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1. Smell of Coffee
3. Lasciate mi morire
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    316 Royalty Free Loops from Inner Rhythm Studios
IRS In the largest free Apple Loops package ever offered, Inner Rhythm Studios provides iCompositions members with 316 royalty free loops from their Hip-Hop Navigator collection.

This brings our total number of free loops available to iCompositions members up to a jaw-dropping 1,341, far more than you receive in many commercial loop packages. And you get all of those just for signing up for iCompositions.

Download the loops » iCompositions reaches 50,000 Members
By powermac99

logo At 5:23 PM Eastern on Tuesday, June 5, 2007, SemiFrank registered to become iCompositions 50,000th member.

I recall a chat I had with iCompositions co-founder "pourhadi" in early 2004 in which we were celebrating the registration on our 50th member. It's amazing how far we've come since then.

On behalf of the entire iCompositions team, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the members of this wonderful community for your dedication, submissions, and support. Here's to the next 50,000.

(By the way, tell your friends about iCompositions.) Unscripted Audio premiers July 1st
iC Radio Sound Engineer Tom Chianti has been helping members of the iCompositions community with the more complex aspects of recording for over two years. Beginning July 1st, Tom will bring his expertise to the virtual airwaves in his new show on iCompositions Radio, Unscripted Audio. The series will explore the tricks used by the pros to insure top-quality productions and will include interactive segments in which listeners can submit questions to be answered on the air.

Unscripted Audio will also be available in video podcast format to provide on-demand access to the knowledge shared in each episode through screen captures and video.

Stay tuned for more information on Unscripted Audio and be sure to tune in on July 1st to catch the premier. Submit your Artist Spotlight applications
Since the re-introduction of our weekly Artist Spotlight, the iCompositions homepage has featured more than 150 artists. However, as of press time, artists have only scheduled time in the spot through the week of June 29th. Now is your chance to sign up to receive a tremendous amount of exposure with only a few weeks to wait.

Have you already been featured in the Artist Spotlight section? No problem, you can submit another application as soon as your Spotlight ends! We only ask that members have 10 or more songs uploaded to iCompositions before submitting their application.

More information » jdwyer05's "Criminally Overlooked" Music Recommendations
By artneuro, special guest contributor

I was asked by Julian to write one of these columns many months ago. The other guys who have posted for this column have pointed out some really good criminally overlooked artists. Heck, I?ve even been mentioned about 3 times myself, which probably means I?m not criminally over-looked, more like, justifiably overlooked?

Anyway, I sweated over as to what I wanted to do with the opportunity. You need an angle for this sort of thing, and it took me a while to nut one out. I know most of you know me as the dufus who cranks out rock tracks, and you would be right. However, I do have an interest in folks who are doing way-out experimental music, so I decided I?d cover those very folks. You know, the stuff that never shows up in the Hit List because it?s so off the beaten track.

In my humble opinion, not enough people are doing it, and there?s nearly not enough attention paid to some of our courageous artists pushing back the boundaries. Yeah, the Hit-List is nice, but if we?re talking criminally overlooked, these guys are the living definition.

So here?s a quick look at artists I?ve collected/uncovered/spotted, who are doing excellent experimental music:

Richard Geiger is an old hand around here, and in recent weeks he had a song on the List; so it?s hard to say he?s criminally overlooked, but sometimes I think not enough people are paying attention to his explorations. He?s often putting together excellent experiments. "Prophets? Lamento" is an absurd melange of material treated in a radical way. "Kiss Me For A Crime I DIdn't Commit" is a beautiful mash-up of audio elements. He?s also a true gentleman with a lovely sense of humour.

Narrowgate is like a prog-rock mastermind quietly toiling away in his audio-lab, ?I only do ears!?; but his material is expertly executed and masterfully understated. He has a series called 2019 based on his take on the ?80s cinema classic ?Blade Runner? which show his tremendous style and taste. Any of those tracks are pretty delicious, but I also want to recommend his rock tracks "Empty" and "Wheel". It?s candy for the auditory part of the cerebral cortex.

Pandolfo is an awesome player, who has recorded some extraordinary tracks. The pick of the bunch for me are his Preludio series. Pick any, you won?t be disappointed.

Paulreiners is an algorithmic musician who has done some interesting pieces. He?s not been around for a year, so this may be redundant, but I still want to point to his track "Nordic Death Rock Highway 61 Duluth Minnesota Mid-Winter Blues" which is labelled metal but is no such animal; and "Sophie" which is an awesome bit of algorithmic music composition.

MichaelPinc is another interesting fellow. He has created some fascinating tunes with the use of a program called Critters 2.0. Of particular interest are his tracks "Byzantine Imperial Ape in Bb" and "Possessed Frountier in D minor". Don?t let the titles just get you? It?s really cool that somebody is posting music made from a randomising program. I?ve played with Critters 2.0 and it?s harder than I thought, so do check out MichaelPinc?s material.

Hellmet is an artist who is exploring his own unique sonic landscape. And it?s fascinating as all get out. His track "auro" blew my socks off when I first heard it. He lists The Beatles and Cocteau Twins amongst his influences, but you?d hardly guess it from this scary, scary track.

Oko is a really wonderful Jazz artist who has posted some intriguing pieces. His "Acid Hassidic" showcases his quirky sensibility. He also does a cover of "Toxic", which induces a smile in the listener.

Roteus is a peculiar composer. His track "Synthesis" is pretty representative of his quirky, searching compositions. "Hypnotoad" is a pretty interesting soundscape with which to warp your mind.

So that?s it for my big recommendation of the experimental guys. There are other artists who I want to briefly mention as ?Hit and Run? guys. They?re folks who have posted a couple of songs and sort of not come back, or they post so rarely they?re easy to miss; but you ought to keep an eye out for them.

One of my favourite performances of any track, that?s ANY track, on this site is this song by thompson called "My lover/studio/hidi vocals". Every time it comes up on my ipod my heart just stops. It?s been up 2 years, with only 3 or so comments. People, where are you? You NEED to listen to this track!!

Musikgrl has posted a track called "Accommodation of Desire", based on a
Salvador Dali painting. It?s a truly gorgeous performance and you should not miss it.

Dugald is a really awesome all-rounder who can put together some magic stuff. Do yourself a favour and check out "Amaranth" and "The Owl and the Pussycat".

Piersfoster is another guy who has left a quick album?s worth of great rock numbers. Do check out "Anytime You Want Me" and "If You?re Trying To Save Me" to hear truly
masterful production.

Apart from that, I always point people to anDroidfrisBee whenever I get the chance because in my estimation, he truly is a sonic artist before all else. There are many interesting tracks on his page, but I?'d like to recommend "Guarden" and "Island Song" as some of his wonderful creations.

Thanks to Julian for giving me this opportunity to write about these wonderful artists.
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