximum upload size?
iCompositions permits song uploads up to 20MB and video uploads up to 30MB.
Why do I hear clicks and pops when I listen to music?
There is a bug in some versions of Quicktime causing clicking and popping sounds to be played in some songs played through the Quicktime plugin (within your browser).