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Last Week's Top 5 Songs
1. Angie
2. Confuzed
4. Phantom Arms of Venus





    The New iCompositions Tools Section
logo iCompositions recently released a brand new version of our iCompositions Tools section, providing easier access to all your favorite GarageBand-related products and downloads. The Tools portal has received a substantial upgrade, now featuring a list of Top Downloads, Top Products, Recent Reviews, and New Products and Downloads.

The Tools section currently features 77 free downloads and 292 commercial products, making it a valuable resource for anyone looking to improve their music creation workflow. That said, it's most powerful feature is its User Reviews functionality.

We'd really like to see the Tools section become an even more valuable resource and so we encourage everyone who has any hardware or software featured in the Tools section to take a moment and write a brief summary of your experience with it. You'll be helping prospective buyers know which products are worth their attention and which to steer clear of.

More information » LightSnake Giveaway in the new Tools Section
lightsnake To celebrate the launch of the new Tools section, iCompositions has teamed up with SoundTech to give away a SoundTech LightSnake USB Intelligent Instrument Cable to each of four randomly selected users who post product reviews.

To win, write a 100 word or longer review of any product in our Tools section by navigating to that product and clicking "Post Review." Your review will help other music enthusiasts make purchasing decisions through the largest online resource for GarageBand-related hardware and software. Each individual review will count as an entry so the more products you review, the more chances you have to win.

The four winners will be randomly selected on Saturday, May 26th.

More information » The New iCompositions Radio Widget
iC Radio Since the launch of iCompositions Radio a few weeks ago, users have flocked to the stream in their web browsers and iTunes. But we've identified a better way to listen to the best of iCompositions, streamed 24x7: Dashboard.

With the new iCompositions Radio Dashboard Widget, users can listen to the community radio station through a less resource-intensive, easily-hideable interface. The widget sports a convenient link to the currently playing song's page on iCompositions for easy commenting and downloading as well as realtime audio level indicators (click the blue dot). Best of all, it's completely free.

Sold yet? Download the widget now » Disable Ratings on your Music
Ratings on iCompositions have been the subject of heated debate since the early days of the site. Because they do not affect placement in the Top Songs list nor any other meaningful statistic, we've thus far left it up to individual commenters to decide whether they want to rate. Unfortunately, that did not help artists who had no interest in ratings but instead hoped to improve their music based on constructive criticism from their fellow iCompositions members.

iCompositions has (hopefully) finally put an end to the ratings debate with the introduction of the ability to disable ratings on your music. When uploading or editing a song, just uncheck the "Allow Ratings" checkbox and the ratings selection fields will be replaced with this message:

"<Username> has disabled ratings on this song, indicating that constructive comments would be appreciated."

If you disable ratings on an older song that had already been rated, the ratings will be hidden. If you re-enable them, the old ratings will magically reappear.

More information » Submit an Artist Page Banner
Not satisfied with customizing your Artist Page colors? Now add an even more personalized touch with an Artist Page Banner, a 544 x 90 px image to grace the top of your page. Just create the image and upload it in Backstage > Artist Page.

More information »
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