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This Week's Top 5 Songs
1. Time Will Tell
2. JOURNEY INWARDS (chilledbeats)
4. ORANGE skin or 'Jesus was...

Artist Spotlight: BossHook
"Chicago songwriter and guitar player who tried to make it in NYC some years ago and settled on practicing law during the day, writing and performing at night."




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Replacing the Top Artists list on the Artists index (which was really just a copy of the Top Songs list but without song names), the Today's Most Active Commenters list shows the 10 people who have posted the most comments in the preceding 24 hour period. Its purpose is to reward those who provide feedback to other artists by highlighting their contributions to the community.

More information » jd05 J.D.'s Weekly Music Recommendations
By jdwyer05

I love listening to new music! I really do. iCompositions has totally changed my listening habits. I used to basically only listen to entire albums. I rarely ever bought singles, and rarely made compilation cassettes (am I dating myself?). I would spend hours at my turntable listening to my vast record collection and studying the music and lyrics and trying to figure out how the artists did their thing. THAT was always the exciting to me-- the actual process of making the music was magical to me. With GarageBand, now I can more fully understand the creative process and therefore appreciate the song more so. But iCompositions has also given me a variety of great tunes, and I love iTunes with the shuffle feature. So now I listen to variety of songs all the time. I rarely get repeats! It's great!!!

I love songs with BIG sound a lot. That classic rock and 70s bombast harkens back to a time where music was truly magical for a younger and much less cynical me. A lot of the Longlines stuff has that wonderful quality for me. If somehow you've been here and haven't heard of Jayman, Macdude02, Baboon and the rest of the Longlines' supporting crew of enicholsIC, theGranz et al., you really are missing out on some really great music. Their latest, Time Will Tell is zooming up the iComps weekly charts, and although I try not to spotlight too many songs on the weekly chart, I think this one deserves some special mention. This is a great track with a lot of what made some of those classic rock tunes that we all remember today as so... well.... classic.

I have a real genuine fondness for artneuro and his very original tunes and his sense of humour too. Drunk in Paradise and his absolutely amazing Do Androids Dream are really excellent examples of this man's talents, IMHO.

Dylan is an artist here that seems to just be able to churn out excellent stuff at a whim:-) Saturday night, he uploaded another amazing cover of a Tom Waits song, Time. I think it's awesome. It's a really great arrangement of a great song by a great artist.

As I've said, I love all kinds of music. On the alternative front we have a really talented young man by the name of Richard Ringer. He's quirky, funny, intense and possesses all the musical charms that makes for good, memorable alternative music. Check out his bio! He made a great album called "The Gates of Mars" that has some really cool, interesting, and utterly unique tunes. A very good epic. Opening of the Gates is one of my favorites off the album. The End is another great tune too. Great lo-fi sonic adventures.

itiswotitis is another great new artist here who's doing some really cool things. Frogments of My Imagination is a trippy, funky number all done from sampling frogs in her garden. Wild stuff! She also did a really cool tune with yohmar called Hot Girls Hip that is just a fun little dance number.

I have just discovered some great new stuff from a relatively new artist (at the very least, he's new to me), Lbarringer, and man, does he do some great stuff. He has a band, Broken Trophy that is just doing some really great music. Just about everything he has posted I love. I have a particular fondness for That's How She Knows, I Am Today, and She Tried.

Now John Kane aka jkane and rfleming teamed up last week to release a wonderful collab entitled Raging Storm. A great rock song, with great vocals, great instrumentation and production.

On the Hip Hop/Rap tip, I have been listening to dappadon for a while, and one of my favorite songs by him has to be Momma, (Qui-Mellow Remix). It's a collab he did with timdog, the talented DrMrStupid and the equally talented malieber67. It is just a great song with great lyrics to boot!

A few months ago I did a collaboration with a great bassist by the name of scottydude. Immense talent, this man! He relased 2 songs that are truly great: Joyful Dance that he did with always exceptional seles58 and New Born- Guitar Mix that he did with his friend Ron. Two magnificent tunes!

A few weeks ago I mentioned artist08. He's just an immensely talented singer, and this week he released a great song entitled The Aliens are Breeding With The Humans. Another great, quirky song by a very talented man.

Dan Bailey aka dbailey is a hell of a talent! I recently check ed out his stuff after chatting with him in the chat, and was blown away by his stuff! I love his The Fugitive, The Junkyard and Big Back baby

I am going to end this week's post by mentioning three of my favorite artists here. Ray La Veau, Ed Nicholson and Scott Kerr, aka guitarius. These guys rock!

Ray did a song last week that I wish more people heard: MI 3.5. His take on the Mission Impossible theme song. A really cool take on it.

Ed did a really great song called Beautiful Nose. I am a HUGE fan of distortion and feedback. And this has a great deal of it, done in a great, creative and artistic way. If you like Tchad Blake and Mitchell Froom and you like the Latin Playboys, you will really take a liking to this. Another excellent example of great lo-fi sounds making something beautiful.

Guitarius seems to be busy woodshedding, cuz he's been really stretching his abilities and succeeding. This week he released Snoozetime. It is an awesome and successful experiment!

Let's show our support for these and the other great artists here on iCompositions. And please, don't forget to leave some comments on the artists' pages too. Feedback is very important! It's the only way we can grow as artists!

And speaking of feedback, I wanted to mention the need to be respectful. I have seen some absolutely rude and unnecessarily cruel comments in recent days. Let's be critical without being insulting. It doesn't have to always be positive. But it should be respectful of the other person. So please, let's be respectful. Respecting each other will go a long way here and in life.

Thanks for reading and Peace Out!
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