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This Week's Top 5 Songs
1. Chacarera Cordobesa
2. Care For You
3. Champagne in Paris
5. Always





    Vote now for the "Invisible Dyads" Contest
iCompositions' "Invisible Dyads" contest, which asked randomly selected duos to collaborate on a song in secrecy, resulted in 26 extraordinary entries and it is now up to you to decide who will win the $890 in prizes!

To listen to the entries, visit the Invisible Dyad artist page or download jlgerk's Invisible Dyad MUGshot for easier listening through iTunes (direct link). Then, visit the song page of the entry for which you intend to vote and click the red "VOTE" button. Remember that you can only vote once so choose wisely.

More information » The New and Improved Artist Spotlight
When we unveiled iC3.5 last year, we also replaced the Featured Artist section on the homepage with the Artist Spotlight, which randomly selected 5 artists from the 120 that had sent in images and quotes. This was less than ideal for our members as everyone was limited to 1/24 of the homepage exposure. The once powerful feature that provided so much exposure had drifted into near uselessness.

Today, we right that wrong. iCompositions's Artist Spotlight now promotes just 5 artists each week. The artists are listed on the homepage and the Artist Index in random order, with each artist getting equal exposure as the first artist displayed on the initial page load. Artists will now apply for inclusion in the Artist Spotlight and be scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis in the next-available week.

About half of the artists who were in the old Artist Spotlight rotation have been scheduled for a week in the near future. To find out if you need to re-apply or if you would like to apply for the first time, head over to the Promote Guide. If you are not scheduled for a date, you'll see a form in the right sidebar to upload your image and quote (please make it biographical!). If you are already scheduled, your start date will be listed in the form's place.

With any luck, this new system will bring more exposure to the music of all who are accepted into the rotation.

Submit your Artist Spotlight application » jdwyer05's "Criminally Overlooked" Music Recommendations
By becwil, special guest contributor

I love to listen to music. I love to share my enthusiasm with other people. So, when Julian approached me to write my take on The Criminally Overlooked, I immediately thought about the artists here whom I have found and love that perhaps are a bit under the radar. Because I especially like the more edgy side of musical exploration, I will, today, list some of those artists I personally keep my ears on. This is not an all inclusive list, for I want to keep this brief, nor is it in any order other than as I read down my iTunes iComp playlist. I leave it up to you as to how far you explore each of these artist's catalogs.

As I go down my list of 535 tunes (as of today Smile) that I've downloaded from iComp, my first stop is hellmet. His tunes range from punk surf hurricane, as in nostalgia, to ethereal dreams all day long, with E D R (mellow). There are two versions of E D R, so check the other one, too.

Next stop is enkibumbu. Steeped in outer-limits jazz rock fusion, Ghostmouth, joins in ranks with tunes off Yes and Gentle Giant. Release The Flying Children is a hypnotic journey into worlds before now unknown.

While writing some good pop tunes, gossamertread has also put together an expedition into other worlds of his own. One of my favorite is hauntings 15 (Balloons). There are 16 hauntings in all.

Pop rock with some edge is what jamescollin does. On My Watch begins unassumingly enough and then rises up to thunderous proportions.

nazeri's, Africa is one of those tunes that defies most categories. An early find by me when I first began poking around in iComp's terabytes of tunes, and one that said to me, this is the place to be for original music. Red Star Shooting Blue is bluesy rock, harking of days gone by. I half way expect to hear the LP's scratchy needle intro and outro on many of nazari's tunes.

MrBajen is another flashback for me, where old is made new. (Not that MrBajen is old himself. LOL It's me that's old!) Peace ain't a word (it's a state of mind) takes off and hardly stops when it's over. I just can't help feeling that rhythm! Merzedes Benz, also is one of my early favorites.

With a lot of clicks, whirs, and ominous tones roteus produces some far out tunes, of which, Never Again stands out for me.

Hooks in rock seem easy for sammydix to carve. Yet, Moment's Gone doesn't have the traditional hook and still I find it totally infectious.

theseedsofautumn puts together a variety of styles in his list of tunes. Requiem For A Dead Planet is one of the darker. Parasols and Fireworks is lighter, while still being very rich.

There's some Zappa influence, admittedly so, and sonicdeviant plays to the beat of his own drummer, all puns intended. In-your-face. Crappy Products knocks your teeth out. While I Frade Errpains is a bit more friendly. A bit.

That wraps it up for this round. Hope you enjoy these artists' tunes.
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