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Bandmates Bandmates Free Loops
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Artist Spotlight
Billy Reid has been described as one of the most promising GarageBand artists in the world. He guest-starred in MusicMakingTools' Songwriting Tutorial CD and is an iCompositions Auditorium Moderator.
Song Spotlight
"Hold on Tight"
Imagine yourself taking a trip through a fast paced city in this song by Ian Robinson... be prepared to hold on tight though.
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    More free loops!

Loops In early January, iCompositions started giving its users a number of free loops starting with a package from AMG that contained the unheard of quantity of 206 free loops. Later, we released a package of 90 drum loops from Drums on Demand. Now, we've teamed up with Bandmateloops.com to give away our third free loops package, consisting of 121 free loops from their new Bandmates Inspiration Loops DVD.

With the addition of this package, iCompositions users now receive more than 400 free loops, just for signing up! Since GarageBand ships with about 1100 loops, our free packages could add up to 40% new loops for free! New Songwriting Tutorials

Quicktime In addition to the free loops, iCompositions has also once again teamed up with MusicMakingTools to give all iCompositions users three new free tutorials focusing on Songwriting. The three tutorials address song ideas, melodies, and dynamics. MusicMakingTools also provides iCompositions users with 6 other tutorials for GarageBand Beginners and Pros. Promoting your Music
by powermac99

5G One of the most common problems facing GarageBand artists is promoting their music. With the iCompositions Auditorium showcasing more than 9000 songs, it's for Listeners to miss your masterpieces. However, they don't have to. iCompositions provides a number of ways to promote your music both on-site and off.

On iCompositions
Until recently, iCompositions did not allow the promoting of music in our forums due quality control issues. We didn't want discussions about using GarageBand to be surrounded by thousands of "Listen to my song" threads. Now, though, we've come up with a compromise. You can now post about your song in our Official Song Plugging Thread, which sits above all other topics in the Lounge.

In addition to posting in that thread, an easy way to get exposure for yourself as an artist is to fill in your biography in your Artist Page Preferences. By adding more information to your Artist Page, a link to your page will appear on our Artists Homepage.

On your own site
There are two ways of promoting off-site. First, you might choose to promote a specific song using the Promote Composition link on your song's Listen page. This will create an image featuring our "Guitar Guy" and some information on the song you are promoting including a realtime Play count. The creation tool will give you HTML code to include on your personal website.

Second, you might choose to promote yourself as an Artist with the "Listen to my Music" icon (as pictured above). You can select any of 10 icons on a red, blue, or green background and then copy and paste the provided HTML code into your personal website.

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