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Artist Spotlight
Homebrand is a student in Glasgow, Scottland has posted more music to iCompositions than anyone else, with 125 songs online. He was the most active participant in our iCiW Loops-only contest last summer.
Song Spotlight
"iComp (A Love Story)"
Liquid reveals his undying love for iCompositions in this beautiful song.
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    The Return of the Newsletter

Newsletter Several months ago, iCompositions shut down its newsletter subscription page because we rarely sent out a newsletter. After all, why have a newsletter if you are never going to send news? But now, iCompositions is reviving our newsletter, filling it with new content and a brand new look and feel. It will offer the latest information on exclusive offers for our users such as free loop packages and other downloads, upcoming contests, and other site news as well as a look at the innerworkings of iCompositions. The newsletter also features GarageBand-related content not available anywhere else.

You've received this message because you subscribed to the previous version of the newsletter. If you are no longer interested in receiving it, please follow the unsubscribe instructions at the bottom of the email. Future iCompositions News

iCompositions iCompositions has some very exciting projects in the works! First of all, we're hard at work on our brand new logo to replace the GarageBand icon we've been using for the last year. This logo will be on display on iCompositions.com in the next week. In addition, we are putting together yet another exclusive download for our users. We'll send you more information about that early next week. We'll keep the biggest announcements as a surprise, though. Upcoming GarageBand Books
by powermac99

Books Prior to writing this article, there where 11 books about GarageBand in the Books category of our GarageBand Tools section. That's quite a few. Ranging from Apple-authorized to eBooks, these books have a special place in my heart. As an administrator of iCompositions, I am responsible for sending out some of the contest prizes (which usually consist of a good number of books) as well as managing the Tools section. I personally own 4 of the 11 GarageBand books and have had the privilege of looking through them.

With the release of GarageBand 2, my personal library as well as the Tools section is changing dramatically. As early as March 22nd, books specifically geared towards GarageBand 2 will begin shipping and GarageBand users need to be able to make informed purchases (to be fair, the eBooks Take Control of Making Music with GarageBand and Take Control of Recording with GarageBand have already been updated).

However, soon to be released GarageBand books aren't limited to the topic of GarageBand 2. There are also several covering interesting aspects of GarageBand not new in GB2. But first, let's jump right into GarageBand 2.

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