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How do I set my Artist Icon?
Every iCompositions member is represented anywhere they post by a small "Artist Icon." You can either use your own custom icon or choose from our selection of Stock Artist Icons.

To set a custom icon, you can upload a file you have on your computer to our servers. Go to Preferences in Backstage and click the "Upload" icon in the Artist Icon sidebar. Click "Choose File", navigate to and select your desired icon, and click "Save Artist Icon". The image will be uploaded, resized, and stored on our servers.

Alternatively, you can enter the URL for an image hosted on another server. Again, go to Preferences in Backstage. Click the "Enter URL" icon in the Artist Icon sidebar and type or paste the URL into the textbox and then click anywhere outside of the box. The page will automatically load a live preview of your icon. Click "Save Artist Icon" to save.

Finally, you can select one of our Stock Artist Icons from our gallery. In Preferences, click the "Gallery" icon and choose an icon from the drop down box. A live preview of this icon will also be displayed. When you are satisfied with your image, click "Save Artist Icon".

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